Monday, October 28, 2019

1 Month

Easton is 3 months already and I am SO FAR BEHIND in posting! The details are already slipping away, but I'm going to post what I can remember!

Easton at 1 month:

*Is the gruntiest baby! 
*Loves eating.
*Loves snuggling.
*Falls asleep whenever I try to have him do tummy time.

(That's basically what I posted on Instagram on his one month birthday. Thank you Instagram!)

A few things from his first month that stand out in my memory.

*The first few days he was home he spit up blood. It totally freaked us out, so we called the nurse advice line. They told us not to worry and that it was probably just blood from my cracked nipples. A few days after that I was talking to a friend about it and she said the same thing happened with her baby and her doctor told her it could be blood her baby swallowed during delivery. That made more sense to me because it was brown and more like old blood. In any case, we were glad when that stopped!
*He had an appointment the day after we brought him home (July 26th) to check his weight. He was at 8 pounds, 10 ounces which was basically what he weighed when we left the hospital. That was good because it meant he was done losing weight.
*He had his 2 week visit 2 weeks after that visit (August 9th). At that appointment he was only at 9 pounds, 1.5 ounces. They want them back to their birth weight by 2 weeks and since he was, they weren't worried. But I was worried because he had only gained 7 ounces in 2 weeks. I had been trying to only feed him every 3 hours, but he was pretty fussy in between feedings and I felt like my milk supply was struggling. So I started feeding him every 2 hours. He became so much more happy and I could tell my milk supply was much improved. After that he started growing out of his newborn clothes and diapers and I was able to relax and stop worrying about his growth!

Now for his first month in pictures.

The kids loved making beds out of pillows for him.

First sponge bath. He was not a fan!

Freshly bathed, pajamaed kids are the cutest. Recreating a picture we took when Logan was just a few days old (as seen here).

The big kids each wanted a turn taking a picture with him.

How do I have THREE boys?!

More pillow beds. 😂

His first walk.

This outfit was Corbyn's and I think he wore it once before he grew out of it. It's newborn, but it's TINY! This was the only time Easton wore it. (Logan never did because he was born in March.)

July 30th - Happy due date! The kids loved this Captain Adorable onesie!

We took him to Cheesecake Factory for National Cheesecake Day on his due date.

Milk drunk.

Hanging out with dad.

First movie in the movie theater at one week old - Sherlock Gnomes

One week old lion cub. He's working on his roar!

Logan was so not impressed - especially at first.


Rog took the big kids camping, so I could have some quiet time with Easton. I took the opportunity to finish my 9th Rise Quilt block.

His umbilical cord and circumcision ring fell off, so we were able to give him his first real bath! He enjoyed it much more than the sponge baths we were giving him.

Just so sweet!

I'm sure he'll be playing video games with the rest of the boys before we know it.

Second bath. He was more alert for this one, so I had to take a picture.

Easton is lucky to have Corbyn as a big brother.

First trip to Costco.

Tummy time moral support.

Angel baby.

Peyton loves to help give him baths. Mrs. Christensen, her 1st grade teacher and a good friend of our family, made this towel for him.

First visit to the pool.

We dipped his toes in and he was not happy about it! 😂

Peyton was such a good helper! If she ever heard him crying, she'd come pick him up and hold him without me having to ask.

More hanging out with dad.

First time going to church. 

Logan started to warm up to him a little more as time went on. He would ask to hold him and count to 3 and then say he was done. 😂

First road trip and first visit to a national park. We took him down to Crater Lake.

Napping by the pool while the big kids swam. We stayed at a hotel because I'm not a hardcore enough camper to take my newborn camping!

Hanging out in his carseat while we ate dinner at Red Robin on the drive home.

When your outfit matches your changing pad.

The morning of his one month birthday I dressed him in this outfit and then remembered that Corbyn had worn this very same outfit on his one month birthday. So of course we had to try to recreate this picture.

I asked our friend Kim for her recipe for her famous Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes, so I could make them for his one month birthday. I've made cupcakes for all the kids on their one month birthday and I had to keep that tradition!

One of Rog's friends at work gave us these tie stickers. Rog didn't think I'd actually use them, but they are easy and that's exactly what I need with him being the 4th kid! I waited until we were getting him ready for bed to take his pictures and he was not being especially photogenic, but these two pictures aren't too bad. 

Even if I am so impossibly behind in posting, we love this baby so much!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Family Pictures

After Easton's newborn pictures we drove over to Hidden Falls in Happy Valley for some family pictures as well as some individuals of the big kids.

This is my favorite picture of all of us except I don't love the fence in the background...

So this is the one I've been printing out and using when I need an updated family picture of us. I like the background a lot better and I'm pretty happy with how everyone looks.

This is a good one too. (It'd probably be my favorite if Logan was smiling.) 

We got some really good ones of Corbyn. It was hard to pick a favorite!

Here is his updated collage.

This was the clear winner for Peyton, but we got some other cute ones as well.

Here is her updated collage.

Logan surprised us and we actually got quite a few good ones of him.

These ones are just fun.

Here is his updated collage.

I didn't need an individual of me, but Jake snapped this one and I like it.

 We also got some good ones of everyone (except Logan) with the new baby.

 I love this family of ours and I'm so grateful to have Easton here to complete it!