Monday, April 8, 2013


Conference weekend - so different with kids. We know this, but every 6 months it rings more true than 6 months before. It's a really good thing we can read and study the messages later!

This Friday night was a lot like last Friday night. We got Cafe Rio for dinner and then Rog and my dad golfed while my mom and I took the kids to the park.

{You might think my parents are moving to Spanish Fork because that's where we live, but that's not the only reason. It's 15-20 minutes away from my dad's free-for-life golf course and you better believe that was a huge factor for him!}

Corbyn is so independent at the park these days. He runs around exploring, climbing up slides, and having a great time.

He also loves to climb up this huge rock. He needs help for that, but pretty much everything else he can do on his own.

His newfound independence is great because it leaves me free to follow Peyton around and push her on the swings if I'm alone.

Saturday morning I made these Orange Muffins. They were a bit dry - I think I overcooked them by a few minutes, so now I'm itching to make them again because I'm sure they'd be really good if cooked properly. Bill and Mariah came over to watch the morning session with us.

Then my parents came for the afternoon session.

A miracle occurred, Corbyn took a nap and he wasn't even sick, just tired!

While Rog went to the Priesthood session, I took the kids to get a treat and then back to the same park as the night before. We shared a strawberry banana shake from Arctic Circle. Corbyn ate his portion for a few minutes and then said it was yucky and went to play. He came back a few minutes later and wanted more, so I think he really did like it. He just wanted to play.

{Today when we were doing our grocery shopping for the week, Corbyn cried when I told him we couldn't go play at the park. It was raining, otherwise I probably would have obliged!}

Sunday morning we went up to Salt Lake for the Ririe Waffle Breakfast at my Grandpa and Grandma Ririe's house. I made this breakfast casserole and it literally vanished. It's on our menu again this week because Rog and I only got a piece each and we didn't feel like we got our fill. It was that good!

We watched the morning session there.

Peyton gave us a little dance show on the fireplace hearth. Don't worry, she can get down safely.

Of course Corbyn wouldn't be outdone and had to get up and join her.

In between session we went over to my Grandma Ford's house. I fed Peyton right before we were about to leave and she totally zonked out for the ride home. We listened to the afternoon session on the radio while we drove home or rather, Rog did. The rest of us fell asleep. Oops.

We got home in time to watch the last few talks and then I gave both Rog and Corbyn haircuts while we waited for our dinner to finish cooking. Peyton chowed down on her umpteenth muffin - I guess they weren't that bad after all!

And that was Conference weekend!
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Mom Lori said...

It was fun to spend Conference Weekend up North and I did work on taxes some while there and while traveling in the car - now it's extreme crunch time for this accountant!

I was the photographer at the park and got some photos of Corby smiling - the kind of smiles we try to get when we ask Corby to smile for a photo and get a goofy look or him sticking out his tongue instead - hehe

I forgot to try an orange muffin although I did scrap some orange frosting off of Shauna's countertop and eat that and boy was that yummy!

We have a third reason for building in Spanish Fork - after having Jared on a mission for two years, we don't want to be more than 20 minutes or so away from him :)

So looking forward to being close to family - but still feeling bad that Jason, Diana and Blake won't be in Utah too :(

Rachel said...

We totally lucked out- Jilly's nap fell during the afternoon session both days so she slept for all but the last 30 minutes then was happy to snuggle on my lap.

And, we have the very same feelings about the park. Every morning the first thing I hear is "we go to park, swing and slide?" and it doesn't stop all. day. long. Yesterday I finally took her in the afternoon then she convinced us to go again for family night.

tracy said...

Ooooooooooh, look who's on the television....not by accident???? :)

Love your little generation Glee!