Friday, November 16, 2018

Flashback Friday - June 2016

I already blogged about saying goodbye to Utah here, Corbyn's family party here, and Corbyn's birthday here. This is the rest of June 2016, our first few weeks in Oregon.

We drove all day to get to Oregon on Thursday (June 9th). Rog and my dad had put together beds and big stuff like that, so we could go to sleep that night. But the next day the daunting task of unpacking all the boxes began. I started in the kitchen. Can you spot me hidden in that mess?!

That first day Rog took the kids to our nearest park to play while I worked. First of many visits to Pfeifer Park!

The kids took advantage of the situation and enjoyed a little more screen time than they'd normally get. We didn't have internet yet and they quickly used up all the data for the month (for my whole family). Oops! 🙈

There were lots of trips to Target and Lowe's those first couple weeks to get stuff we needed. Like curtain rods, curtains, etc.

I was so relieved when I got the kitchen in working order!

And I was rejoicing over the amount of counter space I now had. In our townhouse I only had room for a flour and sugar container out on our counter. Here I have rice, flour, wheat flour, sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, and salt.

We don't have a pantry, but a great abundance of cupboards. So many that I was able to devote almost an entire cupboard to Mason jars!

Our first Sunday in Oregon was Stake Conference. Elder L. Whitney Clayton was there to call a new Stake Presidency. Our Bishop (Kevin Dickey) was called to be the new Stake President which was a bit unnerving. During the meeting I noticed that Logan was feeling a little warm and he took a nap even though it was much earlier than his normal nap time. He was not happy about being in a picture when we got home!

The next day Rog started his new job!

And I was back at Target getting more things we needed. Logan took a nap on the towels and rugs for our bathroom.

At some point this week we became suspicious that Logan might have an ear infection. He was still technically insured through Medicaid in Utah and our insurance through Rog's work wasn't going to start until July 1st. This made taking him to a doctor problematic. We knew there was a doctor (an anesthesiologist) in the ward because he helped us move in, so we called him to see if he had any ideas. He offered to come over and look at his ears (which is what we were hoping for). He was rusty at ear infections, but felt confident enough to say that they did look infected and prescribed some antibiotics for him. 

Portland had been abnormally warm when Rog and my dad were here unloading, but it cooled back down for us when we all got here. (Lucky because we didn't have an air conditioner yet and I would have died without one!) The kids had in their mind that it was summer and begged to play in the sprinkler even though it wasn't very warm.

Our second Sunday here was Father's Day. 

We got Rog a kid's lawn mower with a coupon for a real lawn mower.

Peyton had been sleeping on her mattress on the floor (which is how she was sleeping in Utah, but under Corbyn's loft bed). It felt worse without the loft bed on top, so a visit to IKEA was a top priority to get her bed frame.

She enjoyed helping put it together.

Yay for a big girl bed!

Rog let the kids help him stain the deck which wasn't his best idea, but they loved it.

I have a Great Uncle and Aunt (David and Mary Lou) who live on the other side of Portland. They had us over for dinner to get to know us a little better. We don't make it over to see them all that often (usually only when my parents are here visiting), but it's nice to know they are there. Logan quite enjoyed the treat we had for dessert.

Our neighbor behind us has a big backyard. When we moved in, he told us they often have a cow come visit them and pretty soon after we moved in we were excited to see it back there. There's a little gap in the fence that the kids can sneak through and they loved going over to see it.

It's hard to tell in these pictures, but it's there in the shade. We've been disappointed because after this visit, the cow didn't return the rest of the summer and it hasn't been a regular thing like we thought it would be.

I ordered our barstools from Target and was pretty excited to pick them up at the store when they arrived!

I also picked up a welcome mat while I was there. That felt like an important thing to have to make our house feel like home.

We ventured over to the library to get a library card and sign up for their summer reading programs. And we tried out the park across the street from the library while we were there.

We had a busy Saturday of projects and this was the only picture I took the whole day. Logan helped wash the car and thought the soapy washcloth was delicious. YUCK!

