Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Farewell Utah

After we got home from our cruise and celebrated Memorial Day, we had to pack like crazy people to get done in time for moving day. I preferred it that way because it was easier to just pack everything instead of trying to figure out what we needed to keep out. We had to do a little of that, but not nearly as much as we would have if we had packed earlier.

I made it out for a run on Global Running Day (June 1st).

Grandma Dixie was in Utah watching Mae while Taylor and Martha were out of town. She brought her down to Spanish Fork one day, so she could play with her cousins. They ended up painting and Mae turned herself into a smurf.

Peyton had her dance pictures. She was an absent-minded mouse. Since the studio does this show (Alice in Topsy Turvey Land) every few years, they own all the costumes and we were just renting it. She ended up with a costume that was too big for her, but she was adorable nonetheless.

I signed Corbyn up for a sport's camp through Spanish Fork. I had to get special permission for him to do it since he was not technically 6 yet and it was supposed to be for ages 6-12. He would have been 6 in time for the second session, but he had to do the first session since we were moving. It was 4 days a week for 2 weeks. He went for 2 hours in the morning and each day they learned a new sport - the normal sports (baseball, soccer, football, basketball, track, etc), but also some less common sports including at least one sport that I hadn't heard of before (and of course I can't think of the name of it now). He had fun doing it and it gave him something to look forward to each day since Rhys had moved and he couldn't play with him anymore.

I had spent a lot of time working on this Nativity puzzle early in the year, but didn't finish it before we moved (and still haven't finished it, but it's on the list of things to finish this year!). Rog didn't think we could move it, but I found a way! 

We loaded the moving truck the morning of June 4th. We had missed National Donut Day on June 3rd, but celebrated a day late with donuts for everyone who came to help us. We had a good number from our ward show up to help (plus my parents and Taylor) and many hands made for light work. Rog worried we wouldn't be able to fit everything in the moving truck, but we actually ended up with room to spare.

That afternoon we had a family party for Corbyn's birthday. (Post coming soon.) 

Our last day of church in the Willows Ward was June 5th. It was Fast and Testimony meeting and it was Rog's turn to conduct and bear his testimony. I also bore my testimony and many ward members mentioned us in their testimonies. We didn't mean to turn it into a farewell Phillips meeting, and we were a little embarrassed that it ended up that way, but it was nice to have a chance to say goodbye to the ward.

After church Rog and my dad started the drive up to Oregon with the moving truck and Rog's car. They were planning on towing Rog's car behind the moving truck, but decided at the last minute to have one of them drive the truck and the other drive the car since they had heard bad things about towing a car behind a moving truck.

They spent Sunday night in Boise and then finished the drive on Monday. A good number showed up from the Sunnyside Ward to help them unload. Portland was having a freak early heat wave and it had been in the 90s and had hit 100 the week before they got there. (Very unusual for that early in the summer.) Our house didn't have an air conditioner (yet), so they spent a couple uncomfortable days there putting furniture together and doing what they could to get the house ready for us.

My mom stayed with me and helped me clean our townhouse and take care of the kids while Rog and my dad were in Oregon. We were left with practically nothing since we could only keep what would fit in the minivan. The only piece of furniture we had was our entertainment center. We were selling it since we didn't have a place for it in our new living room. We stressed and stressed because it wasn't selling, but lucked out that someone bought it the night before we moved. We watched movies on my laptop sitting on a couple camp chairs we had left out. 

Logan was not a fan of sitting in this turtle booster seat without a chair. 

Corbyn slept in his and Peyton's room on an air mattress. Logan slept in his room in a pack n' play. And the 3 girls slept in the master bedroom on air mattresses. Peyton and I shared an air mattress since I figured she'd end up with me anyway. It's hard to tell, but in this picture she's actually on the floor in between the two air mattresses with her head on the air mattress. 

She had a few practices and a dress rehearsal for her recital.

I took Corbyn and Peyton to see Zootopia in the Spanish Fork theater to use up some passes we had. We've decided that sometimes Disney does a terrible job with their trailers because based on the trailers we thought it was going to be so dumb, but we ended up loving it! (Same thing happened with Frozen. We didn't even see it while it was in the theater because the trailers were so dumb.) I ended up buying it at Costco right after seeing it, so the kids could watch it on the drive up to Oregon.

