Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekend in Review

Last weekend:

*Corbyn and I finished up our cake pop snowmen. (We had been working on them during Peyton's naps for a few days.)

*We went to our new Spanish Fork Kneaders for the first time. (It's kind of dangerous for us to have one so close.)

*We watched Charlotte while Bill and Mariah went on a brunch date.

*I got my hair cut and went for a run in the Smith Field House.

*Rog and Corby went to Home Depot to get our new sink.

*KD and Phat Tony joined us for dinner - copycat Cafe Rio nachos.

*Rog went back to Home Depot to return the sink. (I didn't like the one he got and we found a deeper one that I did like for a better price online.)

*We subbed for one of the Sunbeam classes in Primary and got to teach two of our favorite cute neighbor girls (Lavi and Bailey).

*We braved the storm and went up to Salt Lake to have dinner with my Grandma Ford and Aunt Tracy.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

9 Months

Peyton's 9 month stats:

Weight: 20 pounds, 4 ounces (75th percentile)
Height: 28 inches (75th percentile)

PJ at 9 months:

*Is slimming down. (She was in the 90th percentile for weight at 6 months.)
*Can stand alone for long periods of time.
*Loves to walk around with her walker and anything else she can use as a walker.
*Shakes her head "no."
*Can stand up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything.
*Has serious separation anxiety. I absolutely cannot take a shower when she is awake unless Rog is home. (We've got into a routine where I shower while she takes her first nap and during that time Corbyn gets to watch a show. He begs me all morning to put her down for her nap.)
*Wants to be held almost the entire time I am making dinner.
*Will only let us feed her baby food if she is holding something interesting.
*Loves her baby dolls and Corbyn's Buzz - but she's in big trouble if he ever catches her playing with Buzz (or any of his other toys for that matter)!
*Loves sucking on wash cloths in the bath.
*Has figured out how to drink water from a sippy cup.
*Is in constant motion. Doesn't like to sit still for anything - especially diaper changes and getting dressed.

We love our little mover!
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Peyton discovered the toilet the week and loves splashing in the water. She also has been practicing walking with her walker like crazy - I'm betting it won't be too much longer before she's doing it on her own! She's a busy little one!

2. We got our carpets cleaned on Tuesday. They weren't noticeably bad, but we hadn't had them cleaned since we first moved in and I figured it was time. Monday night we moved everything and vacuumed in preparation for them being cleaned. Corbyn loved running around in all the wide open space.

3. Yesterday Corbyn had his rescheduled dentist appointment. He did awesome! He let them take X-rays and clean his teeth. (He didn't last time.) And he even sat in the big boy chair all by himself when the dentist checked his teeth. (Last time I had to hold him in my lap.) He didn't have any cavities and the dentist said to just keep doing what we're doing because his teeth look awesome - music to my ears!

4. Last night we had a soup sampler for my dinner group. I made Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup which is always a crowd pleaser. We didn't meet in December, so it felt good to have a girl's night out again.

5. Yesterday while feeding Peyton I noticed that she is 39 weeks old. (The app I use to keep track of her feedings keeps track of her age in weeks otherwise I never would have realized.) She was born at 39 weeks, so now she has been outside longer than she was inside!
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spanish Rice

I have been making and tweaking my own recipe for Spanish Rice for the past few years. On Tuesday I made it this way and I hit the jackpot - pure perfection!

1 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups rice
1 1/2 cups chicken broth
1 can diced tomatoes (NOT drained)
2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
3 tsp parsley

Heat the oil in a skillet on medium heat. Add rice and saute until it is golden brown. Add broth, diced tomatoes, and seasonings. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for about 15 minutes (until the liquid is almost completely absorbed). Fluff and serve.
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St. George

Last weekend we were able to go down to St. George and escape the cold for a few days. Like all good visits to St. George, this one included:

*A golf game for Rog.

*Finding the perfect cabinet for Peyton's play kitchen at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and starting work on it.

*Spending time with Roger's grandparents. (They were supposed to come to Colorado for Christmas, but couldn't at the last minute because of some health issues, so it was especially good to be able to see them!)

*A good game of Chicken Foot.

*A trip to the temple to do sealings.

*Corbyn in a big bed.

*Eating out - Village Inn and Cafe Rio.

*Old school VHS Disney movies.

*2 glorious runs outside for me in weather that was not freezing and air that was not disguisting!

*Swedish meatballs in honor of the Jar.

*Playing with the Jar's old legos.

*Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies.