I decided I needed to do something to motivate me to make our summer fun because to this point it had just been a whole lot of moving. I came up with themes for each day. Monday was Make Something Monday. We made flags out of popsicle sticks to start things off.

That night we took the kids to the Visitors' Center of our new temple for FHE. It's small (the VC, not the temple), but it has some fun stuff for the kids to do there.

We also explored the temple grounds.

It's a beautiful temple on the outside and we're grateful to have one so close (about 30 minutes away), but the inside is pretty dated (especially the celestial room).

Tuesday was Time to Read Tuesday. We had just been to the library on Friday, but we went again to kick off this day. We started working on Everyday Reading's list of 100 books to read this summer with Caps for Sale.

Wednesday was Wet and Wild Wednesday. For our first Wednesday we went to the North Clackamas Aquatic Park during their preschool swim time. They open up just the kiddie pool areas during swim lessons and it was perfect for the kids that summer. It's also cheaper than open swim and in the morning (so not during Logan's nap which was important back then).

Rog had redeemed his coupon for a lawn mower and that night he mowed our lawn for the first time. 

Corbyn took a turn pushing the lawn mower.

And of course Peyton can never be left out of something if Corbyn is doing it.

Thursday was Thursday in the Kitchen. We made red (strawberries), white (bananas), and blue (blueberries) fruit kabobs this week.

I had ordered a small picnic table for the deck online and the kids were excited to try it out when it arrived. It was smaller than it looked online, but they enjoyed eating their lunches out there most days that summer. Our deck is perfectly shaded around lunchtime, but in full sunshine at dinnertime.

And finally Friday was Something Fun Friday. According to Instagram, we had other plans that fell through this day, so we played with the sprinkler, water balloons, and water toys in the backyard. It was warmer this day than when they played with the sprinkler earlier in the month.

And I'll finish this post off with this picture of a nude baby bum. Look at those leg rolls! This picture is killing me because he was so little then and now he's so big!

And that was our June 2016!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Logan's Birthday

Like I said, Logan's birthday was on a Sunday. This was back when we had 12:30 church, so we had plenty of time for presents and all the fun birthday morning stuff before church.

He got some fun stuff, but nothing could compete with the big Zurg he got (to go with his big Buzz he got for Christmas). 

Another favorite was the scooter he got from Grandma Dixie and Grandpa Mike.

Back when I was pregnant with Logan I made poufs for Peyton and Corbyn for Christmas. The tutorial I followed back then had a major flaw in the directions and it wasn't long before those poufs got multiple holes in them. I set them aside and planned to make new ones (filled with the beans from the broken poufs), but of course I never got around to it. This year I decided I'd make each of the kids one for their birthdays. The tutorial I followed isn't online anymore, but I found other (less complete) tutorials and was able to piece them all together with the help of my foggy memory from making them over 3 years ago. I remembered the flaw in the original tutorial and was able to make them right this time and now over 6 months later, they're still going strong! 

Of course I didn't start making Logan's pouf until Saturday afternoon and was up until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning finishing it. He wouldn't have known it was missing, but I knew I had to get it done before his birthday or I never would get around to it! So here is a very flattering picture of a very tired mom.

I took a picture of all his gifts for the very purpose of remembering what he got when I finally got around to blogging about this day. 😂 He got Zurg (want), Toy Story and PJ Masks puzzles (need), a little green man shirt and a Pixar hooded towel (wear), and 3 books - Disney Baby Shapes, A Roaring Adventure, and The Pet Problem (read). From Grandma Lori and Papa George he got Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, and a bucket of soldiers. 

I had planned to make muffins for breakfast, but that didn't happen. Fortunately I had some Costco muffins in the freezer that worked just fine.

That evening we had invited the Martyn family over for cake and ice cream. (They've become like family to us and we wanted them to be able to celebrate his birthday with us.)

I made a 3 cake (using this helpful guide).

Logan couldn't have been any cuter when we sang happy birthday to him and he blew out his candle.

I had left the background up and got out the photo booth stuff for more pictures.

It was a pretty simply day, but it was just right for celebrating our favorite little 3 year old!