Thursday, December 22, 2016

21 Months

Have I really not posted anything since Logan's 20 month post?! 🙈  2016 has not been a good year for me and blogging. But let me tell you, that is all going to change in 2017! I'm going to get caught up and stay caught up! 


Logan at 21 months:

*Has mastered walking down (and sometimes up) the stairs like a big kid all by himself.
*Pulls you by the leg (or sometimes finger) when he wants you to go somewhere or help him with something.
*Prefers males in nursery or when we leave him for date night swap.
*Takes off his jackets by himself. It's pretty funny to watch because he uses his mouth to help him.
*Finally holds still while we change his diaper.
*Has all his teeth except for his second molars.
*Discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this month and is quickly becoming obsessed.
*Wants to buckle his own carseat.
*Requests to do bubbles multiple times a day.
*Thinks the rocking chair in our master bedroom is a slide. He pushes it over and slides down the back. I was letting him get away with it, but it has started making a noise when I rock in it, so I'm trying to break him of the habit.
*Is much more interested in playing with cars than Corbyn ever was.
*Has started eating bread on occasion. (He has never liked bread which just seems so weird.)
*Eats breakfast and lunch at the counter with Corbyn and Peyton.
*Holds phones up to his ear and says hello.

He put a lot of milk in his hair one morning at breakfast, so we had some fun styling it before trying to wash it out.

He has to do everything Peyton does.

Found him like this before I went to bed and had to take a picture before saving him!

He loved this car track at Rog's Uncle Ron and Aunt Linda's house at Thanksgiving.

If it were up to him, we'd do all our book reading on the floor. But he listens way better when he's on my lap in the rocking chair, so much to his dismay, we do that most of the time.

He was pointing at himself in the mirror saying "baby" over and over. I wish he were still a baby, but alas, he's very much a toddler. 

After showing no interest in shows of any kind, one day he sat at the counter and watched an entire Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I was making dinner. If he wakes up grumpy from his nap, I just have to ask if he wants to watch a Mickey and he perks right up.

This toy rarely gets played with anymore and I'll probably put it up with the baby stuff soon, but he and Beckett were having a great time with it one night when the Yates were over for our date night swap.

I have been finding him sleeping on his football pillow sometimes. 

And this was also another time he needed saving from his crib.

I was lazy a few times and let him eat at the counter with the big kids and now he thinks he always gets to eat up there. If he's really hungry it's not a problem, but if he isn't too hungry he'll get up and down over and over while he's supposed to be eating.

Caught a picture of his shhhh. It is so dang cute!

That smile says it all. Such a fun place to play.

He loves putting on shoes and boots even if they're much too big for him. These are Corbyn's snow boots.

We had 4 snow days in 2 weeks. (My least favorite thing about Portland so far.) He always wants to go out with the big kids, but never seems to have too much fun while he's out there. (We don't have snow boots in his size, so I got out his rain boots that he's getting for Christmas and let him wear those.)

He likes holding the receipt and giving it to the person checking receipts at Costco.

I can't believe he'll be 2 in only 3 months! Oh how we love our Logan!

Monday, November 21, 2016

20 Months

Logan at 20 months:

*Gives the very best hugs.
*Puts his finger over his lips and says, "Shhhh."
*Points to the picture of Jesus we have hanging in our living room and says Jesus when we ask him where Jesus is.
*Loves buckling the buckles on his booster seat/stroller and insists he do it himself.
*Loves his daddy! He is most definitely his favorite person right now and the best part of his day is when daddy comes home from work.
*Loves the frog that Rog made for me at Build-a-Bear because it plays dad's voice. We need to open it up and have him record a message for Logan.
*Rubs our heads - usually Rog's, but he has rubbed mine before too.
*Calls any treat a cookie. I can't resist the cute little way he says cookie, so he gets one almost every time he asks.
*Gets into everything - especially the stuff in my craft room. We finally bought a doorknob that locks to keep him out of there which works great (as long as I keep it locked).
*Loves opening the oven door. (I watch him closely when it is on and we're in the kitchen.) One day he opened it when it wasn't on and put some trays of watercolors in there. The next time I turned it on to start preheating it for dinner, I started smelling melting plastic and opened it up to find a nice surprise!
*Repeats words that we say and has been using the words he knows a lot more frequently just in the past week.
*Got his right bottom canine and left top canine this month.

He had a couple horns come in just in time for Halloween. 👿 😂

He likes to sit up at the counter with Peyton while she is doing her workbook.

