Tuesday, June 28, 2016

15 Months

Logan at 15 months:

*Says "uh, oh" when he drops something (on accident or on purpose) and all done.
*Got his central incisor on the top that he was missing, so he has 4 teeth on top.
*Is a playful biter. Corbyn and Peyton have been pretty patient with him when he bites them even when has gotten them pretty good a few times. We normally bite back to teach it is not ok to bite (works like a charm), but he seems too young for that just yet.
*Knocks on doors.
*Pats your back when you pick him up.
*Clicks his tongue. Peyton does this a lot and he likes to copy her.
*Consistently waves hi and bye.
*Nods his head yes and no. When he really wants something he nods his head yes and really gets his whole body into it.
*Doesn't want to sit in his high chair anymore and sometimes puts up a pretty good fight when we try to put him in there.
*Likes to take off his bib.
*Wants the whole thing - not just little pieces (of granola bars, breakfast biscuits, etc).
*Thinks it is so funny to run away from mom and dad.
*Is officially very difficult at church and the grocery store. He wants to go exploring at church and doesn't want to sit in the cart at the store.

I saw this Stitch hat when we were at Disneyland and almost bought it, but didn't. Then I ended up buying him this Stitch shirt at the Disney Store soon after and really regretted not buying the hat. So when the Woods went to Disneyland I had them buy it for me. He won't keep it on very long, but it's oh so cute when he does leave it on for longer than 10 seconds.

I just love his Nemo swimsuit!

Excuse the naked baby pictures, but I had to document this because Corbyn used to do this same thing at about this same age. If we are ever laying down, he'll come push us up.

He has been loving playing in the water this summer. He'll get in and out and in and out over and over again.

He's also been loving Otter Pops and always wants one when he sees the kids having one.

Rog took this picture on our last Sunday in our Spanish Fork ward when he caught us outside. He was being especially terrible at church that Sunday (nap time) and was only happy when I let him explore outside.

He loves wrestling Corbyn and Corbyn is such a good sport about it! He lets him win and is so gentle with him. 

This video captures their wrestling matches perfectly.

Monday, June 20, 2016

4 Years

Peyton's 4 year stats:

Weight: 40 pounds (80th percentile)
Height: 41 inches (75th percentile)

PJ at 4 years:

*Knows pretty much all her letters and can write most of them too. (Thanks to the wonderful, free preschool she was able to attend!) 
*Gets so mad when we try to correct her. Like, when she's singing the alphabet song, she does the beginning right, but gets a little mixed up at the end, so she sings, "Q R X T U V W X Y Z". I try to sing with her and emphasize the S (not X), but she won't be corrected. 
*For a long time she would sing, "Mango mango little star..." and would get so mad when I tried to tell her it was twinkle, not mango.
*Can count to 29, but always skips 13. (Corbyn always skipped 13 too!) 
*Went through a phase where anything anyone did hurt her feelings.
*Doesn't sleep under her covers. She sleeps on top of them with a blanket or light quilt over her.
*Always comes into our room sometime between 1:00 am and the morning. I don't wake up when she gets into our bed and just wake up to find her next to me in the morning.
*Has been calling me Mom-o.
*Loves to watch shows on the Disney Junior App on the iPod.
*Always needs a hug from her friends, Calla and Elsie, when they are done playing. When they are saying goodbye one of them will say, "hugs" and they'll run to give each other a big hug.
*Won't go to bed until she's had a book read to her.
*Always has to have 2 songs before bed and she wants me to name off options for her. Almost every night she picks I Love to See the Temple, but the other one is always changing.
*Would eat mac and cheese every single day for lunch if we let her.
*Likes to wear mismatched shoes.
*Enjoys painting and coloring.

She's stubborn, sweet, spunky, and silly and we're so glad she's ours!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Let's All Dance Like a Daisy

I remembered the trick to getting videos to upload, so here's a video of Peyton's first dance recital. (She's third from the right.)


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

14 Months

Logan at 14 months:

*Says that (sometimes) and "uh, huh... uh, huh..." when he see something he wants.
*Loves to put his diapers in the Diaper Genie after we change his diaper.
*Brings us fruit snacks or whatever he can find to eat when he's hungry.
*Stomps one foot when he's excited.
*Was teething and wanting to be held all the time. We called him our ankle biter because he was constantly at our ankles wanting to be picked up. (Thankfully that has passed and now he is more content to play without needing our attention constantly.)
*Also during that teething stage he was biting dad a lot and was constantly putting rocks in his mouth.
*Got one of his bottom lateral incisors, so he has 3 teeth on the top and 3 teeth on the bottom.
*Still has a pouch of oatmeal or whole wheat cereal with fruit or vegetable baby food for part of his breakfast and lunch every day. He can basically feed them to himself now.
*Has decided that milk isn't that bad after all and will drink it.
*Likes when we leave the front door open and let him explore the outside a little. (Checking on him very frequently of course.)
*Waves goodbye when someone is leaving or driving away in a car.

After his nap, he frequently wants to take his blankie with him and hangs onto it for a few minutes.

Check out those teeth! 

Dad is definitely his favorite right now which is only fair because he is usually the one to get up with him in the morning.

He's enjoying the car Peyton got for her second birthday quite a lot. (Good thing someone is. Peyton never used it much - I think we got it too late for her.)

He's transitioned to one nap a day, so we try to keep him awake until after lunch. These pictures never get old!

He loves smoothies! He gets excited whenever he sees me getting out the Blendtec and goes right to his high chair because he knows that's where he drinks them.

His favorite meals are always the ones that turn him red. I'm sure this is because they're all tomato based and his love for tomatoes is going strong.

He fell and hit his eye in the bath. Fortunately this was one of those injuries that looked a lot worse than it was and it healed up in no time.

He hardly ever lets us keep his towel on him for longer than a few seconds (takes it off the instant we set him down), so I was happy to finally get a picture of him wearing his puppy towel he got for his birthday.