Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The day after Ragnar, the kids and I caught a ride with my parents to Colorado. It was mostly a work trip to help Diana and Jason get situated in their new house with a new baby, but we managed to have some fun while we were there too!

We stayed at Kenzie and Irving's house. (They only live about 10 minutes away from each other.) The kids had the best time playing with Jaxon and Mason's toys in the morning while I got ready for the day and when we got back at night.

We had dinner with the Phillips family one night, but they were all working during the day, so we spent most of our time with the Hobbs.

Corbyn and Peyton had the best time playing with their cousin Blake. We hardly had to do anything to entertain them - they seriously just played for hours!

My dad painted walls like crazy and I painted this bookcase for Skyler's room.

I also made some headbands for Skyler. 

 And spent plenty of time snuggling the newest member of the Hobbs family.

We went to Costco and stocked up on Welch's Fruit Snacks because we can never find them in Utah anymore!

We enjoyed dinner out every night. It was a nice break from cooking!

We had promised the kids we'd take them to a splash pad, but ran out of time. So we turned on the sprinklers in the backyard and that turned out to be just as good.

After a few minutes Corbyn and Blake turned it into a wrestling match.

Not sure if this is a hug or a wrestling move.

We just buckled the car seats in the back (instead of latching them in), so anytime we turned a corner this is what happened (when no one was sitting in between them). They thought it was pretty funny!

Rog had to stay behind and work. He sent me pictures like this to make me feel sorry for him, but I don't think he had too much of a terrible time watching guy movies every night and working on projects around the house. We sure were happy to see him when we got home though!

It was a fun trip and what made it even more fun was knowing that there will be many more like it! Hooray for the Hobbs moving to Aurora! 


Diana, Jason, and Blake said...

Ah, you guys actually like us? :) That makes me feel like a million bucks!