Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This and That

Here is my table for August. I never was able to find the perfect plates for August (I wanted sun plates to match the August o), so the watermelon plates from June have been hanging in our kitchen. If anyone knows of a good store to get seasonal plates at a good price, please let me know. I didn't think finding them would be as hard as it is. I ordered my September plates from Target yesterday. I'm crossing my fingers that they will work because they will be pretty awesome if they do. Stay tuned...

I've never really admitted this on my blog before, but I have a pretty wicked sweet tooth. I usually try out a new dessert every week even if I don't have any particular reason or event I'm making it for. It's a problem. Anyway, this week's dessert was pretty awesome, so I thought I would share. It's the Pioneer Woman's Raspberry Cream Pie. If you're a fan of raspberries or oreos, I'd recommed it. It was super easy.

This week we're getting ready for our trip to Canada. We leave Saturday and will be gone all next week, so this will probably be my last post for awhile. We're going to do an easy, but awesome hike in Waterton, so we pulled out Corbyn's Snugli to see how it would work. He's still a little too short for it. Oh man, we had a good laugh.

I came up with a plan last night while I was sleeping that might make it work... We're going to try it out tonight.

Anyway, peace out dudes. Canada here we come! (If I can get us all packed and ready. I'm discovering it's way harder to get ready for a vacation with a baby!)
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Bumbo Time

Corby's neck is getting stronger and stronger. Every few days we get out his Bumbo to see if he's ready for it. Sometimes he does pretty well...

But then he'll flop over and show us he's not quite there yet.

Ready or not, he's so darn cute I can hardly stand it!
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Sad Day

3 years ago, the Martinez moved into our ward. We had only been there a few months and we were looking for friends. I told Rog we could be friends with them and become friends we did.

I was in the Relief Society Presidency with Rachel. (She's second from the left.)

And Rog was in the Elder's Quorum Presidency with Bryan. (He's also second from the left.)

We played games and watched movies with them. We ran marathons with them.

We laughed and ate dinner with them. We watched football with them.

And we grew to love them.

Today is a sad day because they are moving to Northern California. We desperately hoped Bryan would get a job in Utah, so they wouldn't have to leave. But he got a job there and while we are happy for them, we are sad to be losing the best friends we have made as a couple.

It looks like my plans for us to visit San Fransisco and Redwoods National Park will have to become a priority next summer, so we can visit them and meet their baby. (And they better visit us if they're ever near Spanish Fork!)

So this isn't goodbye friends, this is see ya soon! Good thing we have blogging to keep in touch!
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Friday, August 20, 2010

2 Months

Tuesday was Corby's 2 month birthday! He had his 2 month appointment on Wednesday and as you might know, 2 months = immunizations. The actual getting of the shots wasn't so bad. He cried for a few seconds and then calmed down. But the aftereffects haven't been completely painless. Yesterday he had a slight fever and he was pretty mellow like he wasn't feeling super great. He also has never pooped so much in his life (probably from the Rotavirus Oral Vaccine). They were his normal poos, but they were one after another all day. He went through at least 3 outfits and by the end of the day I was so tired of changing his diaper! I'm sure it could have been much worse, but it was sad seeing him sick for the first time. Luckily today he seems to be back to his normal self!

His stats:
Weight: 13 pounds, 3 ounces
Heights: 23 3/4 inches
(both in the 80th percentile)

The Corb at 2 months:

*Smiles a lot
*Makes lots of fun cooing noises
*Doesn't mind having his diaper changed anymore
*Wears mostly 0-3 clothes, but wears 3-6 in Gerber onesies
*Still hates tummy time
*Spits up a lot
*Cries a lot more than he did at 1 month
*Loves to suck on his hands and drool
*Is sleeping for longer stretches at night
*Can't wait for Cougar football to start!

I took these cute pictures on his 2 month birthday. I love this outfit of his except that the alligator is wearing a red football uniform. Let me assure you we have not gone over to the dark side. We are still true blue through and through!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Rachel's Shower

On Saturday, Anna and I threw a baby shower for Rachel. She is having a girl, so we had a tea party. It was such a fun theme! I found the idea I used for the invitations over at Little Birdie Secrets. We drank lemonade and Russian Tea (caffeine free). Anna made the cutest pink cupcakes and tea sandwiches.

