Tuesday, December 1, 2015

8 Months

Logan turned 8 months on November 18th. 

Logan at 8 months:

*Is a busy baby - he crawls everywhere and is into just about everything (although he hasn't discovered the toilet yet).
*Loves to eat and growls at you if you aren't feeding him fast enough. We're still doing a lot of pouches mostly because they make mealtimes quick and they keep him clean (for the most part). These refillable pouches were a wonderful discovery! He is also doing great at feeding himself finger foods (like Cheerios). 
*Makes a beeline for the front or garage door as soon as one of them opens.
*Slaps his tray or any solid surface in front of him.
*Pulls himself up to standing just about everywhere he can.
*Loves to pull the nightlight in our hallway out every morning.
*Is constantly trying to get our cords into his mouth and knocking over our surround sound speakers.

Logan's 8th month in pictures...

Eating leaves on a fall picnic.

Loves being pushed around on this toy - especially when Corbyn or Peyton do it.

Every time we turn around he's pulling himself up on something new. This time it was under the table. 

If I try feeding him something off my fork, he'll steal it from me every time.

The ladder in Corbyn and Peyton's room is one of his favorite places to stand.

He loves tomatoes! He may look like Rog, but he definitely doesn't get that from him. 

I saw this bear snowsuit online at OldNavy.com and I had to buy it. It turns him into the softest living teddy bear and I just love to snuggle him when he's wearing it!

Grandma Dixie bought him this shirt. Too funny and it couldn't be more fitting.

Another side-by-side comparison with Corbyn. Same swing, same bear jacket, both at about 8 months. (Corbyn on the left, Logan on the right.) 

Doesn't seem to mind his cage too much!

We love this happy little guy!


tracy said...

Loving these darling pictures! Wish I could hold the little snuggly bear!

Go Logan, find that toilet!

tracy said...

Well, he did it! :)

tracy said...

Wow, hope the Corb is okay now! Scary! I love that you took a picture in the ambulance!

Love you all!

tracy said...

Happy Nine months Logan! :)