He pretty much always wants to be doing whatever Peyton is doing.

Including holding onto the cart at Costco. He is getting too big!

He has to do this puzzle every time we go to the library.

He loves putting on his shoes and taking Corbyn to the bus stop each morning.

He was the cutest little Buzz for Halloween! And he loves all the suckers he got trick-or-treating. Unfortunately we do not love the sticky fingerprints he leaves all over the house after eating a sucker.

He usually has to buckle up his booster after we take him out of it. (Blue fingers from eating Lucky Charms for breakfast.)

We took him on Toy Story Mania (rather than having someone wait with him and do the stroller swap). He loved having his own gun!

I thought I would be his favorite while we were at Disneyland since Rog had to stay home, but Grandma quickly took that spot. 

He loved meeting the characters at Disneyland way more than any of the rides. Judy had him laughing so hard when we met her.

But I think Pluto was his favorite. I couldn't get him to turn around for a picture. He just wanted to give him a big, long hug!

He devoured the spaghetti we ordered him at Denny's and made the world's biggest mess.

He was so happy to see his most favorite person when we got home!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Finished Room Friday: Master Closet

This might seem a little silly - posting about a closet - but when your closet is this big, it basically is a room. We've joked that we'll just have our next child sleep in this closet (in a full-size crib, not a pack 'n play) and while I don't think that will actually happen, it is big enough that it would be possible. 

No, I did not decorate my master closet, but there are a few things I want to show off in here that I absolutely love! (I'll try to post about a more exciting room next week, but I can't make any promises with it being Thanksgiving!)

First a shout out to this hamper that has been with us since the very start of our marriage. The lid has a corner that got broken off, but it gets the job done and it doesn't look too bad, so it gets to stay.

When we were looking at this house, Rog pointed out that I would have a place for all of my decorations in the closet under the stairs (the one I turned into a toy room). That's where they were in our townhouse and it was a major pain to have to practically unload the whole closet every month to get to the box I needed. I decided to store them up here in the master closet instead and while I do have to carry them up and down the stairs, it has been a total game changer. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that this is one of my favorite things about this house. 

Having them on shelves makes finding the right box so easy and it worked out so perfectly how January, February, and March fit on the top shelf, April (Easter) and May fit on the next shelf, June, July, August, and September fit on the shelf below that, October and November are below that...

And December gets the bottom two shelves. Clearly I need to get a life, but I just can't get over how much I love this.

In our townhouse I boxed up the kid clothes in whatever random box I could find at the moment and then we stored them wherever we could find room in the attic or the garage. As we unpacked I saved all the "pretty" boxes and then I spent an entire Saturday going through the boxes of kid clothes and organizing them into sizes in those "pretty" boxes. Having them so accessible has already come in handy as I'm switching out Logan's 18 month summer clothes for winter clothes in size 2. 

I also made a box for boy shoes and a box for girl shoes which turned out to be pretty genius of me if I do say so myself. No more going through all the boxes to find which size I stored a particular shoe with. If I need bigger shoes for Logan I just have to pull down the boy shoe box and see if I saved shoes in the size I need. (Not all shoes made the cut as some were too worn out after Corbyn used them to save.)

One of our neighbors came over while I was in the process of organizing the kid clothes and saw all my boxes of girl clothes. She had assumed we were done having kids and couldn't understand why I was saving them. I told her we are planning on having one more kid and all my fingers and toes are crossed that it will be a girl (when that time comes). If not, we'll hand them down to Peyton's girl cousins and I'm sure our siblings will love us for saving them.  

The rest is just your average closet and nothing really exciting other than my necklace organizer. I made it to match the master bath in our townhouse which of course ended up being the upstairs bath in this house. But it didn't matter because the closet doesn't have a color scheme! 

Hooray for a master closet as big as a room!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


In between the Provo City Half Marathon and jumping at the Kangaroo Zoo the day after Rog's graduation, we had an appointment to have the kids' birthday pictures taken at CheapShots Photography. Corbyn seemed to be doing better and the other two weren't sick (yet), so we decided to go. Despite the less than ideal circumstances, we got some good pictures of the kids.

Love this Corbyn kid.

Our pretty Peyton girl.

And the one year old!

A couple Saturdays later we had family pictures done by Mar Del Photography. We had them taken at Hidden Falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was quite the adventure getting to the falls and boy, oh boy, was that water cold! 

But it was all completely worth it for these two perfect pictures.