Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's a...

healthy little GIRL!!! We couldn't be more excited! Bring on the pink, tutus, and bows...I'm getting my little dancer!
I know I said her name was going to be Caitlyn Joan, but I'm having second thoughts. Caitlyn was the name I liked growing up and I always said my first daughter's name would be Caitlyn. But now that the time has come to name her that, I haven't really been feeling it. Right now we are thinking Peyton Joan, but we'll see. Here she is!
And her cute little foot.
Everything looked great. She is measuring a few days behind my due date which actually makes sense to me because it took a few days after I thought I might have a positive pregnancy test, to get the positive result. But it wasn't enough behind to change my due date.
Also, I get to go back in at 28 weeks to make sure I don't have placenta previa. She couldn't get a good look at that because I was having a braxton hicks contraction at the time. But she said 99% of the time there isn't a problem, so I'm really not worried. And I'm not complaining because it means I get to see my little girl again! With Corbyn we didn't see him again until he was born.
This is the first girl on both sides of our family, so she will definitely be outnumbered and probably spoiled rotten with lots of cute girl clothes! We can't wait to meet her - only 20 (hopefully less) weeks to go!
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Mom Lori said...

This blog post brought tears to my eyes - seriously! How tender and what a sweetheart - I already love her!

Emily said...

I was just thinking today about when your "girl" post would come! I am more than excited for you to get your little dancer- she is going to be absolutely adorable I just know it! They told me I might have had placenta previa as well and there was no cause for concern when I went in again- I'm sure it will be the same for you! Sounds like they weren't too concerned at this point.

Can't wait to see all of you- congrats again!!! Thank heavens for little girls :)

tracy said...

And..."as beautiful as her mother".
-Pretty Women "Sweeney Todd"

Yay, lovely post, congratulations! :)

Jennifer Bergam said...

I'm so happy for you! I know you wanted a little girl!

Roger said...

The day after we got engage. Chief- "By the way, our first little girl is going to be named Caitlyn." It's Ok, I suggested Peyton a long time ago.

Shad and Krista McOmber said...

WAHOO!! I'm so excited that you are getting just what you wanted! You are such a crafty cute momma... def the type that NEEDS a little girl!! Congrats, what wonderful news!

Jaxon's Mommy said...

She is going to be one tough little girl with all of these boys around! Roger, we'll let you borrow a gun to polish when she starts dating! :)

PS I like Peyton :)