Monday, November 4, 2013

18 Months

Peyton's 18 month stats:

Weight: 25 pounds, 3 ounces (75th percentile)
Height: 31 1/2 inches (40th percentile)

PJ at 18 months:

*Is a talker! I'm not even going to try to name off all the words she says. We estimate that she knows at least 50 words and she says new ones every day. (It's so wonderful to not have to constantly stress about if she knows enough words like I did with Corbyn at this age!)

*Says this and that. (These were Corbyn's first words, so I've been waiting for her to learn them.)

*Pretends to shiver when she says cold and pants when she says hot. (Grandma Lori taught her that. It's fun because she also taught me that when I was a toddler.)

*Asks to watch shows and actually is entertained by them for a good little while.

*Loves Minnie and Mickey. She gets so excited when she sees them anywhere.

*Gets really mad when Corbyn tries to pick a show other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Minnie's Bowtique on when I'm doing her hair.

*Has suddenly become a blankie girl. She's not very good at sleeping with them yet (gets all tangled up), but she wants to be covered in one when you put her down in her crib and she loves to have one on her lap when we're reading books. She also likes to wrap her dolls in "blankies" (usually a hand towel she finds in the kitchen).

*Rocks her dolls and says, "Shhhh." Such a good little mommy already!

*Likes to play with her little ponytail as she's falling asleep for her nap.

*Likes to sit next to us on Corbyn's bed and read books when we're putting her down for a nap or bed. She absolutely won't sit on our lap on the rocking chair anymore. Much to my dismay, she usually asks to read the same book over and over again.

*Prefers whichever parent she has spent the most time with that day.

*Says her hands are messy and holds them out to be cleaned.

*Randomly lists all our family members that she sees often - Mama, Daddy, Cor Cor, Grandma, Papa, Jared... And can point them out in pictures.

*Knows all her animal sounds.

*Likes to play with her "rellas."

At her appointment, Dr. Paxton said that she is a delight and we agree! She definitely has her moments and can throw a mean tantrum, but she is also the sweetest little girl. We love her and can't imagine our family without her!
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Emily said...

She is so cute! I love that she plays with her pony tail when falling asleep! Let's not forget- she is also in nursery now!! Woo!!