Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Cabin

As I mentioned before, we spent our 24th of July weekend at the Phillips' Cabin in Duck Creek. 

We were missing Rex, Edda, Aiden, Sam, Cade, Irving, Anthony, Martha, and Mae. Rex's family had just spent 2 weeks in Oklahoma, Irving and Anthony had to work, and poor Mae had pneumonia. Somehow it worked out that I was the only in-law there! We had 5 of the 9 grandkids together - Corbyn, Jaxon, Peyton, Rocky, and Mason. They had a great time playing together until Jaxon, Mason, and Rocky got sick. Then there was a whole lot of crying going on!

We were constantly trying to keep them entertained. Lots of air hockey...


Mule rides...

And log pulling. (A game invented by Rog.)

Duck Creek Days was going on, so we spent Friday morning playing there. Peyton was absolutely fearless while Corbyn was the world's biggest chicken. She tried the zip line...

And loved jumping in the bounce house.

The only thing Corbyn enjoyed was the big blow-up slide. He did it over and over until we ran out of tickets!

All the siblings had a competition on the climbing wall. Loser got to do dishes. Taylor won, but Rog was a close second.

Rog also got to ride the mechanical bull which is something he has always wanted to do!

We got out Jaxon's soccer ball and cones for a little soccer game.

Peyton thought the cones made a good hat. Obviously we don't play a lot of soccer at our house!

It cooled down a lot and we were glad we brought our jackets!

The next morning we threw rocks in the lake...

Huge splash!!

And visited the old cabin.

That afternoon Great Grandpa and Grandma Phillips came for a visit.

And Rog caught a horned toad lizard.

We took turns preparing meals for everyone. For my turn I made Mexican Haystacks. Rocky made the world's biggest mess eating it. (I think that means he liked it!)

Peyton figured out she could climb out of the pack-n-play which made bedtime really fun. She wanted to be downstairs playing Hand and Foot!

We ate an insane number of Fat Boys and had a great time even with the sick kids (and adults). But I vote next time we leave the sickness at home!