Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday

1. For FHE Monday night we went raspberry picking with the Petrosinos. We had never been before, so we didn't know to come prepared with a container to put the berries in. We used a grocery bag we had in the car which worked fine - the berries got a little squashed, but that was ok because I squashed them anyway when I used them to make this Raspberry Cream Pie and can a few jars of jam.

2. Tuesday night was the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. I didn't really care about the guys, but I was so excited that Amy won! She was my favorite from pretty early on. I'm sad that the show is over, but also excited for NCIS and Glee to start.

3. Corbyn had his first day of Joy School on Thursday. (It was supposed to be Tuesday, but he had a little croup early in the week.) He was a little nervous about going - he kept saying that he wanted me to be the teacher. I had to explain that I am one of the teachers, but this week wasn't my week to teach. He did great after he got there and had a fun time learning about the letter A and the number 0 with 3 of his best friends - Carver, Johnny, and Rhys.

4. Yesterday I checked out Snow White from the Spanish Fork library. Corbyn was terrified of the hunter and the queen/witch, but thought the Seven Dwarfs were hilarious!

5. Today Peyton put two words together for the first time. As we were going inside from playing with Cinnamon (the Petrosino's dog), she said, "Bye dog." Corbyn didn't do that until much later, so I was pretty shocked!
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