Sunday, October 9, 2011

Miss me?

Don't worry, we're still alive and kicking. Here'a a quick look at what we have been up to.
Roger ran the St. George marathon on October 1st.
The next day my mom, Corby, and I flew to Texas to visit these 3. We spent most of our time in Galveston where Jason is attending medical school at UTMB. Fortunately he was on an easy rotation and was able to spend his afternoons hanging out with us.
For part of our trip we drove to San Antonio to visit the River Walk. It was a long way to drive and we weren't there very long, but it was my favorite thing we did.
We arrived home late Friday night. And then yesterday we enjoyed the BYU vs. San Jose State football game from my Grandpa Ririe's incredible seats while my mom watched Corbyn for us.
You can look forward to a more comprehensive review later this week - after I make my way through the gigantic pile of laundry in our laundry room, get my house back in order, and get back in the swing of real life.
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Mom Lori said...

It was a great week and bitter sweet to be home :) :(

Wish we lived in the same city as Roger, Shauna, Corby, Jason, Diana and Blake!

Can we arrange that family?