Friday, October 21, 2016

Finished Room Friday: Peyton's Room

I had these pictures all ready to go last week, but I didn't get the post done since we were in Utah for BYU Homecoming and my cousin, Alisha's wedding. 

When I started these Finished Room Friday posts, Peyton's room had a long way to go and I was sure it would be one of the last rooms finished. But then Corbyn went back to school and I decided to set aside some time every day to spend with my Peyton girl. I thought we would play games or do little crafts, but Peyton wanted to work on projects for her room. She loves helping me paint and is actually quite a good little helper. With her help and encouragement to work on it every day, we finished it in no time!

I wanted to do a little girl room full of Peyton's favorite things - lots of purple, pink, and princess with a little dance thrown in too. I had fun using some of the things I saved from when I was growing up and especially loved decorating the girl room I had always dreamed of.

Peyton's room is actually a lot bigger than the room the boys share, but it has this little nook that makes it feel like a girl's room to me.

I put all of the dance things together on her dresser. A lot of them were mine.

I'm pretty sure this dance hook was in the little dance studio we had in my basement growing up. It was light pink, but Peyton and I painted it purple. I dug these itty bitty ballerina pajamas out of Peyton's newborn box. This was the very first thing I bought for Peyton when we found out we were going to have a girl. There were a few yellow spit-up stains around the neckline, but I soaked it in OxiClean overnight and it was good as new.

Both of these dancer prints are from my favorite artist on Instagram, Little Moon Dance.

This ballerina princess doll was handmade by Sew Darling. I purchased this Degas book in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when I was in high school. It's strategically placed to hide a set of plugs for mounting a TV. 

Pictures from Peyton's dance recitals. The mouse picture is not her best, but it could have been worse.

Rather than doing a separate collage for each year, I decided to just do one big collage with a picture for each year. I'll update it after each birthday.

I used the curtains from Corbyn and Peyton's shared zoo room. I would have bought another pair, but they are not for sale anymore, so I put one on each window. 

I feel like this quote is all over Pinterest. I made my own version with a picture from our wedding. (Cropped us out of it.) 

This bed is the twin version of our king bed we got last year. Peyton got the Cinderella doll for Christmas last year and Rapunzel for her birthday. I found Tinkerbell and Elsa on major clearance and couldn't resist. It wasn't planned, but I love that she ended up with all blonde princesses.

Since I painted the purple shelf that was in the zoo room gray for the boy's room, Peyton and I painted this shelf purple. (It was in our master back when we had brown, blue, and tan in there and it was blue.) I had to fix the N since it got broken in the move, but other than that we were able to use the same PEYTON letters she had in the zoo room. I love these IKEA spice rack bookshelves for paperback books. Such a clever IKEA "hack." Peyton also helped me paint them. 

As I moved things around in this room, I tried out a lot of different things on her nightstand. We ultimately decided the Savior and the temple should go there. 

I've been collecting prints for this collage wall for a long time. Little Moon Dance does these Disneybound Princesses that I just love. The castle is also hers. The dress prints are from Ritzy Rebekah

I made this print with all of our favorite princesses - including our Peyton princess and I'm assuming/hoping we like Moana since I included her.

Peyton helped me make this "a true princess" sign. I got the idea from here.

Clearly this is the princess side of the room.

A final pair of Disneybound Princesses - Elsa and Anna.

Two of the three of these frames were mine. The pink one with the picture of Peyton and Elsie was a gift to Peyton from Elsie when we moved.

Peyton and I made these blocks with pictures from Thomas Kinkade calendars I've saved.

I added a little Snow White touch to this mirror.

I wanted to do hooks for all the dress ups like this one, but I didn't have room. (We have a lot of dress ups!) I originally had them hanging on mismatched hangers here in the closet, but that bugged me a lot. It's amazing the difference a set of matching hangers ($3 from Target) made for me!

My parents stored my American Doll, Samantha, for me all these years. When we were discussing rooms with the kids, Peyton wanted to continue sharing a room with Corbyn. I wanted to do a girl room, so I bribed her with Samantha.

Peyton and I very foolishly did some touch-up painting on this kitchen while Logan was awake. It's a good thing we had an amazing spot remover on hand or I would have been in serious trouble with Rog. 

