Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's a Boy!!

Well, I think the title says it all... It's a boy! Our ultrasound was Friday afternoon. The lady doing the ultrasound said everything looks good which is the most important thing. She was great about explaining what we were looking at. I'm pretty sure I would have freaked out if she was just silent the whole time, so we were grateful she talked to us. She asked if we wanted to know the sex and of course we said yes! Here's the proof.

We also got a picture of the face, the arms, and a little foot! The foot is the cutest, so I'm posting that one.

I was just a tiny bit disappointed because I wanted to buy cute little girl stuff, so I went to Target and picked out his first little outfit to convince myself that there is cute boy stuff out there too! Now that we know we're having a boy I can start planning the nursery colors and stuff. I'm thinking green and brown with some blue.

We've had a boy name and a girl name ready since before I was even pregnant. We are going to name the little guy Corbyn Roger Phillips. All weekend we've been calling him Corby thanks to Roger's mom. She said it as a joke, but it has kind of stuck.

And finally, here is my growing belly at 19 weeks. Don't say that there isn't a belly there because I was much skinnier before!! I can't buckle my jeans anymore, so obviously I am growing!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adventure is out there!

Last week we had a Relief Society Meeting (formerly known as Enrichment) inspired by the movie UP! We talked about setting goals and having adventures. We made Grape Soda pins and Adventure Books from the movie.

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Emily's Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Emily's birthday. First we went to Red Robin for dinner.

Then we headed over to the Wilk to meet some more friends for bowling. We had a few minutes to burn, so I showed them the little known secrets of the Wilk that I learned when I worked there as an Accounting Clerk one summer. This is a picture made entirely out of nails! It's tucked away in a stairwell that no one ever visits. I also showed them the "Wall of Abandoned Pictures" - basically the hall where they put pictures when they are replaced.

Then we bowled. I don't think I have bowled for at least 2 years and I did AWFUL! I never used to get under 100... I don't remember my final score, but I know it wasn't over 100. At least I beat Rog who also had a bad night bowling. But we still had fun. Here's my future in about 4-5 months! They wanted me to stick the ball under my shirt, but I declinded.

Finally we headed over to the Pugh's apartment for cake and ice cream. It was such a fun night! Thanks Emily for having a birthday!!
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guess who got a job?!!

This week Rog received an offer to work for KLAS as a project manager! KLAS is the company he is currently working for in Orem. We feel very blessed that he was able to get an offer with the economy in its current state. And this wasn't an offer for just any job, this is an offer for a great job! Not only is it in the healthcare industry (which is where he wants to end up), but it also pays well and has great health insurance (much better than our current insurance we have through APX), a 401-K, 20 days of paid sick or vacation leave (I only got 10 at APX), and 10 paid holidays! Yes, we are very fortunate people.

Now that we know what we are going to be doing when he graduates, we can start looking for a house or townhouse. We're thinking we'll end up in either American Fork or Lehi. Why not Orem you may ask? Well, I am VERY ready to get as far away from Provo as possible (without making Rog drive more than about 20 minutes to work) seeing as how I've been here for almost 6 full years. And from what we've seen we'll be able to get a fairly new house or townhouse in our price range there.

And another perk of knowing what we are doing:

I can start my countdown to retirement! We have to work out the kinks of switching insurances without having to pay COBRA too long, so I might have to add a few links. But this chain represents the days I have left of work. I didn't include weekends or days I won't be working (President's day and my birthday). I'd say that is pretty SwEeT!!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekend Fun

Volleyball game with the Pughs, Ben, and his fiance. They won and I finally got a picture of me and Rog with Cosmo!! Smoothies and games after.

Basketball game with the Pughs. Brick Oven for Robbie Paulsen's 25th birthday. Birthday cake and games.

Roger's birthday dinner with my grandparents. Visit McKae and Anthony in their new apartment.

No school for Rog, but work for both of us. I woke up with a sore throat which then progressed into a runny/stuffy nose, sneezing, and a cough. (Great way to start the week! Luckily, I'm already starting to feel much better.)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Once there was a snowman

For my latest craft, I got my inspiration from this pumpkin. I thought if pumpkins don't have to be round, snowmen don't have to be round either.

