Saturday, January 31, 2015

Six on Saturday

1. On Monday we got to hang out with our favorite Pughs. We went to Hires Big H and enjoyed cheese fries and shakes. And because it was empty (we went in the afternoon), we could let the kids run wild for the most part. It's always so fun to see them when they come to Utah!

2. The kids have been obsessed with Hercules this week. It's one of my favorite Disney movies and it has been fun watching them enjoy it as much as I did growing up. And it has been especially fun to hear Corbyn quote my favorite line, "What's the matter with these scissors!"

3. I was on a bow-making kick this week. Using my favorite felt rosette tutorial, I made a few headbands to give as gifts to new babies, a few clips for Peyton, and added flowers to this wreath I found in the dollar bin at Target.

4. We had nothing going on Thursday afternoon and I was wanting to go to the BYU Bookstore to pick up a few things for Logan's nursery. The kids weren't all that excited about going, so I promised we would go to the pirate park after. While we were there both kids had to pee and of course there wasn't a bathroom anywhere! Corbyn isn't a problem, but I didn't know what to do with Peyton. Finally I had her squat in a corner which worked fine except she got a little on her pants. She didn't mind, but it's made me wonder - what do other moms of girls do in that situation?

5. Both of our garage door opener remotes and our keypad outside our garage suddenly stopped working this week. We finally called a guy to come out and his answer - one of our neighbors must have gotten something (like a new router or wireless device) that is causing serious interference. We asked our neighbors and it turns out they all have been having the same problem. We're still looking for the neighbor who is causing the problem and a solution. Hopefully we'll figure it out soon because it is really really annoying!

6. Last night we took our turn watching the kids for our date night swap. We've found it goes better if we have at least one activity planned, so we made these Nutter Butter Snowmen. They were easy and the kids seemed to have fun with them.