I love how my girl room turned out! It's the perfect room for Peyton!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

19 Months

Logan turned 19 months on Tuesday and I don't want to jinx it, but I'm being diligent in posting his update in a timely manner for the 3rd month in a row!

Logan at 19 months:

*Can safely go down the ladder on Corbyn's loft bed.
*Has been working on going down the stairs like a big boy by himself.
*Enjoys building towers with Duplo Legos, but gets frustrated when they fall apart.
*Says bubble, puppy, du (for duck).
*Pumps his arm (like the end of the fight song) and attempts a rrrr when we ask what a cougar says.
*Wants to scribble on paper any chance he gets.
*Gets mad when we take off his clothes or shoes.
*Can throw a tantrum like a boss. We're talking throw-himself-on-the-floor tantrums. (They don't last too long yet.)
*Carries stools around wherever he goes to climb anything and everything he can.
*Doesn't want to be rocked and sung to before naps and bed anymore. He throws his books, cougar, and water in his crib and then practically jumps in.
*Got his right bottom molar and his left bottom canine this month.

I put him in Corbyn's Halloween costume from when he was about this age one night for fun. 

He was not cooperating for pictures, but was adorable nonetheless.

Getting into trouble at his 18 month appointment. 

He loves to share his food with us.

These pictures never ever get old.

Being too big at the grocery store.

Corbyn and Peyton thought this was about the best thing ever and Logan did too until he got dropped.

Mr. Daredevil!

We've started a date night exchange with some friends in our ward. Beckett is a year older than Logan, but they are cute little buddies.

He kept touching this slug and I'm pretty sure he killed him because I saw him all dried up in this spot the next day.

I cannot even begin to understand his love for dogs, but I will admit it is pretty cute.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Selling our Townhouse

We were very lucky that when we wanted to sell our townhouse, the townhouses in our community were selling quickly and for more than we paid 6 years ago. We put a lot of work into getting it ready and in hindsight I'm not sure we needed to, but we wanted to feel good about what we were selling. A few months before we were going to list it, we split a storage unit with the Howard family since they were also getting their townhouse ready to sell at the same time. We filled it full of "extra" stuff - like the Love Sac, coffee table, play kitchen, and anything else we wouldn't be needing in the next couple of months. We took a lot of the decorations and pictures off the walls and did some touch-up painting. 

We had our friend, Jeramie Stephenson, from our ward be our realtor. He has his own company, Flat Rate Homes, that specializes in selling homes with kind of a different business model than a traditional realtor. You pay a very minimal flat rate fee to have him list your home on all the major websites and then pay a small fee at closing. He was great to work with and we were happy we went with him. 

We took our own pictures as we finished getting rooms "for sale" ready. For memory sake, here are the pictures we ended up using plus a few we took, but didn't use. It's weird looking at these now that we haven't lived there for a few months.

Downstairs View from Garage (Kitchen Island, Dining Room, Living Room)


Living Room

Upstairs Landing

Corbyn and Peyton's Room

Logan's Room

Laundry Room

Upstairs Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Office/Craft Nook

Master Bathroom

Master Closet


Front Door


Same Park with Mountain View

Basketball Court

We officially listed it "for sale" the night before we left for Oregon to look at houses. The very first couple that looked at it Friday morning put an offer on it (for more than our list price). They had put an offer on the Howard's townhome the week before, but didn't get it and were in the process of making an offer on another townhome (the Neeve's) when ours came up for sale, but decided to go with ours instead. (We would feel bad, but the Neeve's sold within days too.) Since it sold while we were gone, we never had to worry about keeping our house clean for showings which was awesome! 

We were told the couple that bought it was an "older couple" just getting married. We thought that meant they were in their 40s or 50s, but my parents saw them when they came to do a final walkthrough while we were in Hawaii and they said they looked just a few years older than us which is "older," but only by Utah standards! They let us live there for a week and a half after we officially closed and pay them rent for those days. 

After we moved we ended up texting them a few times about packages that got sent there by accident, an issue with returning our Spanish Fork Cable router, and to find the right mint green we had on our living room walls. They were very helpful and seem like a great couple. It makes us happy to think that a new little family is getting their start in our townhome where we made so many memories!