Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

1. After our Lego sorting party on Sunday, we spent a good portion of the week putting together Lego sets. With them nicely sorted, Corbyn could find the pieces much easier and only occasionally needed to ask me to help him find one. We've been keeping a list of the pieces we're missing, so we can order them from because when you're 4, a missing Lego is pretty much the end of the world.

2. Rog left early (like 3:45 am) Wednesday morning for the UAB Healthcare Case Competition in Alabama. His team made it to the semi-finals (meaning out of 38 teams his team was in the top 12). Today they found out they didn't make the finals because they were up against the two teams that took first and second place. He's been preparing for the competition all month (and he's been gone a whole lot more than normal), so we can't wait for him to get home late tonight (like 11:30 pm) and be home a whole lot more next month!

3. I had my 36 week appointment on Wednesday. Everything looks good - I'm 1 cm dilated (better than nothing) and Logan is head down (phew). I can't wait for him to get here - only 3 weeks to go!

4. After posting about my love for Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana a few weeks ago, my friend Megan directed me to a knockoff recipe from The Pioneer Woman. I finally got around to making it the other night for dinner and it was just as good as Olive Garden's version. The kids didn't share my enthusiasm for it, but that won't stop me from making it!

5. I ordered The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under using our Disney Movie Rewards points. They arrived yesterday which was perfect timing because with Rog gone and the return of winter weather (although no snow to speak of other than a few flurries yesterday), we've been in need of a new movie distraction.

Selfies for Daddy

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Logan's Nursery

I had so much fun putting together Logan's nursery. I wanted it to be BYU football themed, but keep the BYU part kind of subtle.

Crib sheet from Target. Crib skirt from Amazon. Boppy pillow cover from Etsy.

 The Logan letters are from the Wood Connection. I painted them gray and then added blue dots around the edges with the end of a paintbrush.

I got the Football pillow from Amazon. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but it works.

More of my favorite storage bins from Land of Nod. They are already stocked with all our baby toys.

I found this Salt Lake temple print at the BYU Bookstore. I just love how blue it is! The frame was from Peyton's nursery (originally from Target). Cougar also from the BYU Bookstore. Football from the Wood Connection (they don't have them in stock anymore at least in the American Fork store, but you can order them). I had Rog drill a hole in the bottom for the dowel and base. The magnet board was from Peyton's nursery (originally from the Wood Connection). BYU football from the BYU Bookstore. And the clip frame is just a simple 5x7 block from the Wood Connection with a clothespin glued to the top. I can't wait until Logan is here to add pictures! 

I made his birth announcement based on this one I found on Etsy. I used clip art from here. Obviously I'll change the date, time, weight, and length when he gets here. Frame from Michael's and football from Wood Connection. My Grandma Ririe gave me this Willow Tree Figurine when Peyton was born. (It's one of my favorite things!) The picture of Christ is by Simon Dewey purchased at the BYU Bookstore.

Curtains from Amazon.

Football Chinese lanterns from Oriental Trading. Chair cushion from Amazon.

Changing pad cover from Target. Bins from Land of Nod. Drawer knobs from Wood Connection. New Diaper Genie from my wonderful sister-in-laws, McKenzie and McKae. (Our first only survived Corbyn and Peyton!) Garbage can from Walmart.

Shelves from Land of Nod. I designed the football plays in Photoshop and applied them to blocks from the Wood Connection using this technique. I cut the vinyl on my Silhouette. And finally, Football light switch plate from Zazzle.

The only thing missing (other than Logan) is his quilt. I'm using this pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew. I've been working on it a little bit every day. I know I won't be able to finish it before he gets here, but hopefully I can get a good chunk done!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lazy, Sick Weekend

Our weekend was incredibly chill. 

On Saturday Rog had a scout training most of the day, so the kids and I basically just hung out all morning. We finally got dressed and ready and out of the house by 2:00 to go on a few errands. Rog met us at Kohl's after his training. I had a coupon to use and Corbyn really really needed new shoes. 

We couldn't find any for Peyton (which caused many tears), but she ended up with a couple summer outfits (which made her forget all about the shoes - that girl loves clothes).

We went to dinner with my parents at Culver's because they had been down in St. George for nearly two weeks and had missed us (and us them). 

As soon as we got home, Corbyn threw up. He was fine after that, but we stayed home from church Sunday morning because there was no way I was risking a huge scene in the middle of sacrament meeting or having one of the kids' teachers come find me to tell me they had thrown up in class. We decided to sort Corbyn's Legos into colors to make finding pieces easier - it has been the best thing we ever did!

