Wednesday, December 4, 2013

19 Months

I realized the other day that since Peyton started walking at 9 months, she has now been walking for longer than she wasn't. Kind of crazy considering some kids don't walk until 18 months!

PJ at 19 months:

*Says Peyton.

*Had a permanent goose egg most of the month where she cut her forehead. (Jason says this is because the blood vessels were weak from trying to heal the cut, so whenever she hit her head they would swell up.)

*Says down all the time, but it sounds more like another 4-letter d word - such a potty mouth!

*Since she won't sit in her booster seat anymore, she loves to play musical chairs during dinnertime.

*Tells us to come here, hold her hand, etc...

*Blows her nose.

*Answers most questions with, "I don't know." (Even if she does know.)

*Loves to color on the bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker while I'm getting ready.

*Got her first molars on top. She has 6 teeth on top and only 2 on bottom!

*Likes to layer on as many blankets as possible (on herself or her dolly).

*Fights getting dressed - especially in her pajamas.


*Demands we give her horsey rides.

*Won't wear her winter hat/gloves for longer than a few minutes.

*Loves to hang onto the sink in our downstairs bathroom and lift up her legs. (I suspect this is what she was doing when she pulled my table down on herself.)

*Quite suddenly decided she doesn't need to be rocked and sung to before bed time/nap time. She just wants to be laid down, covered with a blanket, and given her doll or stuffed animal. (Makes me so sad - she's not a baby anymore.)

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Roger Phillips said...

I love that girl.

tracy said...

Thanks for the call Roger, that was really sweet.

Poor little goose head, paging Dr. Hobbs.

Annnnnnnd, then there are the kid, no names mentioned, who don't walk until they are.....2! ;)

Cute pics, especially the last one, the two of you in your snow cozies!