Monday, January 8, 2018

2017 was the year that...

Rog went SNOWCAVING and hiked 50 MILES with the scouts...

And survived PNEUMONIA!

I ran a MARATHON...


Donated my HAIR...

And cruised GREECE AND ITALY with my Mom, Dad, and Sister!

Corbyn lost his 1ST TOOTH, played T-BALL...

Went to TRACK CAMP, and played a TOY SOLDIER in Oregon Trail Elementary's NUTCRACKER!

Peyton learned to READstarted KINDERGARTEN...

Went to PRINCESS DANCE CAMP, and perfected her HEADSTAND!

Logan learned to climb IN AND OUT of his CRIB...

Continued his love for MICKEY...

And developed a love for BUZZ!

Rog and I celebrated 10 YEARS with a weekend together in SEATTLE...

Corbyn and Peyton ran a KIDS MARATHON together...

And Peyton and I danced in a RECITAL together!

We explored the GORGE...

And dressed up as SUPER MARIO as a family for HALLOWEEN!

Grandma Lori beat BREAST CANCER for the 2ND TIME and we welcomed another NEPHEW (Leo Taylor Phillips)!

We ended the year with the disappointment of a PREGNANCY LOSS, but with HOPE for a NEW BABY in 2018.

2017 was a year of UPS AND DOWNS, but mostly WONDERFUL MEMORIES made together!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Another Weekend in Utah

Before we knew we would be in the middle of a 7-game losing streak, we scheduled a trip to Utah for the Homecoming game against Boise State on October 6th. 

We always take an empty carry-on suitcase to bring back filled with Wood Connection crafts. It's the perfect suitcase for Logan to help with - until it's full of wood that is!

We got lunch at Mod Pizza at the airport and then we remember we had planned to eat at Pizza Pie Cafe that night. (Same thing happened when we flew to Utah in April.)

Rog was going on 2 weeks with the flu, so we ended up adding me as a driver on our rental car and I drove the entire trip. 

I decided to just go straight to the Wood Connection, so I didn't have to worry about fitting it in later. 

After that we met my parents at Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner. We could have gone somewhere else, but since they didn't have my favorite dessert pizzas when we ate there in April, I decided we could do pizza twice in a day again to get my beloved peach and apple dessert pizzas.

Then we left the kids with my parents at Jared and Cailey's house and headed to the game. Jared had earned box seats as a reward from Qualtrics, but then couldn't use them because they were going to Las Vegas that weekend. So we got to use the box seats and gave the other tickets we were going to use to Taylor and Mariah (the newlyweds).

We had heard there might be some food up in the box, but didn't know there was going to be a literal feast. We're talking drinks, nachos, candy bars, cougar tails, chips, popcorn, ice cream, cookies, brownies... 

When we saw how much food was up there, we realized we shouldn't have eaten all-you-can-eat pizza for dinner. There was also some healthier dinner food available, so we really hadn't needed to eat dinner at all. I ate some of a cougar tail and we took a few things down to Taylor and Mariah at halftime and a few things home with us after the game. 

It was a cold night and it was a really good thing we were sitting in the box seats because Rog was so sick. Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to stay very long. We stayed until the bitter end, but there were not many people who did. 

I follow a lot of quilters on Instagram who always take pictures of their quilts in fun places, so I had brought Logan's football quilt to take a picture of it in the stadium. By the time we got down closer to the field, the stadium was almost completely empty.


For Saturday we had planned a lunch at my Uncle Kevin and Aunt Becky's house with my Ririe cousins. Rog decided he was too sick to come, so he stayed at Jared and Cailey's house while the rest of us went up to Salt Lake. After eating lunch, the kids played in the backyard while the adults just talked and hung out inside.

After that we had plans to meet up with the Woods and the Goodrichs for dinner at Wheeler Farm. Logan fell asleep in the car and I didn't want to wake him up to go inside to get dinner somewhere, so I ended up ordering Chick-fil-A on my phone and picking it up.

We ate and let the kids play on the playground while the adults talked and got caught up. Peyton loved seeing Elsie again.

We also walked around the farm for a bit to see the animals and take some fun pictures. 

Molly Goodrich, Stockton Goodrich, Mikki Wood, Alleah Wood, Corbyn, Brynn Goodrich, Ivy Goodrich, Logan, Elsie Wood, and Peyton.

I used up the last of my phone battery ordering dinner, so Kelli took pictures and sent them to me.

Before we knew it, it was dark and time to get the kids home and to bed, but it was so nice to spend a few hours with these forever friends. I love that we can not see each other for months or even years, but we always pick up right where we left off!

On Sunday we went to Jared and Cailey's ward (without them) and then packed up. We had dinner at Anthony and McKae's house with Martha (Taylor was out of town). 

Then we caught our flight home.

We didn't cram in as much as we normally do on our trips to Utah, but we had fun living the high life at the BYU game (even though we lost) and seeing family and friends.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Conference Weekend

Many people have special treats or breakfasts that they make every single conference weekend. Sunday morning we always have some kind of waffles at our house because of the Ririe Waffle Breakfast, but Saturday morning I make whatever I'm in the mood for. This year it was biscuit cinnamon rolls

In between sessions we took a walk and shared some with the Yates.

Sunday morning we had Whole Grain Waffles. I love these waffles because they are healthy as opposed to your traditional waffles that are often more a dessert than breakfast. (Although I definitely love that kind of waffle too! Hello, Waffle Love!) Rog doesn't exactly share my enthusiasm for them, but he'll eat them and so will the kids.

Aside from eating... Conference weekend is for fort building...

Playing with Slime...

And doing puzzles.

This conference weekend was for finishing up projects. 

I was trying to finish decorating our built-in shelves, so I made this USA 3D Box Sign I bought forever ago.

This little detail is hard to see unless you look closely, but I love it.

I got this U.S. National Parks print from Stately Type (not available anymore) for Christmas a few years ago.

We have a goal to visit every national park, so I decided to color them as we visit. I have been to a few that Rog hasn't and he has been to a few I haven't, but these are the ones we have been to together. Glacier National Park we have only really been through on our way to Waterton National Park, so I colored it to be the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road that we have traveled on.

I finished binding my second flag pillow. (I finished binding the first on our way home from Seattle.)

I kept the one on the left to match my flag quilt and sent the scrappy one to my friend, Emily Pugh, who loves the 4th of July and was having a rough year with Zack being diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time and all that that entails.

I finished this football door hang (too late to display this year, but it will be ready for next year).

And finally I finished this Cougar Run frame with my 4 medals from the years I placed in my age group.

Hooray for finishing projects, eating yummy breakfasts, and most importantly, feasting on the words of our living prophets!