Wednesday, September 13, 2017


We had the kids' pictures taken by Picture People inside Sears in Clackamas Town Center. I was unimpressed by the backdrops and I should have cut both boys' hair, but we got some cute pictures nonetheless. I'm just going to need to find a different place to go next year with better backdrops.

I liked this backdrop except for the color, so black and white it was.

Peyton's bow somehow disappeared for this picture. 😞

Logan did much better than Corbyn did when we tried to take his 2 year pictures.

Pretty good for a picture of all three together.

I was actually feeling pretty good about the pictures until I put them into these collages. The white just looks so dorky next to all the other backdrops from past years. Seriously missing CheapShots Photography right now!

At least I got them done before the end of May!