And this is what I got.

The only hard part was the nose. I enlisted the help of a Rog and his pocketknife. Magically this tiny wooden milk can...

...became our snowman's nose! Isn't he so talented?!

Happy January everyone!
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby and the last you will hear about our E.C.

Yesterday we had another baby appointment. We got to hear the heartbeat again which is always very reassuring for my always-worrying self. They scheduled my 20-week ultrasound for January 29th. I'll actually only be 19 weeks and 3 days, but that's just fine with me! So in less than 3 weeks we will know if Baby Phillips is a boy or a girl. I've always wanted a girl first, but as long as it's healthy I don't really care. At least that's what I'm going to try to convince myself, so I'm not too disappointed if it's a boy. I added a poll to the sidebar, so go ahead and make a guess.

I'm in that awkward phase where if you didn't know I'm pregnant, you would just think I am getting a little chubby around the middle. We took the first picture of my "bump" last Sunday. Now I understand why people don't post more belly pictures. But I always enjoy seeing them, so here you go.

In other news, we figured out what to do with our extra entertainment center. Although we could have stored it at my grandparent's house, someone didn't want to go to all that effort. (Hint, it wasn't me.) I wasn't thrilled with this option, but I can live with it. With this addition, pretty much every inch of our wall space in our bedroom has some sort of furniture covering it. It's not ideal, but I'd rather have it here than in our living room for everyone to see.

We finally got our living room back in order with pictures hung. Even though we'll only be here 4 more months, it's important to me that our front room looks nice for when people come visit. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

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Roger is 25!

On Tuesday Roger had his 25th birthday! Phew, a whole quarter of a century old! For breakfast we went to Kneaders for their amazing all-you-can-eat french toast. Then he had a rough day... He only had one class and he took the day off work, so he got to play his new video game pretty much all day. For dinner we went to Texas Roadhouse with the Pughs.

We made sure we didn't leave until he got some "saddle action."
Then we played Beatles Rockband which we discovered is oh so much more fun than regular Rockband because we know almost all of the songs. (We got it for Christmas, but hadn't had time to play it until then.)
On Friday night we had some friends from our ward over for a little party. We had a great time playing games, chatting, and laughing.
Today we went to Tucanos to use his free meal, bought him some new jeans, and saw Avatar. I was very skeptical, but it actually was pretty good...very different, but good.
I'm so grateful that my honey bunches was born 25 years ago. I don't know what I would do without him! Love you babe!
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Anthony and McKae's Wedding

Roger's little sister, McKae, got married January 2nd in the Salt Lake temple. It was a beautiful day, but very very COLD! It was fun for Rog and I to attend a sealing in the Salt Lake temple and see what our guests experienced when we got married there almost 3 years ago! Here they are coming out of the temple as Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gonzalez.

They had the reception at a church in Mapleton. We spent most of the day on the 1st getting everything set up. All the guys strung lights across the ceiling. Kenzie designed an arch for the line and made the serving tables beautiful. Roger's cousin, Julie, did the food (with the help of her mom and sister, Amanda). It was simply amazing - they should seriously go into business together! Roger and I had made up about 16 batches of punch while we were in Colorado and we were on punch duty most of the night. It was fun to see everyone come together to put the reception on.

Congrats Anthony and McKae!
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2010 Resolutions

Well, hello! It's the 9th and I'm finally posting in 2010. Sad. But the good news is we aren't doing ANYTHING tonight, so I'll be able to get all caught up!

Here are our resolutions for 2010.

1. Take a cake decorating class.
2. Start an etsy shop.
3. Be supportive of whatever job Rog takes and wherever that means we will be moving.
4. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and body by the end of the year.

1. Get a full-time job with benefits.
2. Eat more fruit.
3. Run a half marathon.
4. Graduate from BYU.

Baby Phillips':
1. Grow big and strong!
2. Join us on this earth in June (not before).
3. Be healthy and cute!
4. Let mommy sleep!

And our family resolutions:
1. Buy a house or a townhouse.
2. Finish doing work in all the temples in Utah.
3. Make sure we continue our good habits of family prayer, scripture study, FHE, etc... after Baby Phillips is born.
4. Go to the temple at least once a month.