Thursday, March 30, 2017

2 Years

Logan had his 2 year appointment on March 22nd. He didn't have to have any shots and it was a pretty uneventful appointment. He's in the 50th percentile range for both weight and height, but his head circumference is still in the 98th percentile. They measured it twice to double check. He's always had a big head! 

His stats:

Weight: 28 pounds (55th percentile)
Height: 34.5 inches (50th percentile)

Logan at 2 years:

*Knows a good number of words, but hasn't started combining them into sentences yet. It was about this age that Corbyn's speech really took off, so our fingers are crossed Logan's will do the same!
*Loves to say bye. He says it so clearly and is incredibly adorable when he does it (many, many times a day).
*Says nom, nom, nom when he likes what he's eating.
*Loves mac and cheese (calls it cheese). He often requests it for lunch.
*Is a good little cleaner. He loves starting the dishwasher and helping take out the trash/changing the trash bag.
*Walks up and down the stairs without holding onto anything most of the time.
*Will often suck on two of his fingers (usually his pointer and middle fingers). I thought he was doing it because he was getting his last molars, but I don't see any signs of them and he continues to suck on those fingers, so apparently we have a finger sucker.
*Is a good eater, but loves to drink his calories. Smoothies, hot chocolate, and orange juice are his favorites. He's our best milk drinker by far.
*Thinks he needs to put on his rain boots to go out to jump on the tramp.
*Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse something fierce. He is always asking to watch a show and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still the only thing he wants to watch.
*Loves to point out his family members in pictures.
*Doesn't usually cry or make too much noise when he wakes up from his naps. Sometimes I don't even realize he's awake until I turn on the monitor to check on him.
*Can throw a serious tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants or when he can't communicate what he wants with us. 
*Is a jumper - on the tramp and off.

When mom pulls you out of your carseat just as you are falling asleep and tries to make you stay awake while she's making you lunch.

He doesn't mind having his hair cut especially if he gets to watch a show while I'm doing it.

And of course I would never be dumb enough to try to cut his hair without turning on a show, so haircuts go pretty smoothly around here.

I couldn't keep him out of our pot of leprechaun gold (Rolos). Good thing I bought the extra large bag.

Big boy at the park.

Logan and Peyton created a game where they line up every stool in the house, walk across them and then jump onto the Love Sac.

He went from being the worst toddler ever at listening to books, to the very best. 

Coloring at story time at Barnes and Noble. (We've been going pretty much every week.)

Just chillin'. (Also at B&N story time.)

He had an awful stretch where he would scream, cry, and refuse to eat when it was time for lunch or dinner. 

We just had to let him get it out and usually he'd snap out of it and then gobble up whatever we were eating. This particular night he ate 4 pancakes! (Knock on wood, he seems to be past this stage.)

Mickey! He gets so excited whenever he sees him (or one of Mickey's friends) anywhere.

I bought the Donald Duck orange juice for his party and he was so excited, he sat in the cart holding it for the rest of our shopping trip.

This is his favorite place to watch his shows. No surprise, I have to clean the glass on the end tables at least once a day. 

Oh how we love this 2 year old (even if at times he makes it abundantly clear why they call these the terrible twos)! He makes up for any terribleness with an extra supply of sweetness and adorableness!


Roger Phillips said...

He is quite the little dude. Full of personality.