Friday, March 23, 2018

Rest of October

October started with Conference Weekend. Then we went to Utah for a weekend. After that I was in charge of Super Saturday. And of course there was Halloween. That was basically the whole month, but there are a few other random things I want to mention before moving on to November.

One day Logan and I walked down to Pfeifer Park and while we were there he got stung by a bee! Rog was working from home, so he came and picked us up because Logan was totally hysterical and I could not get him to calm down. When we got home I put some frozen peas on the spot he got stung. He finally calmed down and fell asleep within minutes.

Poor baby!

The last week of September Rog got a really bad cough with aches and a fever. He was sure he had a bad case of the flu and suffered with it for about two weeks before going in to be seen. While we were in Utah he went to the BYU football game with me, but missed out on the rest of the trip. At one point I looked at him and told him he literally looked like death. When we got home from Utah he went to the doctor and learned he had full-blown pneumonia. He had already been working from home for 2 weeks and he ended up working from home for another 2 weeks while he recovered. 

It was BAD, but it didn't stop him from going out and mowing the lawn one day. I told him I would do it, but he insisted.

One night Rog went in to check on Peyton before going to bed. She wasn't in her bed and she wasn't in our bed... Turns out she was under her bed. 😂

While I was at Super Saturday, Logan hurt his foot jumping off our slide. He limped around for a few days, so we finally took him to the doctor which ended up being a waste because they didn't really do anything and he ended up being fine a few days later. Video here.

Our library had a Harry Potter night. I had a Relief Society presidency meeting, but Rog took the kids. They made wands and did some other fun activities. (This is Peyton painting her wand.)

I finally finished my flag quilt!

As always, the quilting done by Just in Time Quilts was perfect.

Peyton and Corbyn ran in the annual jog-a-thon at their elementary school. They decided to move it inside because of rain and both kids ran way more laps than we expected. We had pledged per lap and ended up paying way more than we wanted to pay, but the kids had fun.

It was a long morning for Logan.

Corbyn brought home a cute school picture (much better than last year's picture!).

And Peyton brought home a cute picture of a boy in her class. 😂😂 It ended up being a huge fiasco and I finally got a real school picture of her in January.

Peyton was selected as the student of the month from her class for October. Each month they focus on a character trait and for October it was Tolerance and Acceptance. This fits Peyton perfectly as she is so kind and accepting of everyone.

Rog asked me to get the tires rotated on our van at Costco before I left for my big cruise. I was a little stressed out with Halloween and trying to pack/get everything ready for me to be gone for 2 weeks, but Logan and I had a fun little pizza date while we waited for them to be rotated and everything got done, so it was all good.   

And that was our October.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Flashback Friday - Halloween 2016

July 2016 through February 2017 are lost months here on my blog. I can't have them be lost forever, so Flashback Fridays are going to be my way of going back and recording those memories. Since I did Halloween 2017 last night, I figured I'd stick with the Halloween theme and do Halloween 2016 tonight! 

Early in the month, Peyton and I made a haunted house and trick-or-treating kids (both from The Wood Connection) together.

I made some fun Halloween lunches throughout the month. Yay for cookie cutters that easily transform a regular lunch into a fun lunch!

This was a make-your-own Halloween wrap for Corbyn.

I made a bunch of easy Halloween cookies to give out. Ghosts, witch hats, Nutter Butter Bats...

Dipped wafers, aliens, mummies, and monsters.

We went to the Liepold Farms Pumpkin Patch with the Yates. It was a perfect day to visit a pumpkin patch and it was so incredibly crowded! We had fun, but didn't feel like we had found our new pumpkin patch after our visit.

They did have a lot of fun places to take pictures.

It had rained all week, so the corn maze was all mud. The Yates were prepared, but we were not. (We hadn't invested in rain boots yet!) So we took a picture in front of the corn maze and called it good.

We paid a lot for the pumpkins...

And then before we got them carved, they were stolen off our porch! Of course they left the cheap ones I bought at Winco.

I let Melissa borrow my pregnant skeleton shirt. 

Corbyn really wanted to be Iron Man and I could not persuade him to join us for our Toy Story theme no matter how many different options I gave him.

Logan was the most adorable little Buzz and Peyton was a cute Jessie. She wore the hat she got for free when she was Sheriff of the Day this Disneyland trip and I made the rest of her costume.

I also made me and Rog Little Green Men shirts to complete our Toy Story family. Corbyn as Iron Man even kind of fit the theme as a toy.

I pulled off a fun Andy's room trunk for our ward trunk-or-treat.

Sunnyside ward did their carnival outside in between cars which got a little tricky as it became darker and darker.

We replaced our stolen pumpkins with equally expensive pumpkins from Safeway and carved them -  a My Little Pony pony for Peyton, a Little Green Man for Logan, and Iron Man for Corbyn.

It's not Halloween until we watch Garfield's Halloween!

The Yates joined us for our ghoulish feast. They brought mummy dogs, beans and blood (baked beans), and eyeball pie (pumpkin pie with eyeballs).

I didn't get a good picture, but you can see the slime punch in the top, right corner.

My ghostly pizza looked better before it was cooked.

Some pieces turned out better than others. This was obviously one of the good ones.

I saw these Frankensquares on Bakerella and had to make them!

My green wasn't quite the right color and her big eyes look better, but I think mine were a success nonetheless.

We had heard nightmare stories about trick-or-treating in the rain, but we lucked out with near-perfect weather on Halloween.

We elected to leave our candy bucket out, so we could all go out together. There was still candy left when we got home, so our sign worked!


Corbyn and Emery ended up as twin Iron Mans. I don't think they planned this, but they probably influenced each other.

And just like that another Halloween had come and gone!