Friday, October 31, 2014

Wood Badge Part 2

Last weekend was the second (and final) weekend of Wood Badge. Rog had a class he couldn't miss Thursday night, so he didn't go until Friday morning. 

Friday night the kids and I watched BYU get beat up on by Boise State (final score 30-55 - yikes!) at my parents' house. We knew it would be a bad game, so somehow it was easier to take.

On Saturday I went on a temple trip to the Salt Lake temple with the Relief Society and Young Women in our ward. We rode Frontrunner, did a live session, and had lunch at the Nauvoo Cafe. 

My parents watched the kids, so I could go. They took them to Jaker's (a pumpkin patch in Springville). They had a great time and couldn't stop talking about it all night long - especially the scary cave!

On Sunday Corbyn was in his first Primary Program. He made sure to sing all the songs he knew very loudly and had us laughing the whole time.  (This is the very lovely smile he has been doing for pictures lately.)

Hooray for Wood Badge being over!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10 Years of Running

10 years ago I graduated from high school and started running as a way to stay in shape since I wasn't dancing anymore. I happened to see a flyer hanging in the RB for the Cougar Run and thought I would sign up. My roommate Staci and I had been running together, so I convinced her to run it with me. I didn't know it back then, but that 5K was just the beginning. Since then I have run countless 5Ks, a few 10Ks, a half marathon, a marathon, and a Ragnar. 

The Cougar Run has always been my favorite race. With the exception of 2008 when I was recovering from surgery and 2011 when I was pregnant with Peyton, I have run (or in the case of this year, walked) the Cougar Run every year.





2011 - Pregnant with Peyton

2012 (3rd place in my age group)

2013 (2nd place in my age group)

It's been a good 10 years of running! Here's to another 10 years!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Break

Rog had his Fall Break last week. I started out the week not feeling so well with a cold and he ended up getting it from me, but we were able to have some fun anyway!

We had a bunch of bananas to use up. While looking for something to make, I came across these Banana Mummy Rolls and thought they would be fun for a FHE treat. (I made them with Biscoff instead of Nutella.) Rog and I thought they were delicious, but the kids wouldn't touch them! 

We used a Redbox code to rent Million Dollar Arm. Rog and I both really liked it. A good story with a good message - you can't beat that!

I had another doctor appointment at 17 weeks. It's always fun to hear the heartbeat again and after my appointment I scheduled the big 20 week ultrasound for November 7th - can't wait!

We made our annual trip to the Red Barn where we went down the big slide...

Rode tractors...

Did the maze a few times...

Picked out our pumpkins...

And asked a stranger to take our picture. Peyton would not smile for him (possibly because he had a beard and long hair), but this picture is pretty good nonetheless.

We packed a picnic lunch and played at the park.

We saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the Spanish Fork Theatre.

Rog finished up this coat rack for me (with a lot of help from our friend, Justin Goodrich).

One of our neighbors gave us free tickets to Cornbelly's, so we got to go back and make up for our lame first visit. We stayed for hours and got to do so many fun things. To name a few... 

We rode the Cow Train (it was a rough ride and I kind of wished I didn't!)...

Went through the Wizard of Oz Corn Maze...

(Corbyn was our fearless leader and Peyton was the holder of the map.)

Drove a wooden bus...

Pretended we were spiders...

Played on Cornbelly Mountain...

(Corbyn was such a good big brother! I don't think he would actually trade his sister for candy like his shirt says.)

Took pictures with the Wizard of Oz characters...

And sat in the giant rocking chair!

That night we dropped our kids off and got to go on our date I earned the week before. We went to Olive Garden for their Endless Pasta Bowl. 

Saturday morning the kids and I ran the Cougar Run.

It was Peyton's first year running it and she was absolutely adorable!

We missed the start of Corbyn's race because his race was literally right after Peyton's, so we had him run the race with the 5-6 year olds. Because he was registered with the 1-4 year olds, his race results say it took him 10 minutes to run 200 meters when really it took him 3 minutes to run 400 meters!

I haven't been running this pregnancy because my sister Diana (the Ironman midwife) doesn't run while she is pregnant. So I walked the race with my mom. I felt really lame walking (especially after taking 3rd and 2nd the past two years), but I really wanted to do the race this year to celebrate 10 years of running. (More on this coming in another post.) When we got on the track two ladies tried to pass us. I wasn't having any of that, so I took off running and ditched my mom. I figured one lap around the track wasn't going to kill the baby.

Peyton ran the last bit with Grandma. (And yes, she is wearing a dress over her pants - she absolutely insisted.)

Jared also ran the race. Here are the 5 Cougar Runners (6 if you count baby in my tummy).

That night we all got to go to the Homecoming game. It was a late game, so the kids left with Grandma after the first quarter. We played Nevada and we really really should have won. The score was 28-13 at halftime, but we ended up losing 35-42.

Despite some sickness, it was a really fun Fall Break!

Monday, October 20, 2014

When Dad's Away

When Rog was at Wood Badge, I knew we had to have some fun activities planned to keep us sane. 

Friday for lunch, Waffle Love was in Spanish Fork, so of course we had to go!

Friday night it was our turn to take all the kids for our date night swap. I didn't want to switch because I figured if I just toughed it out, we'd get to go out when Rog was home (rather than me having a night alone - even though would have been nice too). Usually we just let the kids play, but I thought it might be good to plan a few activities this time. We colored Halloween pictures I printed off (Corbyn colored way longer than anyone else which is so not like him and he even wrote his name on his paper. I guess he's learning something at preschool after all!)

We made a little treat (pretzels with melted Rolos and an M&M pressed in the top) for the kids to take home to their parents. And then we watched a couple Halloween shows (Garfield's Halloween and Toy Story of Terror) while eating popcorn. My mom was so sweet to come help out, but I actually think I would have been fine alone. Peyton is the youngest kid in our group, so they're all pretty easy.

On Saturday we went to Cornbelly's with my mom. We went on the Giant Slide, did the Rat Rollers, took a few fun pictures...

This year's theme is Wizard of Oz - perfect for the kids with their recent obsession with it!

Then the kids jumped on the Jumbo Jumpers.

After that Corbyn started complaining that he had a headache and insisted he wanted to go home. It was the first time he's ever had a headache to my knowledge (or at least the first time he's been able to tell me), so I was freaking out a little. We had to wait for my dad to come get us. (He had dropped us off on his way to help my uncle and cousin with a rental they recently purchased in Draper.) So we did the Duck Races while we waited. 

Everything looked really fun, so we left feeling majorly disappointed that we only got to do a few things. 

We stopped at Walmart to get some Ibuprofen for Corbyn and he was able to get a little nap in the car on our way back. We had an early dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe and then after a quick stop at Macey's, we went home. Our timing was perfect because Rog pulled in right after us. 

We were all so glad to have him home especially since Corbyn came down with a pretty high fever that night and it didn't break for 3 very long days!