Monday, January 2, 2012

Homemade Gifts

This year I made Christmas magnets for our family and close friends. Nothing fancy, but I figured they would be good for hanging up Christmas cards on the fridge.
I wrapped them up in little treat bags which made them look pretty small, but I couldn't think of any other way to wrap them up.
The gift that took all my time was a finger puppet set to go along with the Monkey and the Crocodile song/book. I got the idea and template here. The minute I saw it I decided I'd make one for Corby and then one for all our nephews. I figured Aiden and Sam could share, so that meant I made 4 sets. That's 20 monkies and 4 crocodiles! It doesn't sound like that much, but oh my was it time consuming!
I also made a drawstring bag to put them in using this tutorial. That part was easy and quick because I didn't have to handstitch!
Rog says he will never let me do something like this again... He thought I was crazy (which I am), but I really did have fun making them. I'll just have to start a little sooner with my homemade gift making next year!
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Roger said...

if you start on them now, then you can do everything you did this year and more.

Jaxon's Mommy said...

Sorry I am a little late reading blogs, but I had to tell you that Jaxon LOVES the puppets!!!! Everytime a Mokey "falls off the bed" or gets "eaten by a crocodile" he cracks up and almost falls over. I will try to get a video soon. (Its hard to video and do finger puppets at the same time.) :)

Mom Lori said...

Thanks for the CUTE magnets - Love them!

Loved your creative "Five Little Monkeys" Idea!