Monday, May 8, 2017

Rest of March

I've already hit the major events from March: My BirthdayLogan's Birthday (and the strep apocalypse), Logan's Birthday Party, and Spring Break. Here's a peek at the rest of March.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I am not a fan of doll hair. It hardly ever looks good and curling a doll's hair is not high on my priority list. But when Peyton wants to curl Samantha's hair, I try to oblige if at all possible.

The next day when we took out the curlers, Peyton wanted curly hair too. And I will admit, seeing how excited she was to be twinners with her doll made it all worth it.

Corbyn was supposed to wear crazy socks for Fox in Socks Day (part of Read Across America Week). He didn't have any fun socks, so I bought him some Spider-Man socks for the occasion. I laid out some shorts for him to wear with them (so you'd actually be able to see the socks) but he thought he'd be too cold. I also got out a 5T Spider-Man shirt for him to wear with them and he wore that even though it was much too small!

The next day I got to go with him to Morning with Mom. We had donuts and milk and it was fun for me to see him in his school environment. I don't feel like I get that opportunity enough this year!

Mel raved about how much she loves Cafe Yumm! and then a few days later I noticed that one was going in right by our house! I'd never even heard of it before and we were so excited to try it. Rog scored some tickets to try it before it officially opened through his work which meant we got to try it out for free. I wish I could say we loved it, but we actually didn't even really like it which was weird (and highly disappointing) because it seemed like the type of restaurant we would enjoy.

I hadn't cut my hair since a few days before Christmas in 2015 and last summer I decided I would try to grow it long enough to donate it. I was getting sick of it and took this picture as we were walking out the door to get it cut because I didn't know if I would end up donating it or if I would just get a trim. I decided to just get a trim and keep growing it out. I don't like my hair long or too short (just past my shoulders is my ideal), but donating my hair has always been on my bucket list, so I'm trying to persevere!

It drives me a little bonkers when my boys wear the same color on top as on bottom (and they know that, so they do it on purpose), but it was pretty cute when they both did it.

Corbyn had a day off of school and it was a beautiful day, so I had them do 2 miles (6 laps around the park) towards their marathon.

Usually I'm very good about starting dinner on time and we typically eat pretty close to 5:30, but one day I was crafting and didn't get going when I should have. That night we ate closer to 7:00 and coincidentally Pick Your Plum posted this on their Instagram account that night.

I can't remember now if this was the craft I was working on that day (I always have a few in process), but I made a St. Patrick's Day wreath for March. Idea from here.

I got soaked on a long run. My shoes were really soggy by the end! (A back picture was necessary to show the only part of me that stayed dry.)

Right after my run I showered and went to our Stake RS Spring Social. And then when I got home I took Corbyn and Peyton to Barnes and Noble. They had a fun event going on where they got to build Batman's Speedwagon for free. They also made Batman mustaches.

I had an almost full carton of buttermilk to use up, so I tried this buttermilk pancake recipe. It has quickly become a family favorite. It's a great way to use up buttermilk since it calls for 3 cups! It also makes a ton, but the pancakes are so good, we don't usually end up with too many leftovers.

I made Berry-Glazed Baked Doughnuts the Sunday before St. Patrick's Day. The kids and I decided to glaze them in rainbow colors. It made more of a mess than just one color would have been, but they turned out so pretty!

I made Sky High Chocolate Mousse Pie for Pi Day. We are not dark chocolate fans at our house (I don't even really like semi-sweet chocolate) and I didn't realize this recipe would be so dark. We choked down half of it between the 5 of us before deciding we couldn't eat another bite. I was going to freeze a piece for my mom who loves dark chocolate, but threw it out after learning that I made it while I had strep throat. I'm tempted to try it with milk chocolate instead of unsweetened chocolate because I think we would like it if it were a lot sweeter. 

I took Peyton to register her for Kindergarten. She is so excited to start!

Our leprechaun left a few surprises for us on St. Patrick's Day. I've been using the same note for a few years now and when I posted this picture on Instagram my sister pointed out that my kids are going to figure out I'm the leprechaun soon because they'll recognize my handwriting. I guess I'll have to figure something else out next year.

Peyton was so excited to see if the leprechaun would pee in our toilet and turn the water green like he did last yaer. Corbyn flushed it down before she woke up, so I had to turn it green twice! Luckily she didn't wake up until after Corbyn left for school, so I could do it after he left.

I had other plans for dinner, but did a green and rainbow breakfast-for-dinner instead since my strep throat was killing me by this point. I was the only one who liked the Whole Grain Hulk Muffins and I was going to freeze the leftovers of those for me, but then we were all diagnosed with strep throat the next day and I didn't want to reinfect myself, so in the garbage they went! That green smoothie is normally our favorite, but the pineapple in it burned our throats like crazy!

That night was our ward talent show. Peyton and I performed a tap dance. I did my dance I'd been learning in my adult tap class (for the recital in June) and gave Peyton a section in the middle to improv.

It was time for bed when we got home, but I made sure to get our annual St. Patrick's Day picture before the kids changed into their pajamas. I'm so lucky I get to be their mom!

Logan wore Corbyn's shirt from when Corbyn was this age. This was the best I could do at a side-by-side comparison.

Corbyn and Peyton complained about the taste of the Penicillin, but giving it to Logan was just about the worst thing ever. It was definitely a two-person job! I had Peyton record us giving it to him one night for memory sake. 

Our neighbor sent me these pictures from a warm day when the kids were all playing in front of her house.

I was assigned to visit teach a sister who lives around the corner from us. She was in our old ward and her family moved over to our new ward with us. I hadn't gotten to know her because she has twins who were born at 24 weeks and both still have significant health problems at 18 months. She can't have visitors during cold and flu season because the twins have weak immune systems and usually end up in the ER whenever they get sick. She also hardly ever gets out because taking care of them is much more involved than taking care of normal toddlers. We took her a Basket of Sunshine to help brighten her days.  

March was a busy month, but looking back on it, it was very manageable compared to April! Now that was a busy month!


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