Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

1. I decided that this year I would get all the Phillips' Christmas presents done before we go to Colorado for Thanksgiving. I have been working like crazy to pull it off. Usually I'm totally against listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I'm only a little ashamed to admit this has put me in the Christmas spirit a little early this year and I have been listening to the Christmas music they're already playing on FM100.

2. My mom bought a Mickey table for the kids to eat at when we have dinners at their house. She was saying that it kind of has a squishy top. Corbyn's immediate response, "Like my baby." We haven't really called her our squishy for awhile, so I was pretty impressed that he remembered. We all got a good laugh out of that one!

3. Amid my homemade gift making, I got a few Thanksgiving crafts done this week. I'm most impressed with myself because they are crafts I purchased this year! That never happens! Originally the tan stripe on my Give Thanks plaque was yellow, but you couldn't read it from any sort of a distance, so I had to fix it. I'm happy with the finished product.

4. This morning I saw on Instagram that Waffle Love was going to be at the Lighting of Riverwoods tonight. It sounded like a fun event and we didn't have anything going on, so we decided to go. It was a great way to kick off the holiday season and a great excuse to get a waffle. We got the pumpkin pie waffle to share and it was a hit!

5. Tonight was the first night of our Friends Countdown to Thanksgiving tradition. We don't watch on Sundays and we are actually going to finish up on Tuesday before we leave for Colorado, so if you want to join us in this tradition, you still have time.
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Mom Lori said...

I'm enjoying early Christmas music too!

I'm glad the kids are enjoying my "squishy" table :)

My creative daughter at work again - I actually saw this one when it was in process!

Wish we'd been able to go to the Riverwoods festivities with you :( Cute family photo :)