Sunday, September 1, 2013

16 Months

PJ at 16 months:

*Says go, hi, cheese, mom, dad, mine, croc-dile, kitty, and Cor Cor (for Corbyn).

*Takes my finger, shorts, or skirt and pulls me where she wants me to go.

*Gives kisses.

*Says hi to everyone we see.

*Tilts her head back, so we can rinse her hair in the bath. (It seriously took Corbyn years to learn this, but she just picked it up from watching him do it!)

*Loves to help me water the plants.

*Unfolds her arms and very enthusiastically says amen at the end of prayers.

*Likes to hide and play peek-a-boo. I love that she's at the age where she thinks she's hidden when half her body is poking out!

*Knocks on doors.

*Finally got her two middle front teeth on top. She now has 6 teeth - 4 on top and 2 on bottom.

*Answers no whenever we ask her a question.

*Does the best little monkey impression.

*Shows us where her fingers, toes, and bum (after a month of an endless diaper rash) are.

*Finally started throwing things. She has the cutest little wind up she does before throwing.

*Loves to stack blocks.

*Has taken a liking to Jessie from Toy Story lately. (Corbyn has had a renewed love for Toy Story, so we've been watching a lot of it!)

Corbyn and I have started calling her Squishy. We sure love our little Squishy girl!
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