When Rog got home from church, he and Peyton settled down on the couch to watch Cinderella.

Peyton made it through most of the movie, but was out by the end. 

We went to Sunday dinner at my parents' house and Peyton took her turn throwing up. (Stomach bugs are the worst, but this one was the least terrible we've had. One throw up for each kid and Rog and I didn't get it.)

And that was our lazy, sick weekend!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday

1. I finished my 3rd book of the year - Baby Proof by Emily Giffin. It was a quick, fun read about Claudia and Ben - a couple that is thrilled to have found a spouse who also doesn't want to have children. After a few years Ben changes his mind and Claudia is forced to decide what she's willing to do for love. It was an interesting read especially since I'm obviously the type that never even considered not having children.

2. We celebrated Mardi Gras with jambalaya, beignets, and Princess and the Frog. Rog had a late class, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate even if Rog's mission is the reason we started celebrating Mardi Gras in the first place!

3. I hit the 35 week mark this week which means Logan will be here in 4 weeks (exactly a month because February has 28 days this year) or less. I buckled down and finished one project a day for his nursery. I just have one project left and then it will be ready for him! I still have plenty left to do before he comes (like his quilt), but it will be nice to have the nursery done. 

(And I just love this picture of PJ kissing Baby Logan - she does it all the time and it's the sweetest thing!) 

4. Rog was scheduled to have LASIK on Thursday at 4:30 pm. A few days before, they changed his time to 6:30 am which wasn't a huge problem until his alarm failed to go off and he missed it! He was so mad and only became madder when he learned they couldn't get him in again until March 13th. He's been wearing his glasses for weeks in preparation for the surgery and is obviously not looking forward to continuing to wear them for another 3 weeks.

5. It has been unseasonably warm for the past 3 weeks or so. I know this sounds so weird (especially since all my friends are complaining about how cold it is where they live), but I'm really not ready for spring yet. Yesterday afternoon we went to the park to cheer Rog up after his LASIK fail. We had a great time, but I'm happy to report that we got a little rain this morning and it is supposed to be a little cooler this whole weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentine's Week

*Disclaimer before I get started: I mention making a lot of treats in this post. Valentine's Day just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without treats. We shared our treats with neighbors and I was pretty good about only having one or two of each treat!

We spent all of last week celebrating Valentine's Day.

Monday night for FHE we dipped strawberry wafers.

The kids were my sprinkle assistants. (And I don't know why Peyton insisted on making this lovely face!)

During the week we put together valentines for Corbyn to take to school. It took him about an hour to write his name on all of them and I had to sit there the entire time keeping him on track. It was not our favorite hour spent together, but it was good practice for him.

We found these adorable little ducks at Macey's soon after they put out the Valentine's Day stuff and after a little searching on Pinterest, I found the perfect saying to go with them. I made the tags myself because I didn't love the one I found on Pinterest. After setting aside enough for Corbyn to take to school, we had a few left over for Peyton and Corbyn to take to their neighbor friends.

Friday night we got to go on a date thanks to our date night swap. We went to our newly opened Spanish Fork Zupas (soooooooo excited about this), shared a concrete at Culver's, and then worked on a puzzle.

Saturday morning the kids woke up to a few little Valentine's Day surprises. They each got a book (101 Dalmatians for Corbyn and The Three Bears for Peyton), a small toy (a Hot Wheels car for Corbyn and a Rapunzel Magiclip doll for Peyton), and some treats. They also got 101 Dalmatians (the movie) from Grandma and Grandpa Ririe.

I made us heart-shaped stuffed French toast and a pink smoothie for breakfast.

The kids were surprisingly pretty cooperative for their annual Valentine's Day shirt picture!

We had a bunch of bread crusts left over from breakfast, so we decided to go to the BYU duck pond to feed the ducks. It seems like those ducks are always overfed - they hardly even touched our bread!

But it was fun to get out and do something out of the ordinary. And we got to see these cute turtles lounging on this rock.

I remembered I have a picture of me and Corbyn at the duck pond when I was pregnant with Peyton (at 32 weeks), so I had Rog snap a similar one (at 34.5 weeks).

We had a fancy dinner with Maple-Glazed Pork Tenderloin, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, steamed broccoli, and a salad with our favorite Sweet Red Wine Vinaigrette (from Our Best Bites' Savoring the Seasons Cookbook). We made Cinnamon Cookie Crunch Popcorn for dessert and enjoyed it while watching 101 Dalmatians.

Sunday afternoon Peyton and I made a heart necklace and bracelet from a kit I got at Michael's. 