I fit in a couple last runs on my beloved Spanish Fork River Trail.

Wednesday (June 8th) was crazy and the details are fuzzy now, but this is how I remember it going down. After we picked up Corbyn from his sport camp my mom took Corbyn and Peyton to Seven Peaks for one last hurrah there. I can't remember what I did with Logan while they were there (maybe errands?), but I do remember picking them up and stopping at the Disney Store really quickly (for their Half Yearly Sale) before we drove up to Salt Lake to pick up my dad and Rog at the airport. Jared and Cailey wanted to make us a farewell dinner, so we planned to stop there and eat and then head down to Spanish Fork for Peyton's recital. They were running a little late and we didn't think we'd all fit in their tiny apartment, so we went to the duck pond at BYU to wait for them. We thought they could bring dinner there when it was ready and we could have a little picnic.

It turned out that they were running more late than we thought and we needed to get back, so I could do Peyton's hair and makeup. We stopped by the BYU Creamery and bought a half gallon of Graham Canyon ice cream to eat after the recital. I did Peyton's hair and makeup while we waited for Jared and Cailey. We ate quickly and then went over to American Leadership Academy for the recital.

I was adamant that we not move before this recital. Rog could not understand why it was so important to me and he really wanted to get up to Oregon to get us as settled as possible before he started work on June 13th. He gave me more crap about it than anything else in our whole 9 years of marriage, but it was worth it. Cuteness overload! (She's second from the left.)

While they were waiting for their turn to dance, they made bracelets (she's wearing the one she made in this picture) and did other fun activities.

I'm grateful to Peyton's teacher for helping her have such a great experience for her first year of dance.

Thursday (June 9th), we got up early, said goodbye to our first house (the house we brought all our babies home to), and hit the road.

Rog was a trooper and drove the whole way (other than one measly hour that I drove).

We did the drive in one day (with many stops for the little people), since we were anxious to get to our new house.

Logan was a trooper and didn't give us any trouble (that I can remember now anyway).

Then we started the fun job of unpacking and making our new house our home.

Monday, February 20, 2017

23 Months

Logan at 23 months:

*Wants to read ALL THE BOOKS before his nap and at bedtime.
*Splashes in the bath and makes a huge water mess.
*Says ow anytime he's hurt or if he doesn't want to be touched or picked up.
*Folds his arms and bows his head for prayers, but only for a minute or so. When he decides he's done, he'll say amen and start eating or playing again.
*Sticks his hand down his diaper when he has a messy diaper.
*Says dadasaur for dinosaur.
*Can point out his hair, head, eyes, nose, teeth, tongue, ears, bee bo, tummy, and bum.
*Is terrible at the grocery store. The last couple times we've gone too close to nap time (which definitely doesn't help) and I've ended up giving him my phone and letting him watch a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that I have downloaded. I'm not proud of it, but sometimes it's the only way our grocery shopping is going to get done. (Don't tell me I should do Grocery Pickup. I like to shop at Winco and they don't do Grocery Pickup there. I could do it at Walmart, but our Walmart has a very small grocery section and I wouldn't be able to get everything I need.)
*Loves pointing out his favorite Disney characters anywhere he sees them.

He frequently sleeps with his arms behind his head and I think it is just about the cutest thing ever.

Pointing to the fish at the Chinese Garden in Portland.

He wasn't a fan at first, but he loves jumping on the tramp Santa brought us for Christmas now. He says jump, jump, jump the whole time he's jumping.

Peyton will occasionally take pictures with my phone. Most of them are not the best, but sometimes I find a few cute ones of Logan.

He found all of his friends when we stopped in the Disney section of JCPenney on our way out of the mall. "I'll take one of each, mom!"

Laundry day best buds.

One day we got home from the store and he must have been really hungry because he found a bowl of cereal in the sink from breakfast and started eating it.

Peyton's little shadow.

Can you tell he has a big sister? He's always wanting to put on Peyton's necklaces and loves playing with her baby.

Licking his plate. He got this habit from me.

But not the ketchup part. I definitely don't lick my plate when I have ketchup on it!

