Monday, July 24, 2017

Rest of April

April was one big event after another - a weekend in Utah, Easter, RS Birthday Dinner, Peyton's Birthday Party, Peyton's Birthday, and Seattle for our anniversary. But there are a few other small things from April I want to mention before I move onto May.

Logan was loving these small chairs at Winco one day and I decided I would get him one. At dinner that night Rog was asking about how we ended up with a new chair and I told him it wasn't very much (only like $4 or something) and Peyton promptly called me out on it, "No, it was $8!" Anyone else occasionally adjust the cost of things down a little to calm your husband? Lol, that blew up in my face! Good thing Peyton's going to Kindergarten next year! 😉

Just some bath time fun!

I finished my Valentine envelope quilt (wall hanging) just in time to deliver it to my quilter when we were both in Utah. 

Logan normally is not a fan of any bread, but he surprised me by wanting a leftover biscuit with some jam on it one day.

Rog was gone on a Friday night (probably working on our cabinets), so I took the kids to EZ Freezy to use a gift card Corbyn won from the Jog-a-thon back in the fall. Totally coincidental that he was wearing his Jog-a-thon shirt.

I thought Logan could share one with me, so I didn't get him his own. He was completely distraught until I got him his own cup and put some of mine in there for him to eat.

Costco stopped carrying their Kirkland vanilla ice cream and I was devastated. This one they started carrying instead costs more, so I haven't even tried it, but I doubt I'd like it as much. 😢

My mom straight up did my taxes for me this year. I usually do them using her tax software, but with her living in another state, it just worked out better for her to do them for me. She always does my sister and brother's taxes, but it's a little embarrassing for me because I'm an accountant. I should do my own! But it was also incredibly helpful because I was so busy. (Thanks mom!) I did have to send her all the forms and mail the state returns.

When Rog started his new job he forgot to fill out his tax form, so for the first few months he was having taxes deducted like he was a single guy with 0 exemptions (and we were feeling very very poor). When he realized it, we got a $600 raise per paycheck! And we got a huge refund on our federal return!

A 12 mile Friday long run because Rog had a campout that night and I wouldn't be able to go Saturday morning.

And pizza for lunch at Costco later that day because it was our 3rd time going to Costco that week (Monday to buy stuff for the RS birthday dinner, Wednesday to return extra lettuce from the RS birthday dinner, and Friday to buy stuff for Peyton's party).

The kids loved these Mario (and Luigi) heads in front of Target.

Corbyn had his first t-ball game the morning of Peyton's birthday party. It rained, but luckily the field they were playing on that day was turf.

Logan and Peyton had fun watching him play.

My boys were all overdue for haircuts. They all looked so handsome when I finally got around to it!

Super dad!

Rog ordered a bunch of dirt to help fix our lawn and use throughout our yard. They left it in a big pile on our driveway. Rog and the kids moved it all to the backyard (in the rain) while I was gone visiting teaching. Apparently Logan was the cutest little helper loading up his shopping cart with dirt, but sadly this is the only picture we have of the dirt adventure.

I got in my first half marathon long run while my parents were here (before we left for Seattle).

Logan was a little unsure of Papa George when they first arrived, but snuggled with him when Papa was the one to get him up from his nap. (It sure looks like it, but he's not asleep in this picture.)

I finished a few Wood Connection Easter crafts throughout the month.

I adapted this print for my last craft night I did for the Sunnyside ward.

Funny story about these tulips:

I had been eyeing the tulips at Costco and told Rog if he wanted to get me an anniversary gift, he could get me some of those. I usually ask for Gerber Daisies, so even though I said tulips, he heard daisies and bought me daisies. When he realized his mistake, he took the daisies back and got the tulips. Then one afternoon he was working from home and he put the daisies out on the deck to enjoy some sun. A gust of wind blew the vase over destroying the tulips, so he went and got me another bouquet of tulips. And now our 10th anniversary will be remembered as the anniversary that he got me 3 bouquets of flowers!

We don't usually do gifts, but did small ones this year since it was a big anniversary. I had a puzzle made from one of our wedding pictures for him and he got me a scooter (and 3 bouquets of flowers 😂).

What a month!


Roger Phillips said...

That was a busy month, but it was a lot of fun.