Thursday, October 28, 2010

BYU vs. Wyoming

For last Saturday's football game against Wyoming I made football shaped cake pops. They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

Grandma let Corby hold one and he's at the age where everything goes into his mouth... So he might have got a tiny taste of chocolate... But he didn't eat it, if that makes you feel better.

It was raining pretty bad before the game, so Corby hung out with his grandma the whole time.

Luckily it stopped just in time for the game. And we were able to pull out a win, so the game was a success!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Tricks

The week before Corby turned 4 months, he discovered his feet!

He also learned how to blow bubbles with his spit. For a few days this was all he would do.

Now he has officially learned to roll! He did it way back in July, but then he never did it again. I haven't got it on video yet, but he rolls from his back to his stomach a good 2 or 3 times a day now. He'll play for a few minutes and then he realizes that he's on his tummy and he'll scream until someone rolls him back over. I'll try to get a video posted soon!

We are loving our tricky baby!
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Scariest Sofa Contest

Our good friends, Zack and Emily, are in R.C. Willey's Scariest Sofa Contest. If they win they will get a free couch, love seat, and end tables. They have a baby coming in December and Zack is going to be starting medical school next fall, so this is really the only chance they have at getting a new couch. And their current one is pretty scary!

They are currently in 2nd place... They need your vote to win! The contest ends Friday night, so go vote for them NOW! Click here to vote. It really only takes about a minute. Oh and they learned that multiple votes from the same person don't count (even if they are done with a different email address), so don't worry about voting more than once. But do tell everyone you know to vote for them!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


My sister-in-law, Martha, has started posting fun craft projects on her blog. Right now she is doing a giveaway for some cute glass magnets. You can visit her blog by clicking on her button on my sidebar (Blogging with Martha - A Young Crafty Wife). Or click here.

It's fun to have a sister-in-law I can talk craft with!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 Months

Corby had his 4 month birthday on Sunday and his 4 month appointment on Monday.

His stats:
Weight: 16 pounds, 4 ounces (80th percentile)
Height: 26 1/2 inches (95th percentile)

The Corb at 4 months:

*Plays in his jumper for hours every day
*Loves to look around and be distracted when he's supposed to be eating
*Sucks on everything and drools like crazy
*Discovered his feet and loves to suck on them
*Blows spit bubbles all day long
*Is quite the little talker - His doctor was very impressed by how vocal he is
*Scoots backward while on his back
*Still hates tummy time, sigh
*Has the best smile
*Brings joy to everyone he sees

This picture pretty much sums it up - CUTEST LITTLE BOY EVER!

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Monday, October 18, 2010


Last Thursday I went to the book signing of Bakerella's Cake Pops book. I convinced Anna to come along with me and my SIL, McKae, met us there.

{Bakerella, Anna, me}

We had a great time!

Stay tuned for some cake pop projects coming up in the next few weeks!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Corby,

One year ago today your dad and I found out we were going to be your parents. I didn't get much work done that day. I just sat at my desk and thought about you. I was so worried you wouldn't make it the whole 9 months, but you did. And now you are almost 4 months old! You are a bundle of happiness and I can't imagine my life without you! Thanks for being my baby! I love you!


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Shortly after we got married, Rex and Edda moved to California. When they got there, they discovered they couldn't use their TiVo, so they gave it to us. It was one of those TiVo Subscriptions they did at the very beginning of TiVo where you pay an upfront fee and then you can use it forever with no monthly cost. We got very used to watching TV via that wonderful TiVo.

When we moved to Spanish Fork, we decided to pay $10 a month for the most basic TV service because the TiVo doesn't work unless you are getting your TV from a cable. But after being here a few months, we realized we don't watch enough TV to justify paying for it. So we canceled our TV. Let me be clear that we didn't do it because we are anti-TV, we did it purely to save $10 a month. So now we get random channels that come through for free. And unfortunately we can't use TiVo.

Last fall when Glee came out we didn't immediately jump on the bandwagon. We already had enough shows we were watching and we missed the first few episodes, so we didn't watch it. But this summer we decided to watch the first season on Netflix. And we ended up absolutely loving it. So now we are Glee watchers. We happen to get Fox (or some version of it) for free, so we watch Glee on Tuesday nights at 7:00 with commercials and without the ability to pause. It's quite a different experience from what we are used to.

