Monday, November 21, 2016

20 Months

Logan at 20 months:

*Gives the very best hugs.
*Puts his finger over his lips and says, "Shhhh."
*Points to the picture of Jesus we have hanging in our living room and says Jesus when we ask him where Jesus is.
*Loves buckling the buckles on his booster seat/stroller and insists he do it himself.
*Loves his daddy! He is most definitely his favorite person right now and the best part of his day is when daddy comes home from work.
*Loves the frog that Rog made for me at Build-a-Bear because it plays dad's voice. We need to open it up and have him record a message for Logan.
*Rubs our heads - usually Rog's, but he has rubbed mine before too.
*Calls any treat a cookie. I can't resist the cute little way he says cookie, so he gets one almost every time he asks.
*Gets into everything - especially the stuff in my craft room. We finally bought a doorknob that locks to keep him out of there which works great (as long as I keep it locked).
*Loves opening the oven door. (I watch him closely when it is on and we're in the kitchen.) One day he opened it when it wasn't on and put some trays of watercolors in there. The next time I turned it on to start preheating it for dinner, I started smelling melting plastic and opened it up to find a nice surprise!
*Repeats words that we say and has been using the words he knows a lot more frequently just in the past week.
*Got his right bottom canine and left top canine this month.

He had a couple horns come in just in time for Halloween. 👿 😂

He likes to sit up at the counter with Peyton while she is doing her workbook.

He pretty much always wants to be doing whatever Peyton is doing.

Including holding onto the cart at Costco. He is getting too big!

He has to do this puzzle every time we go to the library.

He loves putting on his shoes and taking Corbyn to the bus stop each morning.

He was the cutest little Buzz for Halloween! And he loves all the suckers he got trick-or-treating. Unfortunately we do not love the sticky fingerprints he leaves all over the house after eating a sucker.

He usually has to buckle up his booster after we take him out of it. (Blue fingers from eating Lucky Charms for breakfast.)

We took him on Toy Story Mania (rather than having someone wait with him and do the stroller swap). He loved having his own gun!

I thought I would be his favorite while we were at Disneyland since Rog had to stay home, but Grandma quickly took that spot. 

He loved meeting the characters at Disneyland way more than any of the rides. Judy had him laughing so hard when we met her.

But I think Pluto was his favorite. I couldn't get him to turn around for a picture. He just wanted to give him a big, long hug!

He devoured the spaghetti we ordered him at Denny's and made the world's biggest mess.

He was so happy to see his most favorite person when we got home!


Megan Goodrich said...

Oh my goodness...that spaghetti picture! Too cute! I also love the picture of him hugging Pluto. Fun, busy age!

Roger Phillips said...

He is so busy, but very cute. He keeps us on our toes, but his hugs make up for it.

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tracy said...

Miss your posts! Much as it breaks my heart that "Your School" won, I love hearing about you all!

Go USU! (Hee) Love you! (Wondering how long you will let the above poster stay...)