Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday

1. On Monday my Grandma Ford (GG) passed away. She took a turn for the worse last Wednesday and was basically being kept alive by a machine that was breathing for her. My parents and Aunt Tracy had to make the hard decision to take her off the machine and let her pass on because she wasn't getting better. It was an interesting experience because I knew when they were taking her off the machine and was just waiting for word that she had passed. We are grateful she doesn't have to suffer anymore and that she is with her husband again.

2. On Wednesday I had an ultrasound to check on Logan. Everything looks great. He is measuring a week ahead (no surprise there) and is currently breech. He still has plenty of time to turn - I'm just hoping he won't wait until 38.5 weeks like his sister! The ultrasound tech tried to get a cute profile picture, but he wasn't cooperating. So she sent me home with a picture of his feet instead.

3. We've been enjoying springlike weather this week, so we've spent a lot of time playing outside with friends. The slide has made a home in our front entryway because I've been pulling it outside nearly everyday for the kids to play on. Yesterday the kids insisted on eating their lunch on the slide. Although a part of me wishes this spring weather would stick around, I know we need snow, so we'll just enjoy it while it lasts and hope for some moisture even if it means the return of winter.

4. The past few months I've been casually looking for a new table for our growing family. Last week I saw one at Walmart that was pretty much exactly what I've been looking for at a very reasonable price, so yesterday we went to pick it up. When we got home I posted a picture of our old table on Instagram, Facebook, and KSL. Apparently I should have asked for more because at $40 we had more offers than we knew what to do with minutes after posting it. We ended up selling it to a family in our ward who came to get it right away. 

So we enlisted my dad's help and the kids woke up to a new table this morning. It's shorter and longer than our old table and seats 6.

5. I've been hard at work getting ready for Logan. With the arrival of these football Chinese lanterns today, I am officially finished with one side of his nursery.

And I washed/folded all his newborn clothes - hoping they will fit him for at least a few weeks because they are oh so cute!


Rachel said...

I'm so sorry about your Grandma Ford! And washing newborn clothes is my absolute favorite thing to do- I had forgotten how tiny they are!!! Getting excited for y'all!