Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun with Rog Home

We spent the week before Rog went back to school mostly at home. We worked on some projects around the house - cleaning the garage, washing/vacuuming our cars, boxing up the kids' clothes from the last year... I also got to run some errands without the kids. Of course we managed to fit in some fun too.

*I finally found the perfect taco pizza recipe. How can you go wrong with the Pioneer Woman though?!

*While cleaning the garage, I found 4 capes I'd forgotten I had in our Halloween box!

*Also while cleaning the garage, Rog bumped his head and got a little cut. Corbyn insisted he needed a band aid...or 3. I couldn't look at him without laughing!

*We floated the Provo River.

*We went with Rog up to the U to get his U Card and buy some packets he needed from the bookstore. (He's smiling because he wore a blue shirt for his picture. He may be going to the U, but he's a cougar at heart!)

*We went up to Girl's Camp for bishopric night. It made me feel really old to be up there as a bishopric wife! They had a fun photo booth with props.

Bishopric + Wives


Mariah was the camp director, so I got a picture with her too!

*The kids played in the rain.

Mohawk Peyton and Freezing Corbs!

It was a busy week - productive and also fun!
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The Goodrich's said...

Haha! Our bishopric rocks!!

Roger Phillips said...

it was a fun week

tracy said...

Funny thing about "Pioneer Woman"...when i was home (a long, long time ago!) and we watched her show, we were certian the family was LDS....then one episode we were sure we saw them drinking wine....any answers?

Anyhow, the pizza looks delicious!