Sunday, August 2, 2015

Seven on Sunday

1. Rog went with the young men on the high adventure hike this week up in the High Uintas. They left early Tuesday morning and didn't get home until late Saturday afternoon. He had a great time and came home with a pretty good beard.

And he even caught and ate (part of) a fish!

2. We had an incredibly busy week which helped it go by faster (visiting teaching, registration, Logan's 4 month checkup, etc...). My parents were also a huge help - they ate dinner with us almost every night and helped me get the kids to bed.

3. I'm such a sucker for Disney movies at Costco. I saw this Three Little Pigs and couldn't pass it up - I remember watching (and loving) it as a little girl. I'm pretty sure Corbyn and Peyton have watched it every single day since we got it making it well worth the $8.50 I paid for it!

4. We registered Peyton for Preschool on Tuesday and Corbyn for Kindergarten on Wednesday. When we were at Walmart later in the week, I let Peyton pick out a backpack - she picked this Frozen one and her new favorite thing has been to load it up with treasures and wear it around the house. 

5. We went to the aquarium with Bill, Mariah, and Charlotte on Wednesday. The highlight for me was the otters - they were actually awake this time (they always seem to be asleep when we go) and they gave us a good show. It was the day after Bill's birthday, so I made him orange cupcakes (he normally hates cake, but loves those) and we ate them in the parking lot before saying goodbye.

6. We had our first week of swim lessons this week. My mom goes with us and watches Logan in the shade while I do the Mom and Me class with Peyton (again) and Corbyn does his class. Peyton is pretty advanced for the Mom and Me class, but is still too young for normal classes. I knew she would have had a fit if Corbyn was doing classes and not her, so the Mom and Me class was our only option. Corbyn loves his class - he excitedly tells us everything they did after and is becoming quite the fish!

7. We celebrated my mom's birthday this weekend with dinner at Texas Roadhouse Saturday night and pink lemonade cupcakes tonight. She does so much for us, so it's fun to have a chance to celebrate her!