Saturday, April 9, 2016

1 Year

Logan turn 1 year on March 18th. I'm always amazed at how quickly that first year goes!

He had his 1 year checkup on March 21st. He got a few shots and had his finger pricked again because his iron was a little low at 9 months. This time it was in the normal range. (They didn't tell me it was low at 9 months which was probably a good thing because I would have worried if I had known it was low even though it was no big deal.)

His stats:

Weight: 22 pounds, 5 ounces (60th percentile)
Height: 29 1/2 inches (30th percentile)

Logan at 1 year:

*Got his second tooth.
*Loves to carry around a Wii controller wherever he goes in the house. Not the best toy and we've had a few close calls (see the next 2 points).
*Loves to dunk things in the toilet. Once he dunked his Wii controller in. Fortunately I saw him do it, so I was able to quickly pull it out and dry it out, but it could have been trouble had I not been right there!
*Loads things in the dishwasher. We have to check it before we start it because he's been known to load his beloved Wii controller with the silverware.
* Stands up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything.
*Is a walking pro!
*When he's done eating something, he'll drop it from his tray onto the floor.
*Loves putting lids on containers. (He's not great at getting them on, but I'm impressed that he knows where they go.)
*Is fascinated by his shoes. If he finds them, he'll try to put them on his feet.
*Loves avocados and tomatoes - I buy a few pretty much every time I go to the store just for him.

^These pictures make his hair look much redder than it really is. In certain lights it has a bit of a red tint, but nothing like his dad's hair. We think he'll be a strawberry blonde.

I bought this huge 1 balloon for his birthday party. A few days later, I wanted to take some pictures of him playing with it. He wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a picture, so I finally put him in his crib where he was contained. Worked like a charm!

 Logan's 12th month in pictures...

He still loves bananas and can eat them without having them cut up.

If he ever sees the fridge open, he'll help himself to a tomato from the bottom drawer and eat it like an apple.

He's usually a pretty good sport when the kids are playing with him and puts up with silly things like this.

For a few weeks he decided he hated the bath and would cry the entire time he was in there. It was so sad! (We finally helped him get over this by reminding him how much he loves splashing, but bath time was pretty terrible there for awhile!)

He didn't get to wear a lot of Corbyn's 12 month clothes because they were all summer clothes and it was very much winter for most of the time he was wearing that size. As it started to warm up a bit, I was able to put him in Corbyn's 12 month pajamas some nights and it was so fun. It's funny how I remember Corbyn so vividly in certain clothes and these pajamas definitely fit into that category. 

Such a good helper with the dishes!

"I know this shoe goes on my foot, but how do I get it on?!"

Big sister Peyton pushing him on the swings.

If he's tired, sometimes he'll just lay down on the floor and roll around.

Dancing at Rog's cousin's wedding reception. I think this is the funniest picture!

Our happy go lucky boy on his first St. Patrick's Day - the day before his birthday!

We love this little guy so much and are so grateful he's a part of our family!


Roger said...

He really is the cutest little kid! I love his huge smile. He's so great.

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