Wednesday, September 16, 2020

11 Months

Easton at 11 months:

* Is getting 2 teeth on top (not his two front teeth, but the ones next to them).
*Loves clapping.
*Is walking more and more each day.
*Has discovered his voice and screeches very loudly whenever he wants to get our attention.
*Loves putting on hats.

Easton's 11th month in pictures:

"Helping" unload the dishwasher and standing!

Little head, big helmet.

I was trying to get some pizza dough made and in the fridge for dinner before putting him down for his morning nap. He was fussy, so I was holding him and the sound of the mixer was putting him to sleep. 😍

I put him down on the floor and he stayed asleep! 😂

Trampoline cutie.

We were playing Bocce Ball for our FHE activity on the front lawn and he was cheering us on. 👏

Another time falling asleep while Mom was in the shower. 

Rocking Logan's Woody Hat.

Wishing he could help put the new sod in our backyard.

He loves sitting in this little chair.

My strawberry picking buddy. This was actually not very easy!

Strawberry cutie!

Unloading his favorite cupboard and helping himself to some mini M&Ms.

Giving his cousin a kiss. Axel didn't actually appreciate this very much.

Playing with a balloon. This was right before he learned to walk.

Had to put this hat on him again when he was wearing his Woody pajamas.

Another day, another helmet.

This was the first time I took him into a store in MONTHS. He couldn't figure out what I was wearing on my face and kept trying to pull it off.

Escaping the rain under an umbrella with my buddy.

Some major screeching at dinner. The kids were not happy about this new development.

First time playing with the water table.

He loved our Wet and Wild Wednesdays.

Brothers. 😍

This was after he figured out the stairs were dangerous, but before he figured out how to turn himself around to go down them.

My hiking buddy.

First time going down the BIG slide.

First time trying an Otter Pop. He loves them and will try to get one anytime the freezer is open.

First time using our kayak that Santa brought us for Christmas.

Family movie night. This moment lasted about 30 seconds. 😂

Walking! This was 2 days before he turned 11 months. 

He has the best big sister!

Summer cutie.

Happy 11 months little buddy!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

10 Months

Easton at 10 months:

*Has 2 itty bitty teeth.
*Still loves sucking his thumb.
*Is a pro at climbing the stairs. Making sure he stays safe on them is a full time job because he refuses to learn to go down safely!
*Loves unloading cupboards. The baking cupboard is his favorite.
*Is getting very good at standing without holding onto anything.
*Loves sneaking off to play in the toilet.

Easton's 10th month in pictures:

The first time I put him in this facing forward he hated it. A few months later he was loving it!

Peyton usually showers, so a bath with her is a special treat for Easton.

"Helping" put away the cups from Sacrament meeting.

He was not a fan of crawling in the grass.

Corbyn had a week of themed days during distance learning. This day was pajama day and since Easton was still wearing his pajamas, he took a picture with him.

He was wearing his Buzz shirt, so Corbyn put him in the Buzz headpiece from Logan's Buzz costume.


I don't remember what he was crying about, but he was sure upset about something.

Shaking his booty!

He loves gnawing on celery sticks. 

Elephant crawling.

He loves when I share my smoothie with him.

I put him in this outfit with suspenders for Mother's Day. I was dying over how cute he was all day.

Snuck a picture of his new teeth while he was sleeping.

I never would have shared my ice cream with Corbyn or Peyton at 10 months. 4th baby perks!

Rog would always get up with Easton when he woke up early. This time he wasn't actually ready to get up.

The crawl to mom, use her leg to stand up, and whine until she picks you up phase.

Dressed up as Jessie and Buzz for Disney's Halfway to Halloween celebration.

Rog gets so upset when our babies climb on the dishwasher, but I say it's a rite of passage.

Napping in Mom and Dad's bed.

Twinning with Dad.

First ride in the wagon.

Climbed up all the stairs and was pretty proud of himself.

Look Mom, no hands!

Getting into trouble in his favorite spot!

Such a good helper.

Clapping the balls together.

Messy eater!

He was not a fan of the grandmas when they came for Peyton's baptism.

Happy 10 months baby boy!! Had a lot of fun with this photoshoot.

This was his favorite toy for a few weeks. It plays a song from The Jungle Book.

Snuck off to his favorite place after I finished taking his pictures.