Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring and other Corbyisms

Spring keeps tempting us with some good days here and there. On one such good day, I opened up the front door to let Corby go exploring outside. It was like there was an invisible barrier. He wouldn't go out.

{Mom, is it safe out there?}

Finally I picked him up and put him outside. He went crazy crawling everywhere and trying to put everything in his mouth - especially the stupid aerated grass! We are excited for spring to finally come and stay for good if that ever happens.

As I said in Corby's 9 month post, he is starting to let go of things and balance on his own for a few seconds. This is the first picture we've been able to get of this new trick of his. We think he'll be an early walker. But he better get moving soon if he wants to beat me - I walked at 10.5 months!

{Look mom, no hands!}

One of the only things that gives our poor little teething guy any happiness - he goes crazy for ice.

I promise I'm not being dramatic. Some kids teeth like it's no problem at all - unfortunately that's not the case with Corby. Hopefully all his teeth won't be this bad!


Mom Lori said...

That's funny he wouldn't venture outside - hehe

Very cute Corbyism photos :)

Come on Corby - you can beat Mom at walking earlier!

I enjoyed introducing Corby to ice a few weeks ago - yep ice is a good thing - Cuddles our cat likes it too!

Krista McOmber said...

He is super cute!! Hope I can meet him someday! :) I hope those teeth pop through soon, Owen has had a few teeth that were miserable. Good luck!

It looks like he may be walking before Owen does! HA! Owen is too chicken to let go of things!