Friday, September 21, 2018

Flashback Friday - January 2017

New Year's Eve was on a Saturday. Luckily it was our first Sunday with 12:30 church, so the kids could sleep in the next day after staying up late.

I committed to do the Ragnar 30 Day Training Challenge. That means doing something physical every day for 30 days. I basically do that anyway since if I don't run, I lift weights or do yoga, but I don't usually do anything on Sunday. During the challenge, I didn't do anything too intense on Sunday, but I did try to go for a walk or something like that.

A few Sundays that meant some major bundling up since we had some crazy (for Oregon) snow.

Logan thought this plank looked too easy and he wanted to make sure I got a good workout in. πŸ˜‚

We had some sparkling cider for our FHE treat the first Monday of the year.

I hosted a craft night to make these hearts (from the Wood Connection) for Valentine's Day.

We celebrated Rog's birthday with cinnamon rolls for breakfast and presents before work.

I made an epic piΓ±ata cake for his party that night.

It was filled with candy and sprinkles.

You know you have kids when your door stop goes through the door. Rog was able to fix this, but it wasn't easy and if you look closely, you can find the spot.

Assembly-line dinner prep. These Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Shells are a big hit at our house and the kids love helping me put them together.

We had a snow week when it snowed and then became sunny, but stayed cold, so the snow couldn't melt. Of course our first winter in Oregon had to be a record snow year. Utah also got a lot of snow that year, but it didn't shut them down for days!

Shoveling the porch for exercise.

We didn't think we'd be making many (if any) snowmen in Oregon!

A few days into our snow week I had to get out, so we took Peyton to get her hair cut.


I also had a follow-up eye appointment for my LASIK. They were open, but they called to say I didn't have to come if I was afraid I couldn't make it. πŸ˜‚ I think I was one of the only patients brave enough to venture out. 

We had beautiful blue skies and Oregon really is beautiful covered in snow with all our evergreen trees, but we were praying for rain to come melt the snow, so life could continue! 

We braved the icy roads and went to the Portland Art Museum on $5 after 5:00 Friday. 

The kids thought it was pretty boring until we figured out they had a scavenger hunt and then they would not let us leave until we found all the paintings.

We wore Logan out!

Rog took the kids sledding at the park by our library. Logan was going to have to stay home because I didn't think we had snow pants in his size, but then I remembered that Peyton had some from when she was this age. Someday he might not be so happy that we put him in purple snow pants with purple heart gloves, but he was happy to get to go. (He didn't love the snow or sledding, but he would have hated staying home with mom.)

Beckett dressed up as Buzz when we were watching the Yates for date night swap.

Corbyn lost his first tooth. Finally!

Logan's first visit to the dentist. He wanted me to hold him, but did great!

I had rediscovered The Hunchback of Notre Dame sometime during the summer of 2016. I think we rented it from the library. It wasn't a favorite of mine growing up, but I liked it more as an adult, so I used some of my Disney Movie Reward points to get it for free. 😊

The Yates sent us these pictures when they watched our kids for date night swap. Playing video games.

And decorating cookies.

We went to Salt and Straw for our date. It was our first time and we haven't been able to stop going since!

After all that snow we had some really beautiful weather.

Rog took Peyton on a date to CeramiCafe. We have one right by our house and one day they had gone in there just to look and Peyton broke a tiny mermaid. They had to pay for it, so they went back to paint it.

We went to the Lan Su Chinese Garden to celebrate Chinese New Year.

They had a lot of fun activities for the kids.

The gardens weren't in full bloom (we'll have to go back someday when they are), but it was still pretty. I took many pictures of the walkways because they all had different patterns made out of stones.

We also got Chinese food for dinner that night and watched Mulan.

Logan's hand-me-down church shoes got a big hole when the stitching came undone.

I made these mini cheesecakes from Our Best Bites' 400 Calories or Less cookbook

And I was busy all month making winter decorations from the Wood Connection.

Maybe this is why we got so much snow this month!

A few snippets from our daily life:

Peyton making beds for her stuffed animals.

Spotted two cuties having lunch.

Choo Choo. Cutest lips ever! 😍

Breakfast buddies.

Saturday morning Wii playing.

Jumping on the tramp on repeat all month (except when there was snow).

Playing UNO with Peyton while rolling out rolls for dinner.

And that was our January 2017!