Wednesday, June 28, 2017

5 Years

Only 2 months late posting this! Better late than never, right?!

Peyton's 5 year stats:

Weight: 48 pounds, 13 ounces (90th percentile)
Height: 44 inches (80th percentile)

She's a solid one!

PJ at 5 years:

*Gives the best hugs.
*Loves to give kisses on the lips.
*Is very sad when I can't be home to put her to bed.
*Plays the "who loves who more" game with her dad. She'll say random numbers like, "I love you 149+12." Then he'll come back with, "I love you 149+72." And then she'll pull out the big guns with, "I love you 149+infinity."
*Still loves to cuddle at night and ends up in our bed most nights. Most of the time I hardly notice she's there, but Rog does and after her birthday he fixed the lock on our bedroom door to lock her out in an attempt to break her of that habit. We're still working on it.
*Does a little snicker laugh that I really don't like. It sounds very much like she's making fun of you when she does it and I feel like it's very rude. Also working on this.
*Loves Logan when she's acting like his mom, but is easily annoyed by him as her playmate.
*Has trouble saying 13. (It comes out sounding more like 14.) She used to just skip 13 when she was counting, but I've worked with her and now she at least says 14 twice.
*Says she hates a lot of things.
*Is very athletic and has a very muscular build. 
*Is loving her dance class. It is a combo class and she loves to tell people she does ballet, tumbling, and tap all in 1 hour. She is learning how to do cartwheels and headstands in the tumbling part of her class and is constantly rolling onto her back and doing tumbling moves around the house.
*Is SO ready for Kindergarten. I know our choice to keep her home this year was the right one, but it has been hard at times because she gets bored easily and wants to have more interactions with kids her age. But we saved SO much money keeping her home and she didn't need more preschool to get her ready for Kindergarten (academically or socially). She is such a good helper with Logan (most of the time) and we've enjoyed our Mom-and-Peyton time together.
*Is doing GREAT learning to read and write. I've been using the book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and she's picking it up very quickly.
*Will create little craft projects for herself. 
*Loves making cards for us. They usually consist of two stick figures and the word LOVE, sometimes with stickers or stamp pictures.
*Is a good little organizer. She enjoys organizing her drawers and other things. 
*Is also a hoarder. She loves to collect little trinkets from random places and keep them in her drawers. (At least she keeps her collections pretty organized!)
*Gets mad at me if she sees I've thrown something away she wanted to keep.

I am the absolute worst at recording funny things our kids say, but here is one of our favorite Peyton quotes. This was soon after we moved into our new house which was right after we saw Zootopia.

"Did you leave the door open?" 
"Yes, yes you did."
"Did Logan get in?" 
"Yes, yes he did."

This picture was actually from our April trip to Disneyland (so right before Peyton turned 4), but Mariah just recently sent it to me and I love it. 

Dancing at the Denver Zoo.

With the Denver Zoo hippo at 2 months and 4 years.

Splash pad dancing.

On the random elephant at Voodoo Donuts.

Morning buddies.

Waiting for a summer outdoor movie to start.

Peyton loves nothing more than being my twin. I'm enjoying it while I can because there's no way she'll want to be my twinner forever.

Flying around the house on a broom.

Whenever Rog gets me flowers he gives one to Peyton and she loves it!

Such a good helper.

The 3 Phillips girls cousins.

Her friend Kinley's mom sent me this picture. Glad she has at least one girl who lives close to be friends with.

Donut face!

I love my little dancer!

She's a strong one.

Loving on her baby cousin, Grey.

One morning Peyton and Corbyn came downstairs wearing some of Logan's clothes. So funny!

She got this sleeping bag from Grandma Dixie for Christmas and has had fun setting up beds around the house.

For the longest time she was convinced mom had an "o" at the end of it. It was too cute to correct!

Just being a cutie.

All the kids took turn trying out her dolly's binky one night.

Enjoying some ice cream on a daddy-daughter date. I'm not sure what flavor it was, but the colors couldn't be more perfect for a little girl.

She doesn't like this picture, but that's what she gets for joining me in my bed nearly every night.

One day she asked me to paint her nails to match her outfit. Then she said she needed to watch a show while they dried. Lol, she got me!

Look, it's Mickey the Mouse!

I'm pretty sure I already posted this picture on one of Logan's monthly updates, but it's too cute not to share again!

After the holidays we learned that Barnes and Noble does story time with a craft every Wednesday morning and we started going almost every week because she loves it. It's like her little preschool.

If you can't find Peyton, the play room under the stairs is a good place to check.

Catching some air jumping onto the Love Sac.

This was her favorite outfit for a couple months and she would often ask me to take pictures of her when she was wearing it.

She loves showing off how strong she is by picking kids up. This is her lifting her friend Elsie when we were in Utah in April. She does it quite often to Logan with mixed results.

These two buddies love helping me clean the windows and come running anytime they see me doing it. 

I always wanted a girl and I'm so grateful Heavenly Father sent me my Peyton girl. Life would be a whole lot less sweet without her in it!


Roger Phillips said...

She is a wild and wonderful one!

Megan Goodrich said...

Haha..."she's a solid one"...she's going to hate you for writing that later! ;) She is such a cutie and so smart and takes after her mama in her organizing skills and you guys are lucky to have her in your family!