Saturday, December 8, 2012

7 Months

PJ at 7 months:

*Crawls like a pro.
*Pulls herself up to standing on anything and everything.
*Loves puffs and any table food we dare to give her. Tolerates baby food.
*Is transitioning to only 2 naps a day.
*Hates being put in her car seat - especially if we're doing errands and she is being taken out and put back in over and over again.
*Doesn't like to sit still to have her diaper changed or be dressed. The wrestling match diaper changes have begun! Oh joy!
*Babbles mamama and dadadada.
*Hates to have her nose wiped.
*Loves sucking on toothbrushes - especially Corbyn's because his have the good tasting toothpaste on them.
*Loves to suck on paper if she can get her hands on it. When I'm grocery shopping she is constantly trying to steal my list from me.
*Doesn't like when I walk out of her sight.
*Puts up with a lot of rough loving from her brother.

Oh Peyton, we love you and your little crawling self. 
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Roger Phillips said...

That's my girl!

Mom Lori said...

What a cute lil' cupcake and sweetheart!

Love her tons <3