We also watch NCIS which happens to be on the exact same day and time as Glee. The only two shows we watch and they are on the same day and time. What are the odds?! So we watch NCIS on their website. And if we were to miss a Glee, we'd watch it on Hulu. Thank goodness for being able to watch TV on the internet!

If you've never watched Glee, you should give it a try. It's all about the music. They pick great songs! Here is my favorite from last night's episode.

How do you watch your TV?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

BYU Homecoming Game

Yesterday afternoon was the BYU Homecoming Game against San Diego State. We brought the Corb in for the first quarter. He was pretty excited to be there.

But then nap time hit and he was out.
So we made sure we got a group shot and then I took him out for Grandma to watch. Of course he woke up the minute we were out of the stadium and it was quiet.
At halftime I got a sudden craving for a blue snow cone. Jared bought us one to share. He's the best little bro ever! It was delish!
After Utah State beat up on us last week, none of us had much hope for the game. But we totally WON! It was like watching a whole different team. Thank you Bronco for firing the Defensive Coordinator!

I'd rather be a cougar than anything else (even when we lose), but it sure did feel good to get a win!! GO COUGS!
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Cougar Run

Yesterday was the big day... My first race since having a baby! After taking a few months off, I had a renewed determination to run and run FAST! My goal was to run it faster than I did last year when I was pregnant (28 minutes).

Before the race Rog told me to not let him slow me up. He had a cold and wasn't feeling his best. I was planning on running up the first hill with him, but when they said "GO," I was off and I didn't see him the rest of the race.

I felt good the whole race and even sprinted the last 1/4 of the track to the finish line. And my final time...

That's right, 25:07.5! It felt so good to accomplish my goal and be back in shape! I hated not being able to exercise.

My parents came and watched Corby while we ran. It was pretty cold, so we bundled him up. He fell asleep and practically missed the whole thing. But doesn't he look cute in his first hoodie?!

Thanks Cougar Run for another great race!
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Frog Footies

Last night we decided it was finally cold enough to dress Corbyn in his footie pajamas. I've been waiting very impatiently for this day. So first thing this morning, I had to have a little photo shoot.

Isn't he the cutest thing ever?!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Daddy,

I'm all ready for your softball game tonight! Thanks for being my daddy! I love you!


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conference Weekend

We had a great conference weekend full of family, good food, and uplifting talks!

Friday night we got to spend some time with Diana and Jason which doesn't happen very often with them all the way down in Texas. The reason for their visit wasn't the best (Jason's grandpa passed away), but it was fun to see them nonetheless. They flew in Friday and spent the day in Salt Lake before driving up to Twin Falls on Saturday. We had Cafe Rio, watched the unfortunate BYU vs. Utah State game, and just hung out. Here's Diana opening the BYU Onesie I made.

Saturday while the men were at Priesthood, Corby and I went with my mom to Kohl's and picked out some warm clothes for the little guy. I can't wait to bundle him up in this bear jacket!

Sunday morning we had our usual Ririe Waffle Breakfast which was delicious as always. Here is Corby with my youngest cousin, McKay.

Then we got to attend the Sunday Afternoon Session with some of Roger's family. Thank you to Jared and my grandparents for watching the Corb, so we could go!

{Tay, Martha, Phat Tony, KD, me, and Rog}

I can't wait to get the November Ensign, so I can really absorb the messages that were shared!
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My Life Would Suck Without You

Last week Rog went on a business trip to a conference in Orlando, FL. He left early Sunday morning and got home Wednesday morning. This was by far the longest we have ever been apart our entire marriage and I was definitely not a fan of it. I know that's not even that long, but I've grown quite fond of my redhead and I missed having him around. I missed crawling into bed next to him and snuggling up after feeding our little guy in the middle of the night. I missed having a reason to have dinner ready at a certain time. I missed having a helper at night to give me a break from the Corb.

I know that lots of jobs require much more travel than an occasional conference. I'm sorry if your husband has one of those jobs. And I'm extremely grateful Rog has a job where he doesn't have to travel all the time. I knew this before, but it was just confirmed while he was gone. (Edda, I don't know how you do it!)

Anyway, here are some pictures from his trip taken on his iPhone.

Mickey Soap. He stayed at one of the Disney World Resorts, but he didn't get to go to any of the parks.

One day he found this little gecko when he was getting in the shower. How funny!

And here he is looking all professional helping do a survey for 3M.

Rog, my life would suck without you. Thanks for being mine!
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