Thursday, January 19, 2012

19 Months

The Corb at 19 months:
*Is getting very good at eating with a spoon.
*He's slowed down now, but he must have had a growth spurt because for a few weeks he was eating like a hungry teenager!
*Likes wearing his gloves. If he wants to go outside, he'll bring me his shoes or his gloves - even if we've just barely finished breakfast.
*Loves opening/shutting doors. He can't open our doors yet, but he can open the kind that pulls down to open. (My parents have that kind, so he was in heaven opening/shutting doors while we were there for Christmas.)
*Likes playing in the water when we wash his hands after eating. This is a great improvement because not long ago, he would scream the whole time we were washing his hands. And he knows to go dry his hands after we wash them.
*Knows where his car mat is stored. If we ask him if we should play cars, he goes to get it out. Sometimes he likes to hide under it.
And then he loves playing peek-a-boo when you pull it off him.
*Is really into keys right now. He loves going to the mailbox and pretending to open the boxes with a key.
*Loves to dance around after his bath.
*Loves to drive around Macey's in the car carts. They are harder to steer, but it's worth it because he doesn't try to climb out the whole time!
*Has figured out how to jump. He doesn't do it all that often, but he can get both feet off the floor at the same time when he wants to.
*Sleeps in until sometime between 7:45 and 8:15 every morning. We figured out he was waking up starving, so if we feed him a snack about a half hour before putting him to bed, he doesn't wake up at 6:00 am anymore! He also has been taking really good naps (for him anyway). It's getting so I can pretty much count on 2 hours (and sometimes more) which is huge for him. And if he does wake up too early from his nap, I can leave him and he'll go back to sleep most of the time. (He never used to do that with naps.) Life has been good since we figured out this sleeping thing. Knock on wood!
*Loves to unload all our DVDs.
And then bring you the one he wants to watch. Right now his favorite is any of the Toy Story movies.
*Says yeah and ow (like ouch without the ch) when he gets hurt.
*Roars like a lion and quacks like a duck when he sees one or you ask him what noise lions or ducks make.
*Loves to squirt the spray bottle. The other day I showed him how to scrub the floor after spraying it and he was so into it. Haha.
*Likes to make huge messes with his food by throwing it or pushing it off the table after he is done eating. Makes mealtime not so pleasant!
*Likes to suck on things that resemble a bottle and gets mad when you take them away.
*Insists on wearing his swim stuff sometimes. I've had to hide most of them. Here he is with his life preserver on. Silly boy!
He can be very naughty sometimes and he definitely has a mind of his own, but he can also be such a sweetheart.
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Mom Lori said...

Can you send Corby over to clean my floor?

At least you won't have to worry about him drowning in the snow since he'll have his life preserver on - hehe

He also knows what hugs and kisses are. Last time I saw him I asked for a kiss and then a hug and he gave me one of each :) Talk about making Grandma Lori's day! Hope that happens frequently!

Roger said...

Silly kid, he wore that life preserver all day long.