Tuesday, October 16, 2018

RS Garden Party

Since we had just done a nice, big Relief Society dinner for Christmas, we thought we could do something a little simpler for the Relief Society birthday celebration in March. We decided on a garden party theme to celebrate the arrival of spring which was just around the corner. 

For decorations I painted some Mason jars in various spring colors and filled them with tulips from Costco.

(I also pulled out some of my spring flower decorations and we used those in various places around the room.)

Rog had learned from home teaching that Brother and Sister Jensen (a former member of the stake presidency and his wife) had a beautiful garden, so we asked them to give some gardening tips and talk about the spiritual lessons we can learn from gardening.

Then we had some refreshments and let the sisters visit with each other.

The Italian soda bar was a big hit last year and I had straws to use up, so we did that again.

For some "healthy" refreshments we had fruit salsa with cinnamon chips, garden bruschetta, and veggie sticks in dip.

For dessert I made flower cupcakes.

And a sister who was helping on the committee made a fruit tart and a few other dessert options.

We had a table set up for the sisters to plant some flower seeds in terra cotta pots.

I ordered them from the Dollar Tree and they were only 50 cents a pot! I printed off a quote from Gene R. Cook about gardening to go on them and tie it all together.

I finally had figured out how to effectively use my activities committee chair and we had assembled a committee of volunteers to help, so this was definitely the easiest activity I was in charge of. Unfortunately (as I mentioned in this post) a few weeks before this activity my committee chair was released, but she stepped up and helped anyway. I was worried about who we were going to get to replace her until a few weeks after this activity we had another ward boundary change and we were moved to a different ward (and then it wasn't my problem anymore).

Friday, October 5, 2018

Flashback Friday - February 2017

We were at the mall for something and stopped in the Disney section at JCPenney just to look for a minute. Logan decided he needed one of each of Mickey's friends. He didn't get them that night, but he collected them slowly over the months that followed for Valentine's Day, his birthday, Easter... 

Back when I was posting on Instagram for Just In Time Quilts, I posted this picture and it got more likes than anything I had ever posted before (or after). 

This was the caption: We love to see our quilts in your homes! This quilt top was lovingly pieced by a 90 year old mother for her son using her treadle sewing machine. Dixie had the pleasure of finishing it up. What a special project to be a part of! #justintimequilts #machinequilting #preservingmemories 

(I think it was the #preservingmemories hashtag that earned it so many likes. It was the top picture in that hashtag for awhile and our phones were blowing up with notifications for over a week.)

Bundled up to run in the rain. I actually found that I don't mind getting wet and I rarely ever wear this rain shield.

I took Peyton to a Pinkalicious party at the library. She got to decorate fairy wings...

Color a cupcake, and make a necklace.

On Super Bowl Sunday we had boundary changes in our stake and our family was moved to the Happy Valley ward with about 4 other active families in our neighborhood. Coincidentally we had invited 2 of those families (Yates and Willes) over to watch the Super Bowl with us that night. 

Being moved to that ward (even though it ended up being only for a short time), was a huge blessing to us. We made many friends (who we are still friends with despite being in different wards now) and Rog and I both served in callings that we loved (YM 2nd counselor and RS 2nd counselor). 

Cute laundry helpers. 

Corbyn and Peyton started running their miles for the kid marathon they did in May. It was kind of a disaster at first because Peyton needed to learn how to pace herself (she's a sprinter). She cried the whole way home because Corbyn beat her.

Playgroup at the mall play area.

On the way home from that playgroup we got rear-ended. Our car got pretty beat up, but thank goodness the three of us in the car were ok!

There was a huge backup of cars waiting to be repaired from the especially snowy winter we had (and the Oregon drivers who don't know how to drive in the snow), so we had to tape up the part that was hanging down (it was dragging on the ground as I drove around town) until they could get us in to repair it. Keeping it classy!

Corbyn's class had a date with mom. I got to come have lunch with him and then we made these heart boxes.

Our neighbor, Erin, watched Peyton and Logan for me. Cute girls! 

Apparently Logan loved playing with the Connect 4.

Rog had been planning a snow caving activity for the scouts, so even though we weren't in the ward anymore and he had been released, he still had to go.

I don't think they did it exactly right and they froze that night!

While he was gone I finished up this Disney bulletin board.

I took a closeup of these two pictures because it's just too good. On the left is Corbyn with my dad and on the right is Logan with my dad - they are both about the same age and in practically the same pose. Logan's head is bigger, but other than that, twins! Also, that's Corbyn with Buzz in the bottom left, but it could totally be Logan now. Everyone says Logan is Rog's mini me, but I just see Corbyn (and I don't remember too many people saying Corbyn looked like Rog). 

We got home from running errands and apparently Logan was starving because he started eating some cereal from breakfast out of the sink. 😂

We decorated sugar cookies for Valentine's Day.

And Peyton practiced writing her name on all her valentines.

She gave one of her valentines to her dance teacher the day before Valentine's Day.

For breakfast I made us Cream Cheese-Stuffed Lemon French Toast with Strawberries on Valentine's Day.

I made Corbyn a heart sandwich for lunch.

Our new ward had a playgroup party on Valentine's Day. It was perfect timing because otherwise Peyton and Logan wouldn't have had any reason to make valentines.

Peyton handed out Valentine S'more kits.

And Logan handed out Goldfish valentines.

At school, Corbyn handed out Kool-Aid valentines.

We don't do big Valentine's Day gifts, just a little something in our valentine mailboxes. Corbyn got these Disney Infinity characters (that I bought on clearance because they were discontinuing Disney Infinity).

I had to go look up what Peyton got in our finances since I didn't have a picture of it. She got the Tangled Little People set. (By this point she wasn't playing with them anymore, but we were still collecting all the Little People Princess stuff.)

Logan got Pluto (pictured below) and a Disney Baby I Love You This Much! book.

3 Valentine cuties + Pluto.

I made this Baked Fontina Spaghetti (recipe calls for mushrooms, but we leave those out) for dinner for the first time. It has become a favorite for me and Rog (although the kids don't love it).

I just love this picture of these two looking out the peep hole. Also, I think that was one of the first times I did Peyton's hair in two French braids like that.

Sunday family game time and movie cuddling.

Logan was falling asleep as we pulled into our driveway, so I pulled him out and he fell asleep on the kitchen floor as I was trying to quickly make him lunch. 😂

Playing with Peyton's hair before bed one night I made up this new braid.

Since she wasn't in preschool, Peyton loved going to story time at Barne's and Noble. 

Watching a show in the playroom under the stairs.

On Mardi Gras we always have jambalaya and beignets. This year we did a pre-Mardi Gras meal on Sunday and I tried making gumbo for the first time.

I also made my first King Cake.

We had Kevan and Krislyn over to have some King Cake with us and Krislyn was the "winner" finding the first baby. Then we rigged it, so Corbyn and Peyton both got a baby too.

For FHE we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores with some leftover supplies from making Peyton's Valentine s'more kits.

Then on Mardi Gras we surprised our neighbors with beignets and Mardi Gras beads.

It was fun to deliver them and share some Mardi Gras cheer!

And that was our February.