Instead of playing games we decorated onesies. (Directions for the onesies here and directions for getting images here.)

And we even dressed up for tea. (How crazy is it that everyone in this picture is pregnant except for me?!)

Rachel is going to be the best little mommy. I'm so excited for her!
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Friday, August 13, 2010

More St. George

My mom sent me her pictures from our trip to St. George. Here are a few of my favorites...

Corby's first taste of the pool.

Just a cute one of your favorite baby.

Corby's loot... I told you he made out like a bandit!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Super Daddy

I just wanted to give a shout out to my wonderful husband. He works hard all day, drives home in HORRIBLE traffic in our car with NO AC in the heat (so Corbs and I can have the car with AC), and then helps me take care of our little guy all night long. I don't know what I'd do without him! He is such a great daddy - I just know the Corb loves him so much!

Thanks for all you do for our family babe! I know it's not easy!
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So True

My aunt sent me this card and I thought I would share it. So true. Although I have never pumped six ounces and then accidentally spilled it, I can guarantee there would be tears shed over such an incident!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

St. George

We went down to St. George for the weekend. It was Corby's first road trip. On the way down we stopped at Subway in Fillmore to eat dinner. They didn't have changing stations in the bathrooms, so we improvised.

Corby is a great traveler. I know it will change, but at this age he sleeps 99% of the time he is in the car. Here he is being cute in his car seat during one of the rare moments he was awake.

Because my parents have a pool, we could take him in without a swim diaper. He didn't know what to think at first, but I think he ended up liking it. He loves his baths, so we weren't too surprised.

On Saturday morning we got up at the crack of dawn to go golfing. Because it gets so hot during the day, that's the only time I will ever golf in St. George in the summer. It ended up being a cloudy, kind of rainy day which made for perfect golfing weather. It was the first time I golfed in 10 months, so I wasn't expecting too much. Surprisingly I did pretty well.

Other highlights of the trip:

Introducing my family to Texas Roadhouse. They loved it!

Going shopping with Grandma for clothes for Corbyn. They had a sale at Kohl's and let's just say he made out like a bandit. Thanks Grandma!

An intense game of Phase 10 that came down to the last hand. I came back from being stuck on Phase 4 for half of the game to almost beat Rog.

It was a great trip!
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm a real boy!

Yesterday I went and picked up Corbyn's birth certificate, so now he's a real boy!

We are headed to Canada at the end of this month and on Sunday we had a momentary freak out that we wouldn't be able to go if he needs a passport. But we looked up the requirements and all he needs is his birth certificate. Phew!

FYI, it costs more to be born than to die... It's $18 for a birth certificate and $16 for a death certificate. I don't know why, but I found that interesting.
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"You Survived"

On Thursday I had my 6 week follow up appointment. I'm all healed up and can now do whatever I want! The doctor said, "Congrats, you survived pregnancy." I'm already back at my pre-pregnancy weight. Now it's time for me to get back in shape. Unfortunately I didn't do much exercising the last half of my pregnancy because of the problems I had with the ligaments in my pelvis. So obviously I have a lot of work ahead of me.

My goal is to run the Cougar Run 5K on October 9th in less than 28 minutes. Last year when we ran this race, I had just found out I was pregnant and I was extremely exhausted all the time. My time was 27:57 which is the absolute longest it has ever taken me to run a 5K. So my goal is just to do better than that. I started my training last night by running the mile loop around our neighborhood. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I'm not too sore yet - we'll see how I am later tonight.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our little guy from this past week. First, here are a couple of cute ones from Corby's best time of day - 9:00 pm when we are trying to get ready for bed. Go figure.

Rog had a work party on Friday night at the Lehi Rec Center. I was super excited because I could finally swim! Unfortunately, Corbyn couldn't swim because they don't make swim diapers in his size, but Rog carried him around like this and dipped his feet in. On a side note, they have the most awesome waterslide there, so if you ever get a chance I would recommend it.

And finally, here is a funny picture of the Corb totally zonked out from tummy time.

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