Monday, December 28, 2015

9 Months

Logan turned 9 months on December 18th. He had his 9 month checkup on December 22nd. He didn't have to get any shots, but did have his finger pricked to check his iron levels (something they routinely do at 9 months).

His stats:

Weight: 21 pounds, 5 ounces (70th percentile)
Height: 28 inches (30th percentile)

Logan at 9 months:

*Crawls like an elephant with his bum in the air and both feet on the ground.
*Can move fast when he has motivation to get something he wants.
*Is always saying, "Blah, blah, blah..."
*Hates having his diaper changed and getting dressed.
*Is always pulling his socks off.
*Just started clapping.
*Can climb up stairs (definitely not unsupervised).
*Likes to affectionately claw faces.
*Has discovered the toilet and the dishwasher.

Logan's 9th month in pictures...

He figured out how to climb up stairs on our drive to Colorado for Thanksgiving.

And got his first taste of ice cream on our way home.

The day after I did his 8 month post (and said he hadn't discovered the toilet yet), I got out of the shower to find this. Careful what you ask for...

We can't keep socks on this kid! One day I had to run a quick errand to Walmart and I absolutely couldn't find the other one, so I was that mom walking around Walmart with only one sock on my baby!

The day before we left for Disneyland, Rog took the older two kids on errands and left me home with Logan to do laundry and pack. It was like I had gone back in time to when it was just me and Corbyn hanging out all the time. 

Here's that affectionate clawing I was talking about.

He loves to climb up on the dishwasher and unload the silverware.

This is one of his favorite places to hang out - standing up on our entertainment center. 

The best thing about this picture is we have an almost identical one of Peyton at about the same age!

We love our busy little guy!


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, on the dishwasher picture he looks exactly like Roger!

Mom Lori said...

I love this little guy as well! He always has a smile for me :)