Tuesday, October 25, 2011

16 Months

This post is long overdue as Corby turned 16 months over a week ago. But here it is!
The Corb at 16 Months:
*Feeds himself pretty much everything. Up until 15 months I was still spoon feeding him baby food with baby cereal (barley, mixed grain, etc) for breakfast and yogurt. When he turned 15 months I decided he was too old for me to be buying him baby food, so I gave up on the baby cereal (because he'd only eat it mixed with baby food) and started giving him regular cereal. And I started letting him feed himself yogurt (despite the mess). He has done very well with it.
*Graduated to a booster seat. He would try to climb out of his high chair after just a few bites, so we decided it was time. He has been much better at mealtime, but has also become much more messy! I have to sweep that section of the floor after almost every meal or snack. Good thing I don't mind sweeping!
*Says ba for balloon and hot on a regular basis. Says dog, hi, and a few other words occasionally - when he's in the mood.
*Tries to jump while saying 1, 2, 3, GO! (Sometimes he skips the 1 and 2 and just says 3, GO.)
*Goes down steps without turning around. He needs help if the staircase is steep, but does it on his own if there is space between each step down.
*Likes to climb on EVERYTHING - he used to just climb easy things that I felt were pretty safe, but now everything is fair game. I get especially nervous when he climbs our tall kitchen chairs.
*Finally got used to just having one nap. It's still not super long (usually 1 1/2 hours), but I think that's because he gets a long stretch at night (12 hours).
*Loves to get piggyback rides. If we're lying down and he wants a ride, he'll get us up and in piggyback position.
*Gives high fives and bones.
*Loves ducks. He'll point the duck out in his animal book and other books with rubber duckies in them every time. (He'll also point out other animals sometimes, but the duck he'll point out every single time.) I took him to the BYU duck pond a few weeks ago because I knew he'd love it. He carried his ducks around the whole time.
*Has 2 new teeth - bringing his grand total to 8. 6 on top, 2 on bottom.
*Likes to shoot hoops with his basketball hoop we got from a neighbor.
*When we ask him where his nose is, he'll point to our noses. He also does this with ears. He knows where his nose and ears are, he just likes pointing out ours more than his.
*Walks around on his tippy-toes and RUNS!
*Is our super active, outside-loving, mess-making little dude and we love him!
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Mom Lori said...

He's a bright lil' guy and has learned a lot in the past month. Good summary and photography :)

tracy said...

Nice wrap up.

i especially loved the part about the ducks.

Great-Grandpa Ford loved ducks too!

tracy said...

And his hair was in a "duck tail" at the duck pond!

Thanks for dropping by the "blob".