Friday, April 22, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow we are taking Corbyn on his first ride on one of these...
So that on Monday we can take him to this magical place for his first time!
I probably won't be posting while we're gone, but you can look forward to a nice big long post filled with many pictures of Corbaby meeting Mickey and having the time of his young life at the Happiest Place on Earth when we get back!
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Thursday, April 21, 2011


In the past couple of days, Corby has really started standing up on his own like a pro! He does it all the time. I took this video earlier this morning.

I'm so proud of my little dude. He hasn't taken any steps yet, but I'm sure it won't be too long. Yesterday we went visiting teaching and Corby was showing his trick off the whole time. My partner and one of the sisters we visit both have babies that are 2 months older than Corby. One of them is walking and the other has taken a few steps, but neither of them could do this!

And while I'm posting videos, here is a video I took last week of Corby playing peekaboo with his high chair tray. He did this all on his own! Make sure the sound is turned up - at the beginning he is laughing so much. He was so proud of himself!

Isn't he just the best?!

Easter Decorations

I didn't have any Easter decorations at the start of this month, so I've been busy starting my collection. I never realized it before, but Easter is fun to decorate for!!
I wasn't sure I was even going to paint my bunny that came in my HOME set. I didn't think it was very cute and I was going to do an egg instead. But then I saw how Rachel did her bunny and absolutely fell in love with it. So THANK YOU Rachel!!
My mom got me the cute blocks that say, "hippity hoppity Easter's On Its Way". I had actually seen them at Robert's and almost bought them myself. So I was very excited when she gave them to me!
I just finished this trio of eggs last night. Emily and I had one last girl's night before they move up to Sandy for the summer and then to medical school in the fall. We watched Tangled which was a delightful movie. You did it again, Disney!
This shadow box is my new project for the next year. I just finished all my O's for my HOME set, so now I'm going to do this every month. Wood Connection has a set of five little things for every month. I just think they are so so cute!
And here are my Easter plates.
Happy Easter!!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 Months

I can't believe my little boy is 10 months old!
The Corb at 10 months:
*Loves the bathroom - unrolling the toilet paper roll, getting into the trash can, and splashing in the toilet.
*Loves to pull hair.
*His favorite trick is clapping toys together. He laughs and laughs when he does it.
*Is constantly pushing the buttons on our DVD player, turning the volume up/down, and opening the disc changer.
*Is getting a little shy. If we're holding him and he sees someone new, he smiles and tilts his head into our shoulder.
*Likes to be upside down. He'll put his head on the ground and his bum in the air in a headstand position.
*Has been a much better eater recently. He loves fruits and barley cereal. Still doesn't like baby food vegetables, but he will try them if we give him a piece of what we are eating.
*Has started to down his bottles all on his own. He used to roll over constantly and I'd have to practically hold him in place to get him to finish, but now I just give it to him and he usually finishes mostly on his own.
*Loves exploring outside.
*Still working on his two middle bottom teeth. They look like they are close to popping out.
*Is getting better at standing on his own every day and has started getting to standing without pulling himself up on things.
*Is using his walker a lot more - thanks Diana and Jason!
*Dances to music.

We sure love our smiley little guy!
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brady's Wedding Weekend

