Friday, September 26, 2014

Five on Friday

1. On Monday Peyton was lucky enough to get a free balloon while we were running errands when Corbyn was at preschool. I should have asked for one for Corbyn because of course he was crushed when he saw she had a balloon and he didn't. The next day he was still whining about the balloon, so we stopped to get him one on the way home from preschool (and Peyton the lucky duck got another one). Best $2 I ever spent.

2. Rog changed our air filter and somehow in the process flipped a switch that turned off our air conditioner. Soon after we noticed that our air conditioner wasn't working. He tried flipping that switch a few times, but it didn't seem to solve the problem. So the next day we had someone come look at it. Sure enough it was the darn switch after all. In case you were wondering, that was not the best $59 we ever spent. To make things worse, he tested our Freon while he was here and said it was low and would need refilling in the spring. Awesome.

3. My mom and I had planned on canning peaches on Wednesday, but I didn't get around to buying the peaches until Wednesday morning. We soon discovered they were not ripe enough, so we canned 10 half pints of peach jam and decided to wait on the others. At least the day wasn't a total waste.

4. To our great delight, a new season of NCIS has started and along with it, NCIS New Orleans. As Rog served his mission in Louisiana and spent a large portion of his 2 years in New Orleans, we have no choice but to watch that as well. Tuesday night laundry folding just got a whole lot better.

5. Even though it has still been hotter than hades here during the day, it has been cooling down quite nicely in the evenings. (We're supposed to get some actual fall weather this weekend and I cannot wait!) We've been pulling the slide out front and letting the kids play after dinner. But even with the slide, bikes, and scooters, their favorite thing to do outside lately has been to play with the Duplo Legos. Something they could do inside, go figure.