Friday, August 8, 2014

Allergy Testing

We took Corbyn to get tested for allergies last Wednesday. Our pediatrician referred us to an allergy doctor up in Murray. It actually turned out to be one of the doctors Rog had worked very closely with during his internship, so we got a more personalized visit than other patients might get. He met us there for the appointment and I was so grateful to have his help. Corbyn had been dreading it and he did not enjoy it to say the least!

The only allergies he tested positive for on the skin test were cashew and pistachio.

We know he is allergic to dog and cat (and those didn't show up), so she recommended we do the blood testing. We didn't tell him what was going to happen and he was absolutely terrified when he realized what was going on, but he survived. 

The blood test showed that he is very allergic to cats, dogs, cashews, and pistachios. It showed a moderate allergy to most nuts - including peanuts and almonds, but because he eats those pretty regularly and doesn't have a reaction she was fine with him continuing to eat those (encouraged it in fact, so he won't start having reactions to them). Macadamia nut also came back with a moderate allergy which surprised us because we thought he had a bad reaction to that last November. Now we wonder if there was cashew or pistachio in the cookie that actually caused the reaction? Who knows, but I think we'll still keep him away from macadamia nut to be safe.

It's good to finally know exactly what he is allergic to, so we can stay far away from those foods. We put together an allergy kit that includes his epi-pens, inhaler, and Zyrtec (for less severe reactions). It goes everywhere he goes, but I really hope we don't ever have to use it!


The Goodrich's said...

I didn't know he was allergic to cats! We'll have to lock Panther up whenever Corbyn comes this way!