It was a great weekend getaway!
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Five on Friday

1. The kids got sick this week with runny noses and a cough. Peyton also had extremely goopy eyes, so I took her to the doctor on Wednesday. Sure enough both eyes were infected as well as one ear. Corbyn (not to be left out) also had a slight ear infection, but not bad enough to have to have antibiotics.

2. After giving Peyton 2 doses (out of 20) of her oral antibiotics, the bottle somehow got knocked off the table and all of it ended up on the floor, my pants, and Corbyn. Luckily the pharmacist took pity on me and gave me a huge discount when I was filling the prescription for the second time.

3. Peyton has a serious hatred for her antibiotics. It takes two of us to hold her down and force the medicine down her throat while she tries to spit it out. It's a similar story with the eye drops. We have to pry her eye open and sneak a drop in. And to think, we have to do the oral antibiotics for 7 more days... 

4. We had a professional organizer come talk to us for a Relief Society activity this week. She said that 10% of people are born organizers - I think I fit in that group - so it wasn't as beneficial for me as it was for others, but I did get some ideas.

5. Corbyn was supposed to go to the dentist on Thursday, but I had to call and reschedule it because he was still sick. Of course as soon as I called he started acting a whole lot better. If he were a little older I would think he was faking it (so he wouldn't have to go), but fortunately I think we still have a few years before he does that.

{Sorry no pictures this week. Nose wiping, medicine forcing, and doctor going doesn't exactly motivate me to take pictures.}

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In the Meantine

I am all caught up! Can you believe it? I can't!

While I was working on getting caught up...

*I took Corbyn to get his hair cut. The girl did a horrible job (and not because he was squirming around or anything like that - he does great at sitting still for haircuts). I know I could have taken him back and they would have fixed it, but that just seemed like so much hassle, so I fixed it myself. It still wasn't perfect because she really did that bad of a job, but it was much better. Now that I know I can do it myself, I don't know if I can justify paying $7 to get it done... DARN IT!

*Corbyn has been really into helping me make dinner lately. HOORAY! Sometimes it makes a bigger mess and it definitely takes longer, but for the most part, it is wonderful not having to try to entertain him while I make dinner - especially with him not taking naps anymore.

*We have been freezing our butts off with highs in the teens and lows in the single digits. We've even seen temperatures below zero. So we've been taking lots of trips to the library and doing our best to keep entertained inside. One morning Corbyn decided he was tired of Peyton trying to play with his toys, so he put them in her crib and got in there to play. He didn't stay in there long - I guess he decided it is fun playing with Peyton after all...

*Corbyn's imagination has really been taking off lately. We play a lot of Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Rog is Captain Hook, I am Izzy, Corbyn is Jake, and poor Peyton is Cubby (a little boy pirate). One morning I found an inflatable Jake sword that came with one of his Jake DVDs. He of course loves it!

*Peyton has a new trick - letting go and standing on her own! She can balance for quite a long time. It's only a matter of time until she starts walking.

*We think Peyton is working on getting some teeth - ice has been our very best friend.

*Last Saturday night Bill and Mariah watched PJ and Corby for us while we went on a date to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We went early and beat the rush, so we were able to get there, eat dinner, and get back in about 2 hours. While they were happy to watch them for us, I'm sure they were relieved we weren't gone too long. They are still getting used to having one kid, so I'm sure three was a little bit of a stretch!

*I added a couple new snowmen to my January decorations (tutorial here). Rog asked me why we needed more snowmen... My response: "Why not!"

And now I am really caught up! Watch for my regularly scheduled Friday posts returning this Friday!
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Monday, January 14, 2013


Rog turned 28 on January 5th. It was a Saturday, so we got to play and spoil him all day long!

The day started out with cinnamon rolls, balloons...

and presents! Corbyn was more than happy to help Rog open his presents. He got both Sherlock Holmes movies on Blu-Ray (want), a temple bag (need), a belt (wear), and President Hinckley's Stand a Little Taller book (read).

He also got a special suprise from Corbyn - Captain Hook's boat to go with Corbyn's Jake boat.

Later that morning Corbyn got to go to his very first birthday party for his friend Rhys (who turned 3 on January 2nd).

After Corbyn got home from his party, we took the birthday boy on a surprise activity to Scheels up in Sandy. As an added surprise the Pughs joined us! We rode the ferris wheel. Corbyn was just barely tall enough to ride (Peyton and Elise were too short.), so Corbyn got to go 2 times - once with Rog and once with me.

We also had dinner at 5 Guys with the Pughs which was fun because we used to always go out for birthdays when they lived close.