And then the kids helped me make Cranberry White Chocolate Bliss Bars. (My friend Megan had shared a couple with me a few weeks earlier and I was seriously craving them again!)

I ordered us some valentine mailboxes from Oriental Trading and finally finished decorating them with vinyl on Tuesday. Corbyn's and Peyton's were finished in time for Valentine's Day (as seen above).

And that was our Valentine's Day week!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday

1. On Monday I got my 2013 blog book in the mail. If I were really on top of things, it would have been my 2014 blog book, but at this point in my life I'm just glad I'm not more than a year behind! Also, I die every time I look at this picture - Peyton is so tiny!

2. On Wednesday the kids had a dentist appointment at 10:00 here in Spanish Fork and I had my 34 week appointment at 11:05 in Provo. I considered rescheduling one of them, but the kids' dentist appointments are usually pretty quick, so I thought I would risk it. The timing worked out perfectly and I was able to drop them off at Rhys and Calla's house to be watched with just enough time to make it to my appointment.

3. Peyton was a little scared to go to the dentist and cried before, but when it was her turn she was brave and did great! She was obsessed with the treasures she got - a Minnie toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and a couple tiny toys. She carried them around all day and insisted on sleeping with them when she went to bed. 

4. I finished my 2nd book of the year, A Fort of Nine Towers, with just minutes to spare before my book club meeting Wednesday night. It was good to read about a normal family in Afghanistan because I feel like we only ever heard about the Taliban and that definitely skewed my perspective of the people there. It was a long book and while I did enjoy it, it definitely wasn't a page turner. It was a good thing I had a time limit or I probably would have taken months to finish it!

5. I'm reaching the point in my pregnancy where I'm just ready to be done! We've all had a miserable cold this week and that definitely hasn't helped. I have to keep reminding myself that I still have a lot left to do before he comes and he still has some growing left to do (although hopefully not too much). 5 (or less) weeks to go!

GG's Funeral

GG's funeral was last weekend. Friday night was the viewing. 

And then Saturday afternoon was the funeral. My sister, two of her closest friends, a former bishop, and her current bishop spoke. It was a wonderful tribute to a great lady. (Her obituary here.) We will miss her, but are grateful for the knowledge that families are forever and that we can be with her again someday.

Our whole family (except Jared and Cailey who left before we took the picture). We took a similar picture at my grandpa's funeral. It's fun to see how our family has grown in just 3 1/2 years.

It was a lot of dressing up for one weekend and you should have heard Corbyn's reaction when I told him he had to get dressed up again for church Sunday morning. Oh the weeping and wailing!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday

1. On Monday my Grandma Ford (GG) passed away. She took a turn for the worse last Wednesday and was basically being kept alive by a machine that was breathing for her. My parents and Aunt Tracy had to make the hard decision to take her off the machine and let her pass on because she wasn't getting better. It was an interesting experience because I knew when they were taking her off the machine and was just waiting for word that she had passed. We are grateful she doesn't have to suffer anymore and that she is with her husband again.

2. On Wednesday I had an ultrasound to check on Logan. Everything looks great. He is measuring a week ahead (no surprise there) and is currently breech. He still has plenty of time to turn - I'm just hoping he won't wait until 38.5 weeks like his sister! The ultrasound tech tried to get a cute profile picture, but he wasn't cooperating. So she sent me home with a picture of his feet instead.

3. We've been enjoying springlike weather this week, so we've spent a lot of time playing outside with friends. The slide has made a home in our front entryway because I've been pulling it outside nearly everyday for the kids to play on. Yesterday the kids insisted on eating their lunch on the slide. Although a part of me wishes this spring weather would stick around, I know we need snow, so we'll just enjoy it while it lasts and hope for some moisture even if it means the return of winter.

4. The past few months I've been casually looking for a new table for our growing family. Last week I saw one at Walmart that was pretty much exactly what I've been looking for at a very reasonable price, so yesterday we went to pick it up. When we got home I posted a picture of our old table on Instagram, Facebook, and KSL. Apparently I should have asked for more because at $40 we had more offers than we knew what to do with minutes after posting it. We ended up selling it to a family in our ward who came to get it right away. 

So we enlisted my dad's help and the kids woke up to a new table this morning. It's shorter and longer than our old table and seats 6.

5. I've been hard at work getting ready for Logan. With the arrival of these football Chinese lanterns today, I am officially finished with one side of his nursery.

And I washed/folded all his newborn clothes - hoping they will fit him for at least a few weeks because they are oh so cute!