The kids are doing a marathon, so twice a week we go to the park and run a mile. I usually push Logan on the swings while they run or push him in our running stroller and run with the kids. But last time we went, he wanted to run with the kids.

Our neighbor watched Logan and Peyton for me, so I could go to a Date with Mom activity they were doing in Corbyn's class. She sent me this picture and said he did this for at least a half hour.

I can't believe this little guy will be TWO in only 1 month! Time to start planning the party! Spoiler alert: if you had any doubt, it's going to be a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


To celebrate Rog's graduation, we went to Hawaii on a cruise. We chose Hawaii because Rog had never been there. And we chose a cruise because when Rog and I were dating, I went on a cruise around Hawaii with my mom and sister. I remember wishing he was there with me and I had always wanted to go again, so I could take him with me. 

We went on Norwegian Cruise Line's 7-Day Hawaii, Round-trip Honolulu cruise. I feel like it's the perfect cruise because there are so many fun excursions and because the islands are so close together, you only have to cruise at night. The motion of the boat puts me to sleep and I hate sleeping my vacation away, so I don't enjoy days at sea. But cruising at night is perfect because you get a really good night's sleep. And it's a great way (maybe the only way that wouldn't cost a fortune) to see all the different Hawaiian islands in one trip.

It took us two flights to get there. One up to Portland (which we thought was pretty ironic) and then a really long one to Honolulu. We got some breakfast in Portland, but then didn't think to bring anything to eat on the flight. I don't think we realized how long the flight really was since with the time change, we got to Hawaii by 1:00 Hawaii time, but that's 5:00 Utah time.

Anyway, we seriously lucked out because we were flying on one of the only airlines that still serves a complementary meal (Hawaiian Airlines). It was tiny, but without it we would have ended up paying a ridiculous amount for food on the flight.

We were still hungry (bordering on hangry) when we landed, but refused to pay for food since we were going to be getting on the ship (where food is free and unlimited) soon. We took a shuttle over to the cruise terminal, got through security, got checked in, and finally made it onto the ship. We got some food at one of the buffets and then had an official dinner when the restaurants opened a little later. Our waiter accidentally poured Rog a glass of water that was more ice than water and we had to take a picture because that's how my mom likes her water!

We got settled in our room and explored the boat a bit. We were basically walking zombies by this point after a full day of travel and the 4-hour time change, but we forced ourselves to stay awake as long as possible. We went to a show that was a preview of all the other shows they'd be doing the rest of the cruise. We were both falling asleep, so we left before the end, but we saw enough to know which shows we wanted to see and which ones we would skip. We did not go to see the comedian, but all the other shows were great - our favorite was the Oh What a Night Tribute group.

Sunday was our first day on Maui. We got off the ship and walked to the closet church for sacrament meeting. It was only about a 15 minute walk to a darling, little church and we enjoyed a nice meeting. The rest of the day we just relaxed. Rog read a book and I worked on our 2014 blog book. Blurb had a great sale going on, so I spent my free time working on it and was able to finish and order the book before the cruise (and the sale) ended. 

Monday we had another day on Maui and we had scheduled an excursion to rappel down waterfalls. We got to wear some very attractive gear - especially those shoes!

To start they had us do a couple "dry rappels" to get comfortable and then our third rappel was down a waterfall. 

Because they had recently had a lot of rainfall, the water was too high and we couldn't actually rappel in the waterfall. We had to rappel next to it instead. It was still fun, but we were a little disappointed that this was as close as we could get to the waterfall.

After we rappelled down we got to swim around in the water.

We also got to enjoy this beautiful view when we were done rappelling. Absolutely breathtaking!

Tuesday we were in Hilo on the island of Hawaii. We hadn't scheduled an excursion for the day, so we asked around and everyone we talked to recommended doing the Hoppa-On Hoppa-Off Bus Tour. It was only $20 and it was a great way to explore Hilo. We got off at the Rainbow Falls stop and saw Rainbow Falls (obviously), 

But we were more impressed by this huge banyan tree that was just a short hike up from the falls viewpoint. This picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. It was huge!