When we got home, the Petrosinos joined us for cake (white with chocolate buttercream frosting per Rog's request) and ice cream.

That's a whole lot of candles on that cake - we're getting old! But he sure makes 28 look good!
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Here are our resolutions for 2013.


1. Read 7 books.
2. Run a race longer than a 5K.
3. Conquer my fear of making pies.
4. Finish decorating our downstairs bathroom. (I started in September, but then got too busy with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to finish.)


1. Read 4 books - 2 fiction and 2 nonfiction. (Not counting textbooks.)
2. Be able to swim a mile without stopping.
3. Find the spouses of the names we did in 2012 and do the work for them.
4. Eat more fruits and vegetables instead of junk food for snacks.


1. Learn to ride a tricycle.
2. Learn to go to the bathroom in the toilet.
3. Learn to count to 10.
4. Learn his colors.


1. Learn to walk.
2. Learn to sleep through the night (again).
3. Learn to say a few words. 
4. Go to nursery without a fight. 

And our family resolutions:

1. Attend the temple at least once a month.
2. Go on a date just the two of us once a month. 
3. Start storing water.
4. Visit the Brigham City temple.

Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 Resolutions

Here's a review of our 2012 resolutions.


1. Read 6 books again. Done. I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Hunger Games, The Glass Castle, 11/22/63, Unbroken, and A Christ-Centered Christmas. I read A Christ-Centered Christmas for part of my scripture study in December. It was an excellent book that really helped me keep Christ at the center of my Christmas. I want to read it every Christmas and incorporate some of the traditions she talks about into our family Christmas traditions.

2. Get Peyton's room ready before she arrives. Done.

3. Run the Cougar Run in less than 25 minutes. Done. I even got a medal!

4. Finish all 4 of our stockings before December. Done. I didn't finish before December, but I did finish before Christmas. I'm counting it!


1. Ride his mountain bike more. Nope. Bryan Martinez you need to move back to Utah, so he has someone to ride with!

2. Get at least a 600 on the GMAT. Done. 3rd time was the charm!

3. Run the Top of Utah Marathon. Nope. He was having (and continues to have) feet problems, so running hasn't been a possibility for him.

4. Find names for us to take all the way through the temple. Done. I really didn't know if he would be able to make this happen, but with a lot of help from Grandpa Phillips, he did it. We need to find their spouses and some more information about their parents, so we can take care of the sealings. But the rest of the work is done.


1. Learn to really talk. Done. It's crazy how much he talks now! And it's amazing how much of a difference it has made.

2. Learn the noises the animals make. Done.

3. Be a good big brother. Done. He had a hard time at first, but he's adjusted now. I'm sure he doesn't even remember what it was like before Peyton now.

4. Love nursery. Done. Most of the time he gets really excited to go. After Sacrament meeting he leads us down the hall to his nursery room. It helps that he has amazing nursery leaders (Lance and Leanna Howard).


1. Be healthy. Done. No problems to speak of other than taking her sweet time to get down in the right position.

2. Weigh less than 10 pounds. Done. She was a perfect 8 pounds, 5 ounces. Bless you, Peyton!

3. Be good at breastfeeding. Done. You don't get to be the healthy chunk she is by being a bad eater!

4. Learn to roll over and sit up. Done. And more - she's a mover like her brother.

And our family resolutions:

1. Go on a date just the two of us once a month. Done. It's been so good to spend time together without kids.

2. Go to the temple at least once a month. Done. Some months we had to divide and conquer and my visit for December was as last minute as it could get, but we got it done.

3. Adjust to having 2 kiddos. Done. I'd say we are adjusted, but we definitely are not ready to add a third to the mix any time soon!

4. Update our 72 hour kits and buy a fire extinguisher. Done. Although I didn't update them at general conference time like I was supposed to... We've been talking about just spending the money and buying some that last, so we don't have to worry about it.

Other than Rog (And it really wasn't Rog's fault he didn't accomplish all of his.), we were pretty much 100% this year! Woot!
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2012 was the year that...

Peyton joined our family...

and we became a family of FOUR!

Corbyn found his first true friend in BUZZ...

went on his first CAMPOUT...

ran his first RACE...

learned to TALK, stopped taking NAPS, and transitioned to a BIG BOY BED.

Peyton learned to SIT UP...

eat SOLID food...


and pull herself up to STANDING.


I hosted my first THANKSGIVING...

and Rog got accepted to the University of Utah's MBA/MHA program.

2012 was a year we will never forget!
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