Saturday, April 4, 2015


The first two nights Logan was home he slept terribly. This was new for us because Corbyn and Peyton never had trouble sleeping at night. Rog and I were so exhausted! Luckily I figured out he was cold and he started sleeping great (only waking up 2-3 times a night to eat and going right back to sleep after eating) when I put an extra blanket on him. In the NICU they constantly have them heated, so I'm sure we have that to blame!

Rog had spring break the week Logan was born, but it was back to reality Monday morning - a new reality with 3 kids! Our ward, friends, and family spoiled us with meals, so I didn't have to cook all week.

Because pediatricians don't visit babies in the NICU, they told us to schedule an appointment for Monday. Logan weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces - only 3 ounces shy of his birth weight! Dr. Paxton said he looked great and didn't even feel like he needed to be tested again for Jaundice - a pleasant surprise because Corbyn had to be on the lights and Peyton had to be tested 3-4 times because she was borderline.

Friday morning he had to go in for his circumcision. They don't do it in the NICU (and we hadn't planned on doing it in the hospital anyway because Medicaid doesn't cover circumcisions and it's cheaper if you do it in the office). Rog took him in and he did great for the procedure, but the first diaper change at home was a little traumatic for all involved!

The first couple weeks are full of firsts that need to be documented. Here are a few of my favorites.

First time matching big brother Corbyn. (His shirt says Little Brothers Rock!)

First time doing tummy time.

First walk.

First car ride with Corbyn and Peyton.

First bath at home.

First shopping trip to Walmart. (Their car seat carts are the best!)

1 week old! At 1 week Logan hates to be cold, doesn't like having his arms swaddled, is a great eater, and is the cutest member of our family according to Corbyn and PJ.

I always make a treat to celebrate 1 week. For Logan I made cowboy cookies with blue, green, and brown M&M's.

I'm trying to soak up all of Logan's newborn goodness - it goes by much too fast!


tracy said...

So happy for this new post! Logan is so adorable and I loved the stories!

I'm glad Corby and Peyton are enjoying their new baby.

Did Logan like the cookies? :)

tracy said...

Love the picture with Corbyn!

And the Bunnies, the Bunnies!

Hope you are feeling good, Shauna, you look fantastic.

I keep wanting to call Logan "Noah".....maybe your next? ;)