Monday, October 31, 2011

Football and a Ward Party

On Friday (the 21st) my parents came into town. I was taking dinner to a family with a new baby and had a lot of cooking to do for our ward party on Saturday - my mom saved the day by watching Corbyn while I got it all done. Then we all went to Red Robin for dinner.
On Saturday (the 22nd) we had our regular tailgate party before the game. The game was hot hot hot! It was only in the 60's, but it felt more like 90 as we baked in the sun. We were worried Corby was getting too hot, so we stripped him down to his onesie, rolled up his jeans, and took off his shoes/socks. Despite the heat and having his nap cut short, he was a perfect angel.
He got a little restless during the 4th quarter, so I walked around with him down below the stands where it was much cooler.
We were killing Idaho State (final score 56-3), so we left a few minutes early. (Something we practically never do.) On the way home, Corby pulled his hat down over his eyes and took a good nap.
The Ward Mission was in charge of our ward Harvest Bash that night and as Rog is the Ward Mission Leader, he was over it all. It was a chili/dessert cookoff. I made chili, cornbread, apple cider spice doughnuts, and cupcakes for the cakewalk. My chili won "Chili to peel the paint off your car." I guess they thought it was spicy - although Corbyn ate it, so it couldn't have been that spicy. And my dessert won "Bishop's no no" - which I took to mean it was good.
The party had a good turnout (even though it was UEA) and everyone seemed to have a good time - especially the kids. They loved the potato sack races and corn hole. Surprisingly they weren't really into the cakewalk, so we came home with a lot of cupcakes! We were just glad to have it over with!
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Mom Lori said...

It was fun being with my family!

Glad I could help out Shauna :)

That's funny about Corby pulling down his hat and taking a nap - hehe

Emily said...

Corbyn looks so big in his upgraded car seat :) Guess that makes sense since he will be a big brother soon enough!! Glad you had a great weekend. Keep the updates coming!