The Banyan Tree Drive stop was fun because all of the trees were planted by famous people in the 1930s and 1940s. We didn't recognize most of the names, but we found trees planted by Amelia Earhart, Babe Ruth, and Heber J. Grant.

We ended up needing to buy some lunch and went to Gina's Huli Chicken (a food truck) that was supposed to be really good. It wasn't bad, but we weren't super impressed. It didn't help that they didn't take credit, so we had to find an ATM and pay an ATM fee to get cash.

We had originally planned for this day to be a beach day, but someone we talked to said Hilo did not have good beaches. We didn't wear (or bring) our swimsuits and when we got to the Richardson Black Sand Beach stop, we were so mad. It was a gorgeous day and such a beautiful beach. We explored it in our clothes, but wished we were in our swimsuits!

The bus driver said we might be able to see some turtles in the tide pools and I was determined to see one. We did get to see a few and it was one of the highlights of my day.

On Wednesday we were in Kona on the other side of the island of Hawaii. We started out the day doing sealings in the Kona temple. It was a little bit of a walk (about 30 minutes), but it was well worth it.

Then we changed into our swimsuits and hit the beach. It was overcast and ugly, but we had fun anyway. I wanted to try paddle boarding, so we rented one and played on that for an hour. 

It looks like we had a few minutes of blue skies and sunshine, but it only lasted long enough for this picture.

Rog wanted to go snorkeling too, so he rented the gear and did that for awhile. I despise snorkeling, so I opted to sit that one out.

Before we got back on the ship we picked out shirts at Crazy Shirts and got a Hawaiian Shave Ice which was delicious and sadly our only one of the trip.

That night at dinner we spent a long time trying to discreetly take a picture of one of the waiters who looked like a mix between Rog's brothers, Rex and Taylor.

Thursday we were on the island of Kauai. We had purchased tickets to the luau that night, so we had a chill day. I did some souvenir shopping while Rog played at the beach. 

We did FaceTime with the kids on the beach, so we could show it to them. It was a perfect beach day, but I had already gotten ready for the day and didn't have time to get ready again before the luau.

I used the luau as my opportunity to get dressed up in the dress I bought especially for the trip and enjoyed getting complements all night. Rog put on a collared shirt and called it good.

Dressing up was my favorite part, but the food was good too.

As well as the entertainment.

Friday we were still on Kauai. We had scheduled an excursion to kayak and then hike to a waterfall.

While kayaking we met an LDS couple that was just a couple years older than us. We enjoyed talking to them and were sad we didn't meet them earlier. 

Our guide pointed out that part of Indiana Jones was filmed here. Recognize those ropes?

It was a pretty short hike down to the waterfall.

Rog jumped at the opportunity to climb behind the waterfall.

I was a little more hesitant, but realized I would regret it if I didn't do it. The rocks were slippery and it was harder to get back there than it looked. 

I ran 3 miles around the ship just about every day. I normally don't enjoy running around a track, but I didn't mind this. It was beautiful and kind of like running on water. 

I think Rog's favorite part of the cruise was the unlimited ice cream. Most nights he found an excuse to go somewhere right before we were getting ready for bed. He always came back with an ice cream cone for him and usually some dessert that he thought I would enjoy. 

Saturday morning it was time to start our long journey home. We had a spectacular time, but were ready to see our babies! With everything we had going on the months before our cruise, I had waited too long to book our flights. The only ones left that were not completely outrageously priced were terrible getting home. We flew to Oakland and then got ready to spend the night in the airport. 

We set up a little spot and got comfortable, but a security guard came by around midnight (or maybe 1:00 am - details are fuzzy now) to wake us up and make us go outside security for a few hours. Out there the lights were so bright and the benches were so hard (worse than sleeping on the carpet in the terminal). I kept waking up because my legs and arms were falling asleep. We were incredibly rested after our cruise, but not after that night in the airport!

We spent the day getting sleep anytime we could.

Sunday morning we flew to Phoenix and from there, finally to Salt Lake!

Other than the flights, it was a practically perfect trip. We got to do some fun excursions, but the best part was just being able to relax and spend time together without a million things to distract us. I finally felt like I got caught up on my sleep (for the first time since having Logan). A million thanks to my parents for watching our kids and for financing part of the trip as a graduation gift for Rog!