Friday, September 12, 2014

Five on Friday

1. I'm loving the routine Corbyn's preschool is creating for us. If I don't have something scheduled for the morning, we end up being lazy and it's noon before we're all ready for the day. With preschool starting at 9:15 every morning except Wednesday, our lazy mornings are no more! 

2. Peyton's hair is long enough to go into a single ponytail now and I think it's about the cutest thing ever!

3. My Grandpa got a BYU flag with our football ticket order and he let us have it. So if you were to walk by our house on game day, you'd see it proudly hanging in our window! Go cougars!

4. Last night was the first home game of the season. My Uncle Kevin declared our tailgate party the best we've ever had. (I made Honey Sesame Chicken and I do have to agree, it definitely hit the spot!) When I broke the news to Corbyn that he didn't get to go, he had the world's hugest meltdown. (I'd say that means we're doing something right!) We beat Houston (33-25), but we were expecting more after last week's game, so it kind of felt like we were losing the whole time. But a win is a win, so we'll take it!

5. This morning while Corbyn was at preschool and my dad and Rog golfed, my mom watched Peyton for me, so I could get my hair cut. It was getting sooooooo long and I could hardly stand blow drying it anymore.