Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Two Saturdays ago we went to pick out our Christmas tree.
Corby loved playing with everything as we set it up.
I put all the ornaments that are breakable up high and all the ones I didn't think he could break down low. He surprised me and broke one of the ones I didn't think he could break (I was able to fix it with super glue), but other than that, my plan has worked pretty well.
All day long he takes down the low ones and then I put them back up.
So our tree never looks exactly the same, but most of the time it looks more or less like this.
We have it on a timer, so it is on in the morning and at night. But usually when it goes off in the morning, Corby goes over and points to the outlet until I turn it back on. I turn it off during his nap, but other than that, it bring us holiday cheer all day long!
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Mom Lori said...

Love your post - and Corby's shirt and hat!

Like how Corby points to the plug when the lights go out - hehe

Roger said...

Nice Tree.

McKae Gonzalez said...

I love that he likes his hat! The tree looks great!