On Friday my cousin Brady got married. It was a packed weekend! I have lots of pictures (and Picasa is finally working again), so get ready for picture overload!
The sealing was at 9:40, so we were supposed to be there at 9:10. We had to drop Corbyn off at 8:30 which meant we had to leave Spanish Fork at 7:30. So I had to get up at 6:00! I'm pretty sure it was the first time I've gotten up before Rog and Corb. They looked so cute sleeping - I had to snap a picture.
It was a beautiful sealing as all sealings are. Here's Mr. and Mrs. Brady Ririe coming out of the temple. You can't really see her face, so you'll just have to trust me that she is absolutely gorgeous.
It was a really beautiful day. In fact it could have rivaled our wedding day in beauty except the flowers aren't in full bloom yet.
After the traditional pictures on the stairs, we went to pick up Corbyn. His Aunt KD was nice enough to watch him for us. It was time to feed him and he does much better eating solids when he is in a high chair, so we stopped at the first fast food restaurant we came to. It just so happened to be the original KFC.
After a really quick stop at Orson Gygi to get some sprinkles, we headed to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for their luncheon. It just so happened that they had it in the same room we did. We really wanted to recreate this picture from our luncheon 4 years ago.
We got this one where the temple looks good, but Rog looks like a total goof.
And this one where you can't really see the temple, but we all look pretty good. Ah well...
Then we headed up to my grandparent's house to celebrate Easter (because we'll be in California for the actual day). We had our traditional Easter egg hunt. I totally kicked everyone's trash!
And we had a little Easter egg hunt for Corby with Puffs in the eggs instead of candy.
He didn't really understand what was going on, but he was pretty cute anyway.
We went to Wood Connection, had dinner, went to the reception, stopped at IKEA really quickly, and then headed home. It was a long, exhausting day. But we were happy to be with Brady and Kiera on their special day and celebrate with them.
On Saturday we started the day with a 5 mile run - our first run as a family of 3! After the run, Rog washed our cars (and Corbyn helped).
Then Grandma Lori watched Corbyn while Rog and I went golfing with my dad. Because my Grandpa Ririe donated some land to the Gladstan golf course, my dad gets free golf with a cart for life. He let me use his cart because I've never golfed with a cart before.
We had dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe and then went to Kohl's to use some coupons on summer clothes for Corbyn. Corby showed off his trick of clapping toys together.
After Corby's bath, Grandma Lori gave him some Easter gifts. He loved the red tissue paper the gifts were wrapped in. While we were recording him go crazy with the tissue paper, we happened to get this clip of him trying (and almost succeeding) to stand up on his own!
I spent the rest of the night making these cake pops. I think they turned out pretty darn cute.

Sunday was a little less eventful. My parents came to sacrament meeting with us and then headed home. And we went to Stacey and Derek's (in Salt Lake) for dinner.

We always love it when my family comes up to visit! Thanks for a great weekend!
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

All Boy

After my run yesterday it was nice and warm. I took off Corbyn's socks (so they didn't get dirty) and let him explore the garage. This kid is 100% boy. He loved every minute of it!

Dirty hands + Dirty feet + Dirty face = One happy boy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Goodbye Cliff

Yesterday was kind of a sad day. We said goodbye to our buddy Cliff. A nice BYU student bought him from us. We are glad that Cliff will once again be fulfilling his scooter destiny around BYU campus. He will be happier there than he was sitting in our garage gathering dust. And now we won't have to pay to insure and register a vehicle we never use. It was for the best, but still it was sad saying goodbye to our friend.

We let Corby take him for a spin around the block before we handed over the keys... Ok, not really. But doesn't he look so stinking cute?!

And now a photo tribute to Cliff:

June 22, 2007 - the day we bought Cliff.

How Cliff earned his keep - primo parking at football games and other events.

Bundling up for cold winter rides.

Or as I call it, Wife Abuse.

The time I ran out of gas.

And the time I locked the keys inside him.

Thanks for all the good times Cliff!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring and other Corbyisms

Spring keeps tempting us with some good days here and there. On one such good day, I opened up the front door to let Corby go exploring outside. It was like there was an invisible barrier. He wouldn't go out.

{Mom, is it safe out there?}

Finally I picked him up and put him outside. He went crazy crawling everywhere and trying to put everything in his mouth - especially the stupid aerated grass! We are excited for spring to finally come and stay for good if that ever happens.

As I said in Corby's 9 month post, he is starting to let go of things and balance on his own for a few seconds. This is the first picture we've been able to get of this new trick of his. We think he'll be an early walker. But he better get moving soon if he wants to beat me - I walked at 10.5 months!

{Look mom, no hands!}

One of the only things that gives our poor little teething guy any happiness - he goes crazy for ice.

I promise I'm not being dramatic. Some kids teeth like it's no problem at all - unfortunately that's not the case with Corby. Hopefully all his